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Porters Golf Club, Radlett. (1890s - 1900s) 

Formed in 1899, though 1896 has been suggested, when the club was playing over Colney Heath and in the grounds of Aldenham Lodge, Radlett, united to form Porters Golf Club, playing over part of the Porters Estate, then owned by a Mr. Grace.

Originally 9-holes increased in 1903-04. By this time the estate was owned by a Mr Raphael, he asked that the club's name be changed to Porter's Park Golf Club. (The story goes that London golf societies such as the Dockers, Cabmen etc. were wanting a fixture with the Porters!).

Above information from Dixon Pickup.

Evidence of the Colney Heath course from the Pall Mall Gazette. "On Saturday 8th October 1898, A Long (Colney Heath,) will play in a series of matches for the Open Professional Golf Competition at Bushey Hall Golf Club."

Below is the result of a match against Bushey Hall Golf Club played on Saturday 2nd May 1903. The first teams played at Radlett, the seconds at Bushey.

Porters Golf Club   Bushey Hall Golf Club  
H A Redford 1 H M Beck 0
Captain G Lubbock 1 B M Parton 0
G Barnett 0 Percy Coles 1
A E Colebrook 0 G A Grimwood 1
Dr. R V B Smyth 1 H H Hambling 0
R W Thomas 1 Rev. C W Bennett 0
V P Long 0 W G Parton 1
George Muir 1 J D Geddes 0
  5   3


Bushey Hall Golf Club   Porters Golf Club  
F Clapham  2 W Inman 0
H Coatley White 1 W H Robson  0
A J Kelleway  0 C M Humble 6
J Hindell 0 H Booth  3
L C Preedy 0 Ernest N Kent 0
J J Cameron  3 G W Jones  0
J Stuart Hills  0 R R Chapman 0
H S Rogers 5 O H Powell 0
  11   9


Porters Golf Club, Radlett. The annual meeting held in May1903.

From the Herts Advertiser Saturday 30th May 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Porters Golf Club, Radlett, Herts. Club button (front).


Porters Golf Club, Radlett, Herts. Club button (rear).

Porters Golf Club button hall marked Chester 1903 and engraved '1906-07'. Image courtesy Dixon Pickup.


The Google Map below shows Colney Heath, location of the earlier golf course.