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Hitchin and North Herts Golf Club. (1892 - WW1)

Thanks to Michael Morrison for the following – “From Golf, 29 May 1894; The links of the Hitchin or North Herts Golf Club, situated within ten minutes’ walk of Hitchin Station, and five minutes from the centre of the town, though not much known, have been in existence some two years. The course a nine-hole one, now compares favourably with others in the counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The distances between the holes vary from 170 yards to 330 yards, and much care has been taken by the green committee in placing the tees so as to give each hazard its proper value. The hazards consist of a road and iron fence, crossed three times, a hedge and ditch, twice, a dry ditch, twice, besides a pond and several ditches, which are not crossed, but which catch the crooked strokes. The lies are good for inland links, the majority of the holes being on common land, and the greens show immense improvement. Great credit is due to the hon secretary, Mr. William Lucas, of The Firs, Hitchin, who originally laid out the course, and on whom all the work of improving and keeping the greens in order has practically fallen.” 


Hitchin & North Herts Golf Club. Entry from the 1895 Golfing Annual.

Entry from the 1895 Golfing Annual.


The club appears in the Golfing Annual from 1895 - 1910.

Competition result from September 1894.


Hitchin and North Herts Golf Club. Competition result from September 1894.

"Golf" Friday 21 September 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the October 1897 monthly medal; W Onslow Times, 95-5-90; R H Baker, 119-25-94; E B Lindsell, 99 scratch; W Lucas, 114-10-104; H Woodbridge, 125-20-105; M G Dauglish, 118-5-113; Rev R A Walls, 116-10-106; P T Harris, 111-5-106.

Entry from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Hitchin Golf Club; Instituted 1893; membership of 33; hon. secretary - J E Little, Crofton, Hitchin; entrance fee nil, subs - £1/1 shilling; ladies, 7s/6d; nine-holes; professional, W Strachan; amateur record - J E Little, 38; terms foe visitors, by introduction. The course may probably after this year be merged in that of the Garden City Golf Club.  

There is no entry for the club in the 1912 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook.

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The Ordnance Survey Map below shows “The Firs”, Bedford Road, home of the club secretary William Lucas in 1894.


Hitchin & North Herts Golf Club. Ordnance Survey Map from 1899 showing The Firs home of the secretary.

© Crown Copyright {1899}