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Cuffley Golf Club, Potters Bar, Herts. (1913 - WW1)

The Cuffley nine-hole course opened in July 1913.

The professionals were; W Anderson in 1914 and Ernest A Hooker from 1914 to 1917.

Report on the new club and course in March 1913.


Cuffley Golf Club, Hertfordshire. Report on the new club and course in March 1913.



Cuffley Golf Club, Hertfordshire. Report on the new club and course in March 1913.


Cuffley Golf Club, Hertfordshire. Report on the new club and course in March 1913.

Middlesex Gazette Saturday 15 March 1913. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The following report headlined - New Course Opened - appeared in the Hertford Mercury and Reformer on Saturday 26 July 1913:-

“The opening of the first nine-holes of the new golf links at Cuffley took place on Saturday last when the following distinguished amateurs took part in Foursome and Fourball matches; Edward Blackwell (Royal & Ancient), partnered by Gordon Farrar (Coombe Hill) against J P Humphries (Worcestershire) and R P Humphries (Cambridge University).”

There was a report on the matches which were played in “adverse weather conditions, and considering the newness of the course and greens, the play was of a high order.” It also gives a bit of an insight into the course layout.

Mr Blackwell hit the opening shot which was a beauty, it carried over 200 yards over the stream and he eventually won the hole with a five. The next hole was halved in fours. On the short sixth (210 yards) the match was squared, J P Humphries getting a three. The same player had a four at the eighth (423 yards) putting his side 1up, the ninth was halved. Starting the second half Blackwell had a fine five at the difficult tenth. Mr Humphries regained the lead at the next with a four, only to lose it at the twelfth (497 yards) where Mr Blackwell hit his approach dead and holed out in four. At the thirteenth Humphries only just missed his two but a three was enough to win the hole. R P Humphries was hitting a very long ball often 20 yards in front of the others but not always on line. Mr Farrar won the fifteenth and eighteenth giving them a better ball total 79 against 80.

Owing to the long dry spell in June the course was not in “apple-pie” condition but all the players mentioned that the outlook was good. The picturesque setting left nothing to be desired and as a large part of the course had a subsoil of sand and gravel the turf was bound to be good, even in the winter.

The full course had been prepared and sown and would be ready for play in the spring.

In August 1913 the Cuffley Estate Co. presented a challenge cup for competition.


Cuffley Golf Club, Hertfordshire. Challenge Cup for competition August 1913.

Hertford Mercury and Reformer Saturday 2 August 1913. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following report appeared in the Hertford Mercury and Reformer on Saturday 8 November 1913:-

“Much progress has been made since the first nine-holes were opened for play on the 19 July. There have been many visitors and it speaks well for the course that despite the roughness, inevitable in such a young links, a number have become members, fully realising the fact that eventually a splendid course will materialise in this beautiful stretch of country. Until the full course is opened next spring visitors will be welcome on any day of the week, including Sundays, upon payment of a small fee, and this should meet the case of many taking up golf who want an opportunity to practice before tackling a first class 18-hole links. The money for making the course has been found by the issue of £50 debentures, carrying life membership. In order to bring the whole 18-holes to the pink of condition and to build the permanent clubhouse more money is required, and the hon. secretary, Mr L J Couves of Old Vestry Offices, Enfield Town, will be glad to receive applications. At present a temporary pavilion has been put up at about the middle of the links, approached by the new estate road from Cuffley station in about 20 minutes. The permanent clubhouse will be quite close to the station, so that the new course will be readily accessible to residents of Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Enfield.” 

Cuffley Golf Club disappeared at the time of WW1.

Ordnance Survey Map from the time of WW1 showing the area occupied by the golf course (unfortunately not marked).


Cuffley Golf Club, Hertfordshire. O.S. Map from the time of WW1 showing the location of the course.

O.S. Map Revised 1912; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1916}.