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Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. (1904 - 1960s)

Founded in 1904.

The original Course was laid out to the north west of Kibworth alongside the LMSR railway line.

It moved to its current location at Weir Road in the early 1960s.

There was no entry for Kibworth Golf Club in the Nisbet's Golf Yearbook 1905.

On March 20th 1909 the clubhouse was broken into and clothing was stolen.

In 1913 the secretary was Geo Ree and the professional J A Minchin. Entry fee was 10/6 and subs £2/2/0, ladies £1/1/0. 9 holes. Visitors' fees 1/- a day and 2/6 a week. Sunday play was not allowed.

It seems that the course closed at the time of WW1.

The report below is on the ore-opening in May 1923


Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. Re-opening of the golf course reported in May 1923.

From the Market Harborough Advertiser Tuesday May 1st 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a match played at Kibworth against Market Harborough Golf Club on May 2nd 1925.

Kibworth Golf Club   Market Harborough Golf Club  
M P Poyner (half) 0 C T Scott (half) 0
F Payne 0 R Justice  1
K Fletcher 1 G R Wright 0
E V Phillips 0 G B Leeson 1
D Davenport 0 F W Miller 1
F C Salmon 1 F Trasler 0
W F Wallace 0 A Hill 1
T Goodey 1 A J Tompkins 0
G F Lee 1 A W Briggs 0
C Redfern 1 H G Coales 0
  5   4

The new pavilion was formally opened in December 1925 by the president, W E Briggs. The new accommodation consisted of a central room, ladies' and gentlemen's dressing rooms, and a refreshment bar. The cost was about £280 which had already been raised. The monthly bogey competition played on December 19th and was won by F C Salmon. The ladies' competition was won by Miss Dowell. 

Below is a result of a match played at Kibworth against Desborough Golf Club (now defunct see separate entry) in May 1932. 

Kibworth Golf Club   Desborough Golf Club   
T Vernon and S Hamson  1 H Burditt and T Cox 0
J E White and T Goodey 1 S Hornsby and T Goode 0
F Payne and S March 1 H Goodman and L Burditt 0
H Woodford and H Wolstenholme 1 S Blackmore and W Stratford 0
T Pollard and T S Parr (half) 0 C Burditt and T Dean (half) 0
H Hawkes and E Emms 1 H Giles and C Dickenson 0
  5   0

Entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Telephone number, 83; Membership of 180; Hon. secretary - F Bentley, Merton House, Kibworth; Professional and green-keeper, C Grainger; Nine-holes; Visitors' fees, 2s/6d a day, 3s/6d at week-end and Bank Holidays.

Below is the result of a Ladies' match played at Cosby against Narborough Ladies' in May 1933. 

Narborough Ladies' Golf Club   Kibworth Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Atkins 1 Miss Hare 0
Mrs Couper 1 Mrs Coles 0
Mrs Loseby 1 Miss Bent Wilson 0
Miss Atkins 1 Miss Dowell 0
Miss Aikman 0 Miss Turner 1
Miss H Robottom 0 Mrs Poyner 1
Miss L Robottom 1 Miss Bell  0
Mrs Herbert 0 Miss Flint 1
  5   3

Result of the May 1933 Monthly Medal; J E White, 79-12-67; A V Wilson, 82-13-69; T Watson, 87-18-69; T Goodey, 82-12-70; H Hincks, 83-13-70; S G Hamson, 85-15-70; D Lumsden, 82-10-72; C J Jones, 94-20-74; H A Hawkes, 98-23-75; E V Phillips, 92-16-76; L  H Cowan, 96-20-76; K C Gee, 100-24-76; E T Johnson, 100-23-77. A mixed greensome result from May 1933; H Hinks and Mrs Fellowes, 68; J E White and Mrs Coles, 69; D Lumsden and Miss Lumsden, 69; J Hare and Miss M Bentley, 70.

Competition results from August 1935; Wolstenholme Cup 27-hole medal - A V Wilso, 103 net; H A Hawkes, and F S Tyler, 105; W S Hill, W Garland, J Hearth and L H Cohen, 107; T Mason and H Mellowes, 108; Dr Simkin and W Sharp, 109; Final President's Cup (presented by A S Partridge) -  Mrs M P Poyner beat Miss A Dowell by 3 and 1; Final of the Phillips Cup - Bob Sharp beat J How, 1up.

The annual meeting was held in February 1936. The membership of the club was 210, the highest ever. The following officers were elected; president, A S Partridge; vice-presidents - G F Lee, Dr E V Phillips J.P., H Woodford; captain, L H Cowan; vice-captain, T Watson, committee - R C Dunn, W E Briggs, T R H Goodey, T F Gorton, T Watson, A G Wilson, H Wolstenholme, H Woodford, Dr. E V Phillips, Captain M P Poyner; F Bentley, secretary and treasurer.

Below are competition results from July 1939. 


Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. Competition results from July 1939.

From the Leicester Daily Mercury Wednesday 19th July 1939. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


At the annual meeting in March 1940 the secretary and treasurer, F Bentley, stated that the previous season had been successful and the club was in a sound financial position. T C Goodey presided over a record attendance and it was decided to carry on with competitions. It was agreed that entrance fees be suspended at this difficult time. A tribute was paid to the professional Charlie Grainger, and his son Harry, who would shortly be joining the Forces. T Goodey was re-appointed president. The new captain was F Coles, with E T Johnson, vice captain, F Bentley would continue as secretary/treasurer.  

In June 1943 a competition was held in aid of the Red Cross which raised £50. The captain, G O Johnson, gave the prizes. The winner was L T Shipman; second, W Charles; third T Goodey.

Following WW2 the secretary was F Payne, 26 High Street, Kibworth, and the green-keeper C Grainger. The 9-hole course had a Par and SSS of 72, professional course record 66, unfortunately no name. Visitor’s fees, 2/6 a day, 5/- at weekend and Bank Holidays.

Below, in April 1949, a presentation to Charlie Grainger, the long serving professional.


Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. Presentation to the professional Charlie Grainger April 1949.

From the Market Harborough Advertiser and Midland Mail Friday 15th April 1949. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a match played between the captain's team and the president's team in March 1950. In the same match the final of the Page Cup was played; T Mason and G Davis beat C S Orton and S Ormerod.

Captain's Team   President's Team  
T H R Goodey and R Clark (half) 0 N C Page and W J Melville (half) 0
S H Deighton and W Charles 1 F Payne and G Wright 0
C S Orton and S Ormerod 0 T Mason and G Davis 1
B Tomlin and P S Lester 0 M Hulme and L Gibson 1
L Hulme and P Breakey 1 A C Cockbill and E T Johnson 0
P Birkett and J Bond 1 H Plimmer and W R Baker 0
S Chant and J Martin 0 S Bolton and C Thompstone 1
C Bird and C Cox 0 L Lyner and G Fallows 1
  2   4

Below are competition results from April 1950.


Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. Competition results from April 1950.

From the Leicester Daily Mercury Thursday 6th April 1950. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a match played at Rugby on Saturday 6th July 1957.

Rugby Golf Club   Kibworth Golf Club  
H J Noar (captain) and J Cooper 1 H Taylor (captain) and N Bullock 0
H Nottingham and C R Barby 1 H Hirst and F Cox 0
S Cooke and H Mackaness 0 D Arbor and G Harrison 1
R Howkins and D Jones (half) 0 T Bell and F Gayton (half) 0
D Sandford and A Rogers 1 F Grimley and J Slorack 0
A E Stones and C J Adams (half) 0 J Martin and J White (half) 0
  3   1

In 1961 prior to the relocation the secretary was R A Court, The Old Malt House, Great Glen. The professional was Eric Smith and the green-keeper A Mould. Nine holes of 2,666 yards and a SSS of 68. Amateur course record, H Hurst 69. Membership of 240. Visitor’s fees, 5/- a round, 7/6 a day, weekend and Bank Holiday 7/6 a round, 10/- a day.

Kibworth Golf Club, Leicestershire. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the former Kibworth course.

Grid reference SP66835,94850, co-ordinates 466835,294850.