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Narborough Golf Club, Leicestershire. (1896 - 1935)

The club was founded 1896.  

It seems that the club played some competitions/matches at Cosby. Whether the Narborough club had its own course or it shared with Cosby is still to be clarified. It could be that they played the more "important" games at Cosby. 

The president's silver cup was played on Thursday 25th February 1897 and was won by F M Crick who beat W T Clarke by 2up, Mr Crick was four down with seven to play.  

Result of the Monthly Cup for July 1898; W T Clarke, 81-4-77; A Green, 107-18-89; Dr Davies, 117-27-90; H J Grace, 116-20-96.

Result of the October 1898 medal; J George, 96-18-78; H S Elliott, 94-10-84; J McRobie, 98-13-85.

Result of the February 1899 medal; B Anderson, 103-25-78; W T Clarke, 87scratch; F M Crick, 96-7-89.

Below is the result of a match played at Cosby on 1st April 1899 against Notts Golf Club.

Narborough Golf Club   Notts Golf Club  
W T Clarke 0 J Bright 0
W Whetstone 1 T G Mellors 0
M Crick 0 C A Rastall 3
A Lorrimer 1 P E Shaw 0
F M Crick 0 J Forman 0
J W Eady 4 W F M Webb 0
C E Marston 0 J D Pearson 9
A Green 0 C F Wardle 3
  6   15

In the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook the club had a membership of 100. The secretary was F W C Vincent, Croft, Leicester, the captain W T Clarke and the professional A Goldsmith. Entrance fee 21/- and subs £2/2s.

The annual general meeting was held at the Grand Hotel, Leicester, in March 1908. There were about 30 members present, Arthur Green, president, was in the chair. The following report is from the Leicester Chronicle - "Before proceeding with the meeting, Mr J E Hall, secretary, voiced the members appreciation of Mr R W Bedingfield's (treasurer) skilful and most successful work in the difficult task of transferring the former unattractive and inadequate club premises into a commodious, comfortable and well equipped clubhouse. The treasurers report showed the club to be in a flourishing condition."

Below is the result of a match played at Cosby against Burbage Common Golf Club in September 1909.

Narborough Golf Club   Burbage Common Golf Club  
W T Clarke 1 J E Pilgrim 0
F W Fanshawe 1 M G Wood 0
W A Thompson 1 A O Willcox 0
B Broadbent 1 H G Hurst 0
F W S Vincent 1 W C Brittain 0
J E Hall 1 T Beardsmore 0
  6   0

Below is the result of a match played at Birstall Golf Club in October 1911.

Birstall Golf Club   Narborough Golf Club  
T P Harrison 1 W T Clarke 0
H King 1 S S Broadbent 0
H S Elliott 0 W A Thompson 1
H S Whitehouse 1 G H Peck 0
P E Daniels 0 A B Driver 1
C H Putman 1 A E Hollingsworth 0
F D Jeavons 1 F W Fanshawe 0
S W R Stretton 0 Captain Gruchy 1
J Jowers 1 J W D Smith 0
J J Cannon 1 S S Mee 0
  7   3

In 1914 the secretary was W T Clarke, Crosby House and the professional A Goldsmith. The 9-hole sporting course provided hazards of gullies, brooks and gorse. It was not a long course but one where accurate play was required. There was a membership of 85. The entry fee was £2/2/0 and subs £2/2/0. Members living outside a 4 mile radius paid £1/11/6. Visitors fees on introduction were 1/- a day, Saturday 2/-. Sunday play was not allowed. There were stations at Narborough (North Western Railway), Whetstone (Great Central Railway), Countersthorpe (Midland Railway), all 1 ¾ miles away.

Also listed in 1914, Narborough Ladies’ Golf Club played on the same course. This club was founded in 1901. The secretary was Mrs Cooper of Blaby. There was a membership of 22. The entry fee was £2/2/0 and the subs £1/1/0.

In 1924 the secretary was W E G Atkins, The Laurels, Narborough, the professional was F Hocking and the green-keeper G Sewell. The club had a membership of 110.Amateur course record holder was W T Clarke 31. Visitors’ fees on introduction were now 2/6 a day, Sunday 5/-. Sunday play was allowed with caddies. Local hotel was the Narborough. 

In 1932/3 the secretary was E Kirkman, Cosby Spinneys. 9-holes with SSS of 72 and a  club membership of 106. Visitors’ fees on introduction had reduced to 2/- a day, weekends 2/6 a day. Local advertised hotel was the Narborough.

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Cosby against Kibworth in May 1933.

Narborough Ladies' Golf Club   Kibworth Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Atkins 1 Miss Hare 0
Mrs Couper 1 Mrs Coles 0
Mrs Loseby 1 Miss Bent Wilson 0
Miss Atkins 1 Miss Dowell 0
Miss Aikman 0 Miss Turner 1
Miss H Robottom 0 Mrs Poyner 1
Miss L Robottom 1 Miss Bell  0
Mrs Herbert 0 Miss Flint 1
  5   3

Narborough Golf Club had disappeared by 1935.