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Oakham Golf Club, Rutland. (1892 - 1936)

Founded in 1892, the professional to 1894 was J Cumberland.

Oakham had a good nine-hole sporting course. Sunday play was allowed without caddies.

Formation of a golf club for Oakham and District in July 1892.


Oakham Golf Club, Rutland. Report on the formation of a golf club in July 1892.


Oakham Golf Club, Rutland. Report on the formation of a golf club in July 1892.

Grantham Journal Saturday 16 July 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below are results for the ladies’ singles and mixed doubles played on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December 1892 on the nine hole Ivy-tree course.

Mrs Tuck 88 5 73
Mrs Hodge 80 scr 80
Miss L Neilson 88 7 81
Mrs Neilson 84 2 82
Miss C Neilson 96 14 82
Mrs Gray 97 5 92
Miss Trollope 117 20 97
Miss J Morris 103 5 98


Mr Grist and Mrs Tuck 58 scr 58
Mr Clark and Mrs C Neilson 64 6 58
Mr & Mrs Neilson 64 1 63
Mr Fitch and Miss L Neilson 73 4 69
Mr & Mrs Hodge 70 scr 70
Mr Storey and Mrs Gray 90 3 87
Mr Flude and Miss J Morris 94 5 89

Result of a match played at Burghley Park Golf Club in October 1893.

Burghley Park Golf Club   Oakham Golf Club  
H Eaton 0 Mr Grist 2
Rev. R Faithfull 1 Mr Thompson 0
H B Waite 6 Mr Keal 0
R Wyche jun. 4 Mr Clark 0
G E Hewlett 0 Mr Storey 0
H V Iggulden 0 Mr Mould 1
  11   3

Result of a match played at Uppingham (now defunct) in February 1894.

Uppingham Golf Club   Oakham Golf Club  
G Martineau 0 Mr Grist 1
R N Douglas 0 B C Thompson 2
A C Taylor 6 Mr Clark 0
Rev. T E Raven 2 A W Tuck 0
J C Powell 0 W E Thompson 3
Rev A C Bowlker 5 W M Keal 0
  13   6

Result of a match against Kettering played in March 1894.


Oakham Golf Club, Rutland. Result of a match against Kettering in March 1894.



Result of a one sided club match played at Stamford against Burghley Park on Wednesday 13 March 1895.

Burghley Park Golf Club   Oakham Golf Club  
Rev R C Faithfull 0 B C Thompson 0
W L de B Thurold 7 I L Grist 0
Rev T Ward 3 J C Clark 0
H B Waite 6 W E Thompson 0
R Wyche junr 10 R Upcher 0
E W Beale 1 M Bromley Wilson 0
  27   0

On Thursday 8 May 1895 the silver jug presented by the president, was won by Miss Tomblin.

The fourth annual meeting was held at the Agricultural Hall on Monday 10 June 1895. Amongst those present were; Mr A W Tuck, chairman, Revs H W Fitch and C J B Scriven, and Messrs Adam, Johnson and Grist (Hon sec). There was a balance in hand of 8s/11d (about 45p), which was thought to be most satisfactory. During the year a handsome pavilion had been erected and a professional had been employed from September to April. Much of the credit for the improvement of the club went to the secretary, but also to the generosity of some of the members who had contributed to the pavilion fund, and particularly to the captain, Mr H Callander, who headed the list with 10/- Votes of thanks were passed on to Messrs Morris, R Needham and Warne (Egleton) for allowing the club to play over their land and to D N Royce, auditor. The following officer’s were elected; President, The Earl of Lonsdale; captain, H Callander; secretary, I L Grist; treasurer, J W Scott; committee – Rev Hodge, Rev Fitch, Rev Scriven, and Messrs Adam, B Furley, G H Finch MP, Hanbury, Marsh (Melton Mowbray), Tryon and Tuck. It was announced that the professional, Ashley Davey, would not be continuing, but the secretary was instructed to find another competent man.  There was no immediate professional appointed but the club did have a number of professionals in the 1890s/1900s, as follows; W H Jex, 1901-1903; Davis, 1903/4; Gardin, 1904/5; J H Haywood, 1905/6; H P Glover, 1906-1908.

Result of another big defeat in a match played at Burghley Park in October 1895.

Burghley Park Golf Club   Oakham Golf Club  
Rev R C Faihfull 0 I L Grist 0
W L de B Thorold 11 W E Thompson 0
H B Waite 7 A H Marsh 0
H V Iggulden 11 W J New 0
R Wyche junr 5 R B Upcher 0
  34   0

The captain’s prize, a Silver Driver, presented by Mr Henry Callender, was played on Saturday 1 December 1895 and was won by Mr F H Lang, 113-28-85.

On the 14 November 1906 the competition for The Silver Driver, presented by the captain, Mr Henry Callander, was won by Mr Grist (handicap 6) with a score of all square, runner up was Mr Campbell (5) 1down. The course was in perfect condition, thanks to the work put in by the greenkeeper, Mr Glover.

The silver driver, presented by Mr Henry Callander, was played for on Wednesday 2 April 1913, it resulted in a tie for first place, scores as follows; E G Langdale, 92-4-88; Rev R G Bisseker, 96-8-88; J E Whitehouse was third with a score of 91 net. The greens, as usual, were in excellent condition, thanks to the work of the greenkeeper Mr Garton. In the play-off for the silver driver Rev Bisseker defeated Mr Langdale by one stroke. Mrs Chapman won the silver hot water jug presented by the Right Hon. the Earl of Lonsdale.

The annual meeting was held at Mr Adam’s office on Friday 11 July 1913, the 21st anniversary of the formation of the club. The accounts were passed and the officers re-elected. Mrs Chapman was elected captain of the ladies’ section, votes of thanks were passed to; Mr & Mrs Frank Needham, Rowland Needham, A M Bradshaw and W Stevenson, famer, Egleton, for allowing the club to play over their fields. Mr Adam, who presided, presented the secretary, Mr Grist, with a silver match-box, suitably engraved, to commemorate his long service to the club.

In 1914 the club had a membership of 120. There was no entry fee, with subs for gents at £1/1/0, ladies 10/6, and tradesmen 10/6. Visitors’ fees were 5/- a week.

Following WW1. The Midland Region station at Oakham was 1 mile away. Local hotel was the Crown.

Following is the result of the October 1921 monthly medal; H Anderson, 99-22-77; L Skingley, 95-14-81; H E Norris, 101-18-83; E S Nicholson, 96-12-84; C Wagstaff, 99-12-87. It was reported that “Owing to the energetic superintendence of Mr Wagstaff the greens and course had never been in better condition at this early period of the season. The club is in a very flourishing state, over thirty new members have already joined”     

The November 1921 ladies’ medal was won by Miss Kenrick who defeated Miss D Gibson by one stroke. Mr Fox, the new green-keeper, was said to be keeping the course in capital order. 

In 1924 club membership was 80. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6 a week.

In May 1930 D Skingley won a steel shafted driver in a competition organised by a Sunday newspaper. He went round the nine-hole Oakham course in 35, he had a handicap of 14. His opponent on the day was J M Hinman. 

Also in May 1930 W Meadows holed in one on the 160 yard first hole, the green was practically hidden from view from the tee.

The annual meeting was held at the Memorial Institute on Friday 8 August 1930, Major H Harpham presided over a “fair” attendance of members.  Mr L Skingley, secretary, said in his report that a further 50 members was necessary to make the club self supporting. There had been an improvement over the year financially, but there was still room for improvement. The monthly competitions, open to all paid their subscriptions, had been poorly supported, the same few members competing each time. Mr W J Baird, M.F.H., Mr Lawrence Kimball and Mr D N Royce J.P., were re-elected presidents of the club, and the following officers were appointed; Major Harpham, treasurer, L Skingley, secretary; E Palmer, auditor; Rev F H Jerwood, captain; committee – Mrs Skingley, Mrs Hinman, Colonel Martin, Mr A Hinman, Mr W W Roberts.

  Secretary Greenkeeper
1906-23 Irvine L Grist, The School House, Oakham, Rutland.  
1906   J H Haywood (p)
1914   T Garton (p)
1924/25 Edgar Palmer, 113 Brooke Rd, Oakham. (sec and treasurer)  


  Course records
1906 J C Clark (am) 86 B Batley (pro) 83
1924 W M Grundy (am) 76


In 1935 the joint secretaries were L O Illsley, Market Place, Oakham and S S Watson, High Street, Oakham. The green-keeper was J Towell. Visitors’ fees on introduction were now only 1/- a day and 5/- a week. 

An extraordinary general meeting was held at the Crown Hotel on Tuesday 12 May 1936 Mr L Illsley was in the chair, he was supported by joint secretaries P Swabey and H A Billows. The resolution was passed that on account of the lack of membership and support the Oakham Golf Club would have to close.

Addressing those present the chairman said that his duties that night were not very pleasant ones. Mr Swabey stated that in 1932 membership stood at 57. In 1933 the figure was 42 with a gradual decrease in the following years. As far as he could ascertain there would be only about 15 senior members of the club in 1936. Mr Swabey thought it would be a pity to let the club fall through because it was still solvent.

Mr Ilsley said that from the attendance that night it was apparent that there was not the support necessary to run the club and in view of Mr Swabey’s report he could not see how the club could run with such a small membership. No club could exist on 15 members.

Mr Swabey said that he was not saying the figure would definitely be 15 but it would be around that figure. To run the club modestly they required about 50 members.

Mr Billows said that the club had been in existence for over fifty years and at one time the members played over a fine 18-hole course and it seemed a great pity to him that the club should be disbanded.

Mr Billows proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Needham for his generosity in allowing members to play over his land and this was unanimously carried.


Oakham Golf Club, Rutland. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Oakham golf course.