Uppingham Golf Club, Rutland. (1892 - 1930)

Founded in 1892.

Uppingham Had a 9-hole hilly course with hazards of hedges and bushes. The station at Uppingham was 1 mile from the course. The local hotel was the Falcon which was regularly used by parents visiting the famous local school. Railway station (LMS) was 1 ½ miles away.

A meeting was held on Friday 14 October 1892 to form a golf club for the Uppingham district. It was decided at this meeting that a club should be formed, annual subscriptions would be 21/- for gent’s and 10/6 for ladies. The Rev W Vale Bagshawe was elected President; Mr J C Powell, Captain; Mr C Edmonson, Secretary. A professional had been employed to organise the layout of the course , report below.


Uppingham Golf Club, Rutland. Report on the formation of a club in October 1892.

From the Grantham Journal Saturday Saturday 22 October . Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a match against Oakham Golf Club (now defunct) in February 1894.

Uppingham Golf Club   Oakham Golf Club  
G Martineau 0 Mr Grist 1
R N Douglas 0 B C Thompson 2
A C Taylor 6 Mr Clark 0
Rev. T E Raven 2 A W Tuck 0
J C Powell 0 W E Thompson 3
Rev A C Bowlker 5 W M Keal 0
  13   6

Below is the result of a match played in March 1894.


Uppingham Golf Club, Rutland. Result of a match against Burghley Park March 1894.

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 10 March 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a match against Burghley Park played in November 1894.


Uppingham Golf Club, Rutland. Result of a match against Burghley Park in November 1894.

"Golf" Friday 23 November 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a home match played against Stamford on Saturday 16 March 1895.

Uppingham Golf Club   Stamford Golf Club  
G Martineau 5 W Thorold 0
R N Douglas 5 C Carrel 0
Rev T E Raven 6 H V Iggulden 0
H L Maynard 3 H B Waite 0
Rev C A C Bowlker 0 R Wyche 3
Rev R Waltham 5 C Hunt 0
  24   3

The annual meeting was held in October 1895 when the following officers were elected; President, Rev. W Vale Bagshawe; captain, A C Taylor; hon. secretary and treasurer, C Edmonds; committee - J A Bagshawe, S W S Carey, R N Douglas, C Hawthorn; G Martineau, T E Monckton, L C Powell, Rev. T E Raven, Re. R Waltham.

Below is the result of the October 1895 monthly medal. Mr A C Taylor won the prize for the best gross score, there were seven no returns.

K Metzler 113 45 68
Rev W V Bagshawe 109 39 70
C Edmonds 118 48 70
A C Taylor 87 12 75
S W S Carey 94 15 79
G Martineau 88 9 79
S Fricker 131 45 86
E Stogden 104 15 89
Rev C F S Wood 121 32 89

The winner of the monthly bogey for November 1895 was Mr F J Kittermaster, 2up.

Following is the result of the October 1899 monthly medal; Mr E Hockliffe, 96-12-84; Mrs Raven, 123-38-85; H Puckle, 96-10-86; W G Howson, 118-32-86; L V Bagshawe, 104-18-86; K Metzler, 111-24-87; F J Kittermaster, 98-10-88; A C Taylor, 99-10-89.

The following is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; secretary, Walter C Perry, Manor House, Uppingham; captain, T E Monckton; professional, J Smith; professional record, R Lewis, 33; amateur record, J S Campbell, 33; Entrance Fee, Nil and Subs £1/11s/6d, Ladies 15/-; Visitors' 2/6 a week. 

In 1908 the secretary and treasurer was W C Perry.

Below is the result of a match played on the Luffenham course 28 March 1912. 

Luffenham Golf Club   Uppingham Golf Club  
F A G Heathcote (2&1) 1 F G Bashford 0
H B Waite (2&1) 1 H B Roberts 0
C Atter 0 H Puckle (4&2) 1
Rev C A C Bowlker  0 J C Adkins (4&2) 1
Rev Chas Cartwright 0 Mr Neilson (5&4) 1
P W Johnston (6&4) 1 Rev F E Duckworth 0
  3   3

In 1914 the club had a membership of 75. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £1/11/6 and ladies 15/-. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day and 2/6 a week. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1912 the treasurer was J A Lumsden  M.A., he took on the dual role of secretary and treasurer during the war years and into the early 1920s.

In the 1923 there was a membership of 80.Visitors’ fees had increased to 1/6 a day, 5/- a week.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1914 W St B Griffith H Drake (p)
1923 R Sterndale-Bennett. The Cottage, Uppingham. Wally Southwell (1927) (p)

In 1929 the secretary was F G Bashford, The Lochans, Uppingham. Membership at this time was 90.

It was reported in January 1930 that "Uppingham Golf Club, which is the oldest in Rutland, is winding up owing to financial difficulties. Probably the proximity of the big Luffenham course has had something to do with their finishing."  


Uppingham Golf Club, Rutland. Location of the golf course in the eraly 1900s.

Location of the course at Uppingham.