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Sempringham Abbey Golf Club, Lincolnshire. (1894 - WW1)

Earliest evidence of the club found so far is the report below from February 1894.


Sempringham Abbey Golf Clib, Lincs. Growth of golf in South Lincolnshire February 1894.

From the Lincolnshire Echo Saturday 17th February 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Sempringham Abbey Golf Clib, Lincs. Result of a match against Burghley Park May 1894.

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 19th May 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the monthly medal held on the 2nd January 1895 in which 30 members took part. In the men's competition Mr C P Wilson of Horbling won the silver medal tying the 18 hole course record with a score of 100. Captain Edward Smith, the holder of the record was runner-up with a score of 101. In the ladies competition Mrs de Burton of Buckminster Hall won the silver medal with a net score of 69, Mrs Blasson was runner-up and took the bronze medal, result (9 holes); Mrs de Burton, 82-13-69, Mrs Blasson, 79 scratch; Mrs R Smith, 82 scratch; Mrs Ben Smith, 83 scratch; Miss Blasson, 97-8-89; Miss M Blasson, 105-8-97.

Result of the March 1895 monthly medals, gents (18holes); Capt E Smith, 101 scratch; A Fletcher, 107 scratch; Ben Smith, 108 scratch; B H Leigh, 109 scratch; ladies (9holes); Mrs Gleed, (12) 67; Miss G Blasson, (15) 68; Mrs Blasson, (scratch) 76; Mrs G Smith (17) 78.

Mr B H D Leigh won the April silver medal with a scratch score of 102. In the ladies competition for April 1895 the winner of the silver medal was Miss Gerty Blasson, 75-10-65, the bronze medal winner was Mrs de Burton, 76-10-76.

On the 6th April 1895 Sempringham entertained Burghley Park on the course near Billingboro' in very windy conditions.

Sempringham Golf Club   Burghley Park Golf Club  
Capt E Smith 0 W L B Thorold 4
H B D Leigh 0 H V Iggulden 3
Ben Smith 0 H Waite 1
Capt Gleed 0 R Wyche 11
Dr Kynaston 0 W Thomas 10
Col de Burton 9 H Edmonds 0
  9   29

Result of a one sided club match played at Sempringham on Saturday 13th April 1895 against Notts Golf Club.

Sempringham Golf Club   Notts Golf Club  
B Smith 0 J Hall 1
E Smith 0 J C Warren 5
A G Fletcher 0 E A Coutts 5
R Gleed 0 J Johnstone 8
G Smith 0 C L Wardle 7
Lieut Col de Burton 0 T G Mellor 3
A E Kynaston 0 C F Dobson 4
  0   33

Sempringham played a home club match against Peterborough on Tuesday 23rd April 1895. Result below.

Sempringham Golf Club   Peterborough Golf Club  
C P Wilson 4 H M Bell 0
Ben Smith 0 Rev T Ward 3
Edward Smith 12 Rev W P Rigg 0
R Gleed 6 W H Sharpe 0
  22   3

Result of a mixed foursome played in May 1895. In the final Miss Maud Blasson and Mr B H D Leigh beat Mrs Edward Smith and Mr R S Goward by 1up.

On Saturday 5th October 1895 the members recommenced play. The course had been closed for some time due to the condition of the course. The club was to attempt to play the monthly medals which had been postponed, starting with the July competition; Gents (18 holes) Colonel de Burton, 128-27-101; B Caswell, 111-9-102; Capt E Smith, 102 scratch; A G Fletcher, 111 scratch; Ladies (9 holes) Miss Blasson 75-3-72; Mrs Edward Smith, 77 scratch.

Result of a sweepstake medal competition played on Saturday 16th November 1895; Capt Gleed, 122-17-105; Arthur Fletcher, 115-6-109; Col de Burton, 140-27-113; Dr Galletly, 146-30-116; Edward Smith, 119 scratch; B Casswell, 127-4-123; Rev W Jones, 160-35-125.

A ladies match played on the Sempringham course near Billingborough against Belton Park on  Saturday 8th December 1895. The visitors won the foursomes 4-0.

Sempringham Golf Club   Belton Park Golf Club  
Mrs Blasson 0 Miss M Wilson 1
Mrs Edward Smith 0 Miss Luard 0
Mrs Ben Smith 4 Mrs Wilson 0
Mrs Gleed 2 Mrs Clements 0
Mrs de Burton 3 Miss Clements 0
  9   1

Four competitions took place over the Billingborough course during the week ending Saturday April 28th 1900. The first round for the silver cup, given by the Earl of Ancaster, took place. On the Saturday the ladies’ monthly medal was won by Miss G Blasson, the men played their monthly medal on the same day, result as follows; A G Fletcher, 101-10-91; G Smith, 116-20-96; Dr Cragg, 116-20-96; F Myers, 111-12-99; E Smith, 108-8-100; B Smith, 110-10-100; W M Casswell, 115-12-103; B Casswell, 115-10-105; W H Clements, 137-30-107. The ladies completed a 27 hole competition, played over three days, for prizes given by Dr Blasson, result; Miss G Blasson, (59,60,62) 181-36-145; Miss Casswell, (96,86,84) 266-105-161; Mrs Edward Smith, (61,61,62) 184-15-169; Miss Blasson, (72,79,69) 220-45-175.

Result of the monthly medals for May 1900; gentlemen (18 holes) – E Smith, Horbling, 102-8-94; B Casswell, Pointon, 109-10-99; ladies (9 holes) – Miss Casswell, Pointon, 86-35-51; Mrs Blasson, Billingborough, 61-9-52.

In April 1901 the Ladies’ County Championship was held in beautiful weather at Belton Park, the course was in splendid condition for the 18 hole competition. Mrs Mary Wilson of Belton Park won with a scratch score of 103 runner-up was Mrs Ed Smith of Sempringham Abbey Golf Club with a score of 109.  She was also a County player and she represented Lincolnshire in a match against Kent in November 1901.

The AGM was held in the club pavilion in February 1903, Mr E Smith was presiding. Mr Ben Smith (Hambling) was appointed captain for the year. E Smith J.P, T Caswell, B Caswell and W H Clements were appointed to the committee. The joint secretaries were the Rev E E Harrison (Pointon) and Mr A G Fletcher (Donington) who reported on a balance in hand on the last years accounts. It was also mentioned that the length of the grass had prevented early season play on the course. It was decided that the annual competition for the silver challenge cup presented by the Earl of Ancaster would be held on April the 18th and 25th

Result of the April 1903 medal played over the club’s course at Billingborough. The ladies went once round the nine hole course and Miss Blasson, handicap 20, was the winner with a net score of 59. Mrs Blasson was second, 72 – 12 – 60, Miss May Smith of Hobling, 98 – 25 – 73 was third. The men played two rounds over the nine hole course, Mr A G Fletcher of Donington returned the best score, 103 – 12 – 91, Mr W H Clements of Slenford was second.

The club was still listed in 1905.