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Southcliffe (South Park) Golf Club, Lincoln. (1893 - 1974)

The original club was founded 1893 and in the early years was known as Lincoln South Park Golf Club.

It had a nine-hole course situated on South Common with splendid views, a hilly course with natural hazards.   The common was shared with the general public, the golfers wearing red jackets to identify them as players.

Below is a report on the first annual meeting in October 1894.


Southcliffe (South Park) Golf Club, Lincoln. Report on the first annual meeting 1894.

From the Lincolnshire Echo Monday 8th October 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the monthly medal in June 1895 for the Lincoln South Park Golf Club. It was reported that the lies through the green had much improved, and the greens were in good order, but the holes were very trickily placed on keen slopes giving much trouble to the players, hence the high scores; Mr C H Newsum won the silver medal with a net 105; Mr Townroe, 106; Mr S Musgrave, 108. The bronze medal was won by Mr W T Dale, net 124.

Result of a match played against Notts Golf Club at Lincoln in June 1895. Apparently several matches were close and exciting, this must have been little consolation to the home team. The course was said to be in excellent condition and considering the recent drought the putting greens played well

Lincoln Golf Club   Notts Golf Club  
W T Toynbee 0 J Hall 2
Rev W N Usher 0 J C Warren 6
H N Sutton 0 A N Bromley 6
R Swan 0 J Bower 2
A Fellowes 0 H Secretary 4
Capt Harvey 0 Rev A C Beckton 3
F R Hutton 0 J Lincoln 3
E Larkin 0 C F Dobson 7
  0   33

Result of a match played at Skegness in September 1895

Skegness Golf Club   Lincoln Golf Club  
R H Feguson 0 H Bryan 1
Rev R Barrow 0 Ed Larkin 3
A J Shaw 0 Capt Harvey 2
W Carr-Jackson 0 F Hutton 8
Col Stack 0 Major Day 8
  0   22

 Result of the monthly medal of the Lincoln South Park club played on Saturday March 8th 1900; first division – C H Newsum, 89; second division – C Scorer, 87. Eleven cards were returned.

The club seems to go into abeyance in the early 1900s.

There is no entry for Lincoln South Park Golf Club in the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook.

Below the club reappears in 1912.

The president of the club opened the newly formed Southcliffe Golf Club on the South Common on Saturday 28th September 1912. The club had already secured a membership of 120. The following officers were appointed; President, Councillor W S White; secretaries, A Montagu Lyons and T C Ives; treasurer, W A Harland; club captain, Dr Godfrey; vice-captain, W T Bell; committee – Dr F Allcock, Dr Stanley Green, Dr W P Young, W G Burcombe, J H Burgess, A R Corns, F E Fry and John Lodge. 

In 1914 there was a membership of 150. Entry fees were 10/6d and subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 4/- a week. There were no restrictions for ladies and no Sunday play.

A match between teams representing the president and secretary was played in February 1914.

President's Team   Secretary's Team  
W S White 0 W G Burcombe 1
F E Bovill 1 F E Fry 0
J Wenn (halved) 0 T C Ives (halved) 0
J Winter 1 R Lyons 0
H W Johnston (halved) 0 H B Le Tall (halved) 0
H Brown 0 C Howbin 1
H Lee 1 P D Cottrell 0
W T Bell 1 F Dawson 0
James Dawson 0 E E Kirkby 1
C E Scorer 0 H Burgess 1
T Swales 1 A Ball 0
  5   4

With the onset of WW1 the land was required for the war effort when it was used for soldier training and tank testing. It took time to re-establish following WW1, it did eventually re-appear in the early 1920s, when a new clubhouse was built, it was also hoped to extend the course to 18-holes. Unfortunately, there were more serious problems to face in the 1920s that would have an effect on most people’s lives, the General Strike followed by the Great Depression. Again the club came out strong with everyone pulling together to keep the course in good shape.

It was reported in March 1919 that the nine-hole course of the Southcliffe Golf Club, South Common, was under reconstruction and the committee was inviting applications for membership. Subscriptions for gentlemen was to be 21 shillings; 10s/6d for ladies. Applications to; W A Babstow, 75 St. Andrews Street, Lincoln.

The club is eventually reconstituted in January 1923.


Southcliffe Golf Club, Lincoln. The club is reconstituted in January 1923.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Monday 8th January 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


1914 A M Lyons "Frystone", St Catherines, Lincoln and T C Ives, South Park, Lincoln.
1940 L J Meldrum, 37 Hartsholme Drive, Lincoln.
1947 L Stubbs, "Rivock", Brant Road, Lincoln.
1951 J J Meyers, 58 South Park, Lincoln.
1950s (mid) T W Broughton, Terre Haute, Gretwell Lane, Netttleham.
1960s J E Robinson
1975 P J Richardson


1914 P F Fiddaman (p)
1927/47 Les Clark (p&g)
1948 - 50s Archie M Robertson (p&g)
1950s (mid) D Cooper (p)
1960 E Smith (g)
1964 H Foster (g)


  Course record
1940 L A Foster (am) 75
1947 D McPhail (am) 70
1951 C S Thorpe (am) 69
1950s (mid) D Cooper (pro) 67
1960s F Dowman (am) and H Troops (am) 71


Below is the result of a match played at Southcliffe against Carholme in May 1928. 

Southcliffe Golf Club   Carholme Golf Club  
T P Burness 0 W T Martin 1
H Shaw 0 G F Spittlehouse 1
S Armstrong 0 F J Delany 1
W Clark 0 F Jones 1
F Burton (Half) 0 J Fields (Half) 0
M Burgess 0 G Self 1
S Heywood 1 A Pritchard 0
T Swales 0 F Harrison 1
H Gammon 0 J Botterill 1
G Wright 0 S Kerr 1
H E Reade 0 F Pickering 1
Major Maxwell 0 C Williamson 1
  1   10

Report on the annual meeting January 1931.


Southcliffe Golf Club, Lincoln. Report on the annual meeting in January 1931.

Lincolnshire Echo Monday 12th January 1931. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a match played at Carholme in May 1931.

Southcliffe Golf Club   Carholme Golf Club  
H Shaw (halved) 0 W T Martin (halved) 0
L J Meldrum 1 G F Spittlehouse 0
S A Foster 0 F J Delany 1
F Codling 0 F Jones 1
D Kerr 0 G S Self 1
H E Reade 0 S J Kerr 1
Major Maxwell 0 A Beaumont 1
A Pogson 0 G F Harrison 1
  1   6

From the Golfer's Handbook 1933; Membership 200; Secretary - H Shaw, 99 Vernon Street, Lincoln; professional, L Clark; visitors' fees, 1s/6d a day, 3/6d a week; Sunday play not allowed.

Stroke competition played in March 1934; W Dawson, 67 net; L J Meldrum, 69; G Bennett, 71; H Shaw, 71; W Gresham, 76; F Barlow, 79.

At the autumn meeting in September 1934 the captain and vice-captain competitions were played; Captain's Prize - H Simpson (22) 65; W Dawson (22) 68; W Gresham (17) 69; H Shaw (10) 69; F Barlow (24) 71; G Bennett (15) 71; J Hall (17) 71; C Townsend (16) 74; S Willett (30) 75; Vice Captain's Prize - L J Meldrum (14) 1down; H Dolby (24) 2down; F Herrick (24) 3down; S A Foster (12) 4down; H Shaw (10) 5down; W Dawson (22) 5down; S Willett (20) 5down; H Simpson (22) 6down; F Barlow (24) 6down. 

At the annual meeting in January 1935 increased membership, better play, and a record balance was reported by the secretary, S A Foster. L J Meldrum, club captain, chaired the meeting. The following officers were elected; President, J A Booth; vice-president, G Mc W Bennett; captain, C Barnes; vice-captain, J Hall; ladies' captain, Mrs Hull; hon. treasurer, F L Codling; hon. secretary, L J Meldrum. Prizes were presented by the President; White Cup - H Simpson; Ladies' Cup - E Jackson; Captain's Prize - H Simpson; Ladies' Prize - Mrs Steele; Vice-Captain's Prize L J Meldrum; President's Prize, S A Foster; Mixed Foursomes - Mrs Bennett and Mr Walker; Gordon Barnes Hospital Cup - S Willett.

Result of a mixed foursome played in October 1935; W Gresham and Miss Foster, 89-24-65; S A Foster and Mrs G Rock, 91-24-67; H Shaw and Mrs T Kerr, 91-20-71; H Simpson and Miss Hughes, 100-26-74; T Broughton and Mrs Barnes, 105-30-75; R E Clarke and Miss Jackson, 99-22-77; F Codling and Mrs Pierpoint, 103-25-78; G Rossington and Miss Coulson, 106-27-79; G Rock and Mrs Hull, 110-30-80.

Below a report in 1937 from "25 years ago"


Southcliffe Golf Club, Lincoln. Report in 1937 from 25 years ago.

From the Lincolnshire Echo Tuesday 27th July 1937. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The 1930s proved to be a much calmer period and the club was thriving, until 1939 that is. Once again a much more serious problem was looming - WW2. 

Despite the onset of war a stroke competition was played in March 1940; L Stubbs, 91-18-73; J Hall, 86-11-75; W Hemstock, 98-22-76; H Shaw, 83-6-77; J Russell, 101-24-77.

In 1940 club membership was about 100. 9-holes with a SSS and Par of 67. Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day and 3/6d per week. Sunday play was allowed.

In October 1943 the annual open competition for the Blankney Cup was played on the Southcliffe course. The winner was H Tatlow, a member of the Southcliffe club. The competition raised £4/4s for the Lincoln County Hospital. Leading scores; H Tatlow, 78-10-68; J Hall, 82-11-71; J Harris, 81-10-71; E Hickman, 86-14-72; L J Meldrum, 83-9-74; H Shaw, 83-8-75; L Stubbs, 89-14-75; H Twist, 91-16-75; J S Marshall, 82-6-76; R Moody, 84-8-76; J Onions, 92-15-77; S W Le Tall, 95-18-77; A Pritchard, 85-8-77; Dr. E Wright, 87-9-78.

Result of the George Wright Cup played in May 1946; J Wilton, 85-22-63; R Towler, 84-18-66; J E Hobson, 85-16-69; J Hall, 80-11-69; C S Thorpe, 76-6-70.

By 1947 the 9-hole course had a SSS and Par of 69, and membership had risen to 250. Visitors’ fees were also increased to 2/- a day and 7/6d per week. Sunday play was allowed during the morning only.

The club seemed to survive WW2 better than most, with a lot of clubs and courses never recovering.

The Southcliffe club entertained Woodhall Spa Golf Club in May 1946.

Southcliffe Golf Club   Woodhall Spa Golf Club  
E Hickman (11) and D Peters (11) (3 and 2) 1 J C Walter (6) and N S Hotchkin (12) 0
C S Thorpe (6) and J Harris (9) (2 and 1) 1 C H Caswell (scratch) and J W Onions (9) 0
L J Meldrum (9) and J W Broughton (7) (1up) 1 H Ireland (10) and J McIntyre (11) 0
J Alexander (8) and R Wells (14) (3 and 2) 1 C W Leach (12) and J A Taylor (12) 0
A E Fletcher (18) and H Hartley (20) (halved) 0 A L Bennett (16) and P Bennett (18) (halved) 0
L Stubbs (14) and E Stannard (16) 0 Rev. C V Edwards (8) and T M Wheat (14) (2 and 1) 1
  4   1

Result of the George Wright Cup played in June 1947; C Moulson, 89-20-69; J E Harris, 79-9-70; R Hague, 92-20-72; L Stubbs, 87-14-73; F White, 92-19-73; D Peters, 84-10-74; V Johnson, 89-15-74; J Hobson, 90-16-74; L D Thorpe, 95-21-74.

Result of a ladies' match played at Newark in June 1947.

Newark Ladies' Golf Club   Southcliffe Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Sammons 0 Mrs Kerr 1
Mrs Woodhouse 1 Mrs Clark 0
Mrs Draper 0 Miss Carbutt 1
Miss Ashton 0 Mrs Stubbs 1
Miss Moore (halved) 0 Mrs Peters (halved) 0
Miss Maltby 1 Mrs Jones 0
Miss Slater 1 Mrs Long 0
Mrs Long (halved) 0 Miss Hodson (halved) 0
  3   3

It was reported in September 1947 that Archie Robertson, who had been a club-maker with Tom Morris, St Andrews, was to be professional at Southcliffe Golf Club.

The following report and the image below are from the Lincolnshire Echo 17th February 1948. "The plan, specially drawn  for the Echo by the City Surveyor's Department, shows the extended Southcliffe golf course on the South Common Lincoln - subject of a number of letters printed on this page. The sports areas shown are taken up with cricket and football pitches. A golf tee is indicated by a black spot and a green by a square."

It seems that the public were opposed to the proposals, golfers and the general public are regularly in conflict when golf was played on common land.

We have so far found no evidence that the Southcliffe golf course was actually extended to eighteen-holes on South Common. 


Southcliffe Golf Club, Lincoln. The proposed 18-hole layout in 1948.

The plan of the 18-hole course. From the Lincolnshire Echo Tuesday 17th February 1948. Image © The British Library Board. All Rights Reserved.


The South Common course can be seen on the Britain From Above link below.

Result of the White Cup played in September 1950; H Woodmansey beat H G Wragg in a play off; J Tindall, W R Thompson, C Moulson, all 5down; H Tatlow, 6down; L Wattam, 7down. 

In 1951 membership was 200, Sunday afternoon play was allowed.

In the mid 1950s visitors’ fees were 2/6d a day and 10/6d a week.

During the 1960s the 9-hole course measured 2,717yds. Visitors fees’ had increased to 3/6 a day and 10/6 a week. Sunday play was now permitted in the morning only.

Things took a major  downturn in 1972 for the Southcliffe Golf Club; the council had decided that all sporting activities on the common should cease. This came as a bitter blow to the members and would spell the end for organised golf on the common.

Fortunately land was obtained on Canwick Park and an 18-hole course was laid out.

It opened in 1974 and eventually became Canwick Park Golf Club in 1979.


Southcliffe Golf Club, Lincoln. Location of the former course.

Location of the course on the South Common. Grid reference SK97790,69555, co-ordinates 497790,369555.