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Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. (1901 - 1955)

Founded 1901 became Sandilands Golf Club in 1955.

Although the club is stated to be founded in 1901 the course was officially opened in May 1904.

The following report appeared in the Stamford Mercury Friday May 27th 1904. “Sutton-on-Sea Links Opened; “The course was opened on Monday with a match between the Sutton and Louth clubs, result below”

Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club   Louth Golf Club  
Mr Lymbery 0 Mr O S Good 1
Mr Barnsdale 0 Major Walker 1
Mr F Wright 0 Mr Marsden 1
Mr Richards 1 Mr Owen 0
Mr H O Wright 1 Mr Dennis 0
  2   3

“Afterwards an exhibition game took place. Tom Williamson playing the best ball of Mr Osgood and Major Walker. The match ended in a victory by 3 and 2 to Williamson, who completed the course in a final score of 40.

L G White, who has been under the tuition of Tom Williamson for the past five years, has been engaged by the Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club as professional."  

Below is the location of the course in the 1900s, north of the current course.


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Location of the course on the 1906 O.S map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1906}.


Below a report on changes to the course in February 1905. 


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Changes to the course by Tom Williamson in February 1905.

From the Nottingham Journal Monday 20th February 1905. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a match played at Sutton against Louth Golf Club in April 1905.

Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club   Louth Golf Club  
W R Lymbery 1 Major Cordeaux 0
George Ridgard 0 S W Marsden 0
S Weston 1 E H Cartwright 0
J H Richards 1 F W Dennis 0
E Vamphlew 0 F J M Ingoldby 0
W B Lymbery 1 W Allison 0
  4   0

Report below on the opening of the new course in June 1925.  


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Newspaper report on the opening of the new course 1925.

From the Skegness Standard 10th June 1925. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Unfortunately the picture accompanying the above report was not clear enough to reproduce.

Below are images of golfers and clubhouse on the former Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club course.


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. The clubhouse.

The clubhouse.


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club. Driving-off.

Driving off, the Golf Links, Sutton-on-Sea.


Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club. Putting out.

Putting out on the Sutton-on-Sea Golf Links. 



Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Postcard of the course stamped in 1939.

The postcard above is stamped 1939.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the Sutton-on-Sea golf course.