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Fakenham Golf Club, Norfolk. (1889 - WW2)

Founded in 1889.

Fakenham had a 9-hole, undulating course situated on Hempton Common, with hazards of sandbanks, furze, roads and water. James Dennis was the professional in the early years and was a wonderful character recognisable by his limp he also wore a trademark bowler hat.

From the Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92:-

"Fakenham Golf Club, Instituted February 1889; Annual Subscription, £1; Number of Members 41; President, Lord Hastings; Captain, Commander Hamond, R.N; Committee - Sir L J Jones, Bart., Rev. H C Rogers, N Hamond, G A Watson and O S Curtis; Secretary - Henry Newson, The Square, Fakenham; Green-keeper, James Dennis; Green, Hampton.

Prize winners in 1891; Hamond Cup (May) H Newson, 82; (October) G P Elwes, 85; Hastings Cup (May) H A Digby, 87; (October) C S Curtis, 84.

The course is dry and sandy and a fine sporting one. Fakenham Town Station is three minutes walk from the green. There is a small but very clean Inn on the green, and there are two good hotels in Fakenham."

Competition results from the spring meeting in May 1891.


Fakenham Golf Club, Norfolk. Results from the spring meeting May 1891.



Results from the autumn meeting played at Hempton in October 1891.


Fakenham Golf Club, Hempton Course. Results from the autumn meeting played in October 1891.

"Golf" Friday 23 October 1891. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual meeting and dinner was held at the Crown Hotel on Wednesday 9 February 1898, the captain, Rev J R B Owen, in the chair. Mr Charles Scott Chad was elected captain for the coming year. 

Following are results from the Spring Meeting played on the Hempton course in May 1898. The driving competition was won by Capt. Digby, 199 yards 9 inches. Capt Digby also won the scratch challenge cup. Mr Curtis won the approach and putting after a tie with Mr F Andrews. The match play for Mr Dillon’s prize, limited to the eight lowest cards in the Hammond Cup, resulted in Mr Andrews beating Dr Fisher in the final. The club handicap prize was won by Dr Belding, who also took the Hastings Cup with a score of 69.  

Entry from Nisbet's Golf Yearbook 1905; Instituted 1889; Membership of 57; Hon. secretary - Henry Newson, The Square, Fakenham; Captain, Ratcliffe Pope; Entry fee, 10 shillings and subs £1; Nine-holes; Green-keeper, James Dennis; Course records; professional - A Tingey, 34 for 9-holes and 73 for 18-holes; amateur - G H Bramley, 38 for 9-holes; D Turner Belding, 78 for 18-holes; Fixtures - Spring Meeting, Autumn Prize Meeting, Hastings Cup, Hamond Cup, Balding Cup, Captain's Prize; Terms for visitors, 1 shilling a day, 5s a week. The course is on Hempton Green, an elevated common a short walk from Fakenham Town Station. The round is one of nine-holes and is over slightly undulating grassy ground, with some excellent hazards of sand banks, furze, roads and water. There is good Trout fishing in the preserved waters of the Wensum River hard by the links. Local Hotels; "Crown," "Lion." 

The proposed Hempton Village Golf Club in August 1907.


Fakenham Golf Club, Hempton Green Course. Report on the proposed Hempton Village Club in 1907.

Eastern Daily Press Monday 26 August 1907. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Fakenham Golf Club. The former golf course Hempton.

Postcard showing golf being played on Hempton Common.


In 1914 there was a membership of 51 gents and 22 ladies. Entry fees for gents were 10/- and ladies 5/-, subs for gents were £1 and ladies 10/6d Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day and 5/- a week. Sunday play was not allowed. The M&GN railway station was 5 minutes away, the Great Eastern 25 minutes.

Result of a match played against Mid Norfolk Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1926.

Mid Norfolk Golf Club   Fakenham Golf Club  
N Vincent  0 Rev A R Hoare 1
E Gardiner Hill 1 R S Butcher 0
F T Alpe (half) 0 Rev P J Simeon (half) 0
J C Crossley 0 Dr W H Fisher 1
H Rodwell 0 I G Page 1
W G Milburn 1 H E Faulke 0
T B Probyn 0 J A Stoughton 1
J H Mason (half) 0 J White (half) 0
Hill and Vincent 0 Hoare and Butcher (1up) 1
Alpe and Crossley 0 Simeon and Fisher (1up) 1
Rodwell and Milburn 0 Page and Faulke (5&3) 1
Probyn and Mason 0 Stoughton and Heath (5&3) 1
  2   8

Result of a Ladies' match played at Fakenham against Swaffham in November 1926. 

Fakenham Ladies' Golf Club   Swaffham Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Andrews 0 Miss Williams 1
Mrs H Dewing 0 Mrs Cathcart 1
Miss Fisher 0 Mrs Sawers 1
Mrs S Dewing 1 Mrs Dickie 0
Miss Butcher 1 Mrs Rammell 0
Miss Scott-Chad (half) 0 Mrs Ringer (half) 0
  2   3

In 1930 membership was 60. The station at Fakenham Town was ½ mile away. Local hotels were the Crown and the Lion.

Result of a Ladies' match played at Morley against Mid Norfolk Ladies' Golf Club (now defunct) in April 1930. 

Mid Norfolk Ladies' Golf Club   Fakenham Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Vincent (3&2) 1 Miss Thistleton Smith 0
Miss James (4&3) 1 Mrs Dewing 0
Miss O Gardiner Hill (6&4) 1 Mrs Andrews 0
Miss D Gardiner Hill (3&2) 1 Miss K Palin 0
Miss Newbold (5&4) 1 Miss Goulder 0
Miss B Gardiner Hill (6&4) 1 Miss E Gardiner Hill 0
Mrs Vincent & Miss James (half) 0 Miss Thistleton Smith & Mrs Dewing (half) 0
Miss O Gardiner Hill & Miss D Gardiner Hill (4&2) 1 Mrs Andrew & Miss K Palin 0
Miss Newbold & Miss B Gardiner Hill (1up) 1 Miss Goulder & Miss E Gardiner Hill 0
  8   0


  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1914 R Butcher.  
1890s/1920s Henry Newson (1890/1900s)  James Dennis (p&gk)
1924 S G Page, "Daylesford" Norwich Road, Fakenham. F Claxton (p&gk)
1930 D Savory. E J Meek (gk)
1935 A E Bird. F Brodie (gk)
1940 E N Thorn. A E Robinson (gk)

In its final appearance in 1940 the club appeared as Flag Moor Golf Club. The 9-hole course had a SSS of 72 and membership of 60. Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a round of 18 holes, 2/6d a day, Sunday play allowed.

Fekenham Golf Club. Location of the earlier golf course.

The current Fakenham club was founded in 1974.