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Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club. (1894 - WW1) 

The Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club was founded in 1894.

The ladies'  had their own six-hole course which  ran alongside the Felixstowe Golf Links.

The following extract is taken from the Wrexham Advertiser Saturday 26th May 1894. "At Felixstowe a Ladies' Golf Club was opened only yesterday, and a portion of the excellent turfy, stony ground is apportioned to their use. The clubhouse is a curious looking little shed-like building, with a red roof, but inside it has been arranged as a charming club room, where yesterday we partook of most excellent tea, delicious bread and butter, hot tea cakes, buttered rusks, beside some slices of home-made currant cake. This feature of the club is one much approved of by the ladies, and is served at separate little tables, a la Bond St. afternoon tea club fashion, with all these luxuries, from which you may take your choice for the sum of 6d each guest!

A lady's golfing costume is certainly smart; it consists of a short tweed shooting skirt, tan boots or shoes and gaiters, a pink or white shirt, over which is worn a natty short little jacket , and round the neck a well selected gentleman's tie, a Tam O'Shanter cap or a neat little sailor's hat. The subscription to this ladies' club is but 10s/6d, and 10s/6d entrance fee. The honorary secretary, a most capable and businesslike young golfing lady, is the wife of the resident medical man at Felixstowe."


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. The golf course and clubhouse.

The Ladies' Clubhouse and course.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. The ladies' clubhouse to the left.

The Ladies' Clubhouse to the left.


The notice on the picture below reads; Gentlemen are asked, instead of applying at the front door, to order their refreshments at the south verandah window where they will find a bell for summoning the attendant. Caddies seen in either veranda or waiting round the clubhouse will not be engaged.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. Notice Board.

Notice board to the right.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. Tea in the verandha.

Taking tea in the verandah.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. Fashion in the early years.

Ladies fashion in the early years.  


There is very little information about the early years of ladies' golf at Felixstowe. The club have kindly allowed us to reproduce the images above and the information below from the; Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club, Ladies' Section, Centenary Book, 1894 - 1994.

There is also a Ladies Golf Club at Felixstowe which was formed in 1894, whose course runs parallel with the sea shore and the Felixstowe Golf Links, and contains six-holes; Hole One - 170 yards; Hole Two - 178 yards; Hole Three - 102 yards; Hole Four - 210 yards; Hole Five - 187 yards; Hole Six - 230 yards; Total Length - 1077 yards.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. The Ladies' clubhouse and course

The Ladies' clubhouse and course.


In 1894 J Auerbach presented a Challenge vase to the ladies and the first winner was Sybil M Henderson, 82 scratch.

Below is the result of a match played against Bentley Green Golf Club (now defunct) in February 1896.

It was reported  "As regards individual play, two ladies deserve special mention; Mrs Edwardes , captain of the home team, who by her usual steady and correct play gained an very easy victory over the Felixstowe reputed crack (Miss Staines) and Miss Henderson, a Wimbledon player (daughter of Mr J M Henderson, a well-known golfer) whose perfect and most fascinating style won the admiration of all who saw her play - indeed, it formed quite a topic of conversation . In the evening, in honour of the Felixstowe lady golfers, the Bentley Green Club, gave a dance at the Corn Exchange, Colchester, which proved a most successful and enjoyable evening."

Bentley Green Ladies' Golf Club   Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Edwardes 10 Miss Staines 0
Mrs Openshaw 0 Miss Henderson 8
Miss Austin 7 Miss Hemmerde 0
Miss Colvin 0 Miss Courage 1
Miss Davison 2 Miss D Courage 0
Mrs Corrance 2 Mrs W O S Pell 0
Mrs C H Morton 0 Mrs Trimmer 12
Miss Ethel Colvin 0 Miss Cobbold 5
  21   26

On Saturday 31st December 1898  Mrs A W Callis won the monthly medal and received a silver coffee spoon as a momento. Mrs Posford tied with Mrs Callis for the gross score. 

In 1900 the Cheshunt Bowl was given to the Ladies.

In 1903 Mrs Church was captain and Miss E Frost, Montague Road, Felixstowe, was secretary.

In 1914 Mrs R F Taylor was captain, Miss Frost was still the secretary.


Felixstowe Ladies' Golf Club, Suffolk. Annotated picture.

The above image has been annotated by Michael Thomas.


The Ladies' course was eventually lost due to coastal erosion, the exact date has yet to be found.

Thanks again to Michael Thomas and the Felixtowe Ferry Golf Club.