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Walsall Golf Club, Gorway. (1907 - 1930)

The club was founded in 1907.

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Walsall Advertiser on Saturday 27th April 1907. “The Walsall Golf Club is the title of the newest local institution for the promotion of healthy outdoor activities. The wonder is felt that this game, the sport of Prime Ministers and peasants, has not earlier found a home in this large county borough. But from information we have gleaned this week the club is effectively established, and the following gentlemen form the provisional committee; Revs A Paice and J W Dixon, F T Cozens, A W Greatrex, John Hemming, Howard Smith, Dr F Sydenham, John Wylie, H C Windle and W H South.

The original course was located at Gorway, Walsall. It opened as a 9-hole course, it was extended to 14-holes a year later.

Following WW1 the club employed Dr MacKenzie to design a new 18-hole course on the site. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, the club were informed by the local authority that it intended to construct a new ring road that would cut through the course. Following negotiations the local council offered to pay for a new course and clubhouse and this was to be constructed on the other side of the ring road.

Below is the result of a match played at Whittington Barracks on Saturday 15th October 1910. 

Whittington Barracks Golf Club   Walsall Golf Club  
A H Barnes (3&2) 1 M Micklin 0
G R Couch (3&2) 1 J Hawley 0
H S Cooper (5&3) 1 R Smith 0
E O Jarvis (7&5) 1 W Wistance 0
J Richardson 0 G Micklin (1up) 1
H H Brown 0 W Pritchard 1
Captain Stoney (6&5) 1 F L Overend 0
Captain Bonner (8&7) 1 J Farrington 0
G Birch 0 E Richman (2&1) 1
G S Bidwell 0 J Pollock 1
Lieutenant Thompson 0 F Vincent (5&3) 1
O H Sharrott (half) 0 T Bayliss (half) 0
  6   5

Below are competition results from June 1911.


Walsall Golf Club, Gorway, Walsall. Competition results from June 1911.


Walsall Golf Club, Gorway, Walsall. Competition results from June 1911.

From the Walsall Advertiser Saturday 1st July 1911. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The club championship was played on Saturday 15th June 1912, result; W H Vincent, 80-82=162; A Farrington, 83-85=168; J Pritchard, 85-87=172; L E Middleton, 85-88=173; G Nicklin, 87-87=174; F L Overend, 88-94=182. A mixed foursome was played on Thursday 20th June, result; Miss D Richards & F Stubbs , 102-29½-72½; Miss J Cozens & M H Nicklin, 89-15-74; Mrs Wells & J Tindall Bunch, 98-21-77; Miss A Lord & W H Vincent, 97-19½-77½; Miss Elliott & J A Scott, 100-25-81; Miss K Nicklin & J Pritchard, 108-23-85. 

In 1913 the secretary J Tindall Bunch, Imperial Buildings, Bridge Street, Walsall. *Professional John Higgins*. Entry fee at discretion of the committee, ladies £2/2/0, subs £3/3/0, ladies £1/10/0. A 15 hole course the first 3 holes were played twice. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 10/- a month, Saturday and Competition days 2/6. Sunday play was not allowed.

*Following information courtesy of "The PGA Remembers" project - John Higgins; Elected PGA Member 1911. Midland Section; Walsall Golf Club, Staffordshire 1912-1917; Regiment - Lance Corporal 8th Battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; Service Number 38504; Died - Killed in action 28th October 1918  Age 28; Buried - Tezze British Cemetery. Ref: Plot 3. Row A. Grave 3; Notes - Originally from Bridge-of-Weir, Scotland John Higgins was appointed professional at Walsall Golf Club in 1912. He got married and enlisted in the Yorkshire Light Infantry about the same time. Lance Corporal Higgins fell in action in October 1918.

Below is the result of a club match played at Whittington in March 1913. 

Whittington Barracks Golf Club   Walsall Golf Club  
A H Barnes 0 A Farrington (1up) 1
G R Couch (5&4) 1 G H Gilbert 0
Captain Dunlop (4&3) 1 W H Vincent 0
H S Cooper (2&1) 1 L Cozens 0
C B Adams (7&5) 1 W Winstance 0
J L Ritchie 0 G Hawley (2&1) 1
Rev E R Day 0 G Nicklin (6&4) 1
O H Sharrott 0 L B Pollock (6&5) 1
  4   4

Below is the result of a match against Perry Hall Golf Club (now defunct) played in May 1913.

Walsall Golf Club   Perry Hall Golf Club  
W H Vincent 0 R M Hills 1
G Nicklin 0 D Hills 1
F W Blackburn 0 D R Taunton 1
A G Frith  0 A Turnell 1
J A Scott 0 F H Davies 1
J T Bunch 0 H C Quirke 1
J Sandison 1 E Wood-White 0
H W Shipley 1 M H Hills 0
T E Thompson 1 L Holland 0
E J Parkes 1 A Avent 0
B Gilbert, jun. 1 F Taylor 0
  5   6

Below is the return match at Perry Hall in July 1913.

Perry Hall Golf Club   Walsall Golf Club  
S W Forbes (half) 0 M H Nicklin (half) 0
R M Hills 0 J R Boak 1
H Johnson 1 G Nicklin 0
D Hills 1 F W Blackburn 0
H C Quirke 0 R B Pollock 1
F H Davies 1 A G Frith 0
P Waltho 0 S Mith 1
M H Hills 1 J Pritchard 0
L Holland 0 B Gilbert, jun. 1
C M Clive 1 F Bayliss 0
E A Edwards 0 F E Thompson 1
  5   5

Result of the 1914 February Monthly medal; Division 1 – W A Winstance, 87-9-78; F L Overend, 100-13-87; Division 2 – B H Make peace, 87-16-71; F W Sydenham, 95-17-78.  

Below is the result of a match played at Walsall against Shifnal in May 1914. 

Walsall Golf Club   Shifnal Golf Club  
G B Gooding 1 A Lander 0
J R Boak 1 J R Phillips 0
B Gilbert junior 1 H Edge 0
G Nicklin 1 G P H Godfrey 0
H W Shipley 1 G F Gader 0
W H Fox 1 L Owen 0
J T Bunch 1 G Greene 0
J Pritchard 1 F Thompson 0
  8   0

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Walsall against Dudley in May 1914.

Walsall Ladies' Golf Club   Dudley Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss L Richards 1 Mrs Pearson 0
Miss D W Smith 1 Mrs Grainger 0
Miss Isobel Cozens 0 Miss M Thompson 1
Miss E W Smith 1 Mrs Newey 0
Miss F Lord 0 Miss F Thompson 1
Mrs F J Cotterell (half) 0 Miss Nicholls (half) 0
Miss Lord (half) 0 Mrs Helliwell (half) 0
  3   2

Below is a result of a match played in May 1914 against Perry Hall Golf Club.

Walsall Golf Club   Perry Hall Golf Club  
G B Gooding 1 B Hills 0
N H Nicklin 1 W Johnston 0
J R Boak (halved) 0 D B Taunton (halved) 0
G Nicklin 1 N Coenig 0
B Gilbert, jun. 1 A Turner 0
J A Scott 1 Dr. Quirke 0
F W Blackburn 0 Dr. F Davies 1
H W Shipley 1 Dr. E Wood 0
J Pritchard 1 W H Hills 0
F H Cotterell 1 L Holland 0
F W Sydenham 0 Rev. Chatworthy 1
J E Stretton 0 P Waltho 1
  8   3

In November 1918 Mr J Kenyon-Jones, club captain, presented a picture of the Walsall Golf House to the club, he also intended to present a trophy for competition.

In June 1929 Dr. Annie Anderson holed in one at the  twelfth.

Famous golf course architect, Dr Alister MacKenzie, was appointed to design the new 18 hole course, and the club moved to its present site in 1930.


Walsall Golf Club, Gorway. Location of the former Walsall course.

Map showing the former Walsall course. The portion to the East, alongside Birmingham Road, was probably the original six hole course. Grid reference SP02380,97160, co-ordinates 402380,297160.