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Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. (1898 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1898 as Ward End Golf Club (see separate entry for history of Ward End Golf Club).

The original nine-hole course of the Ward End club was located between Timberley Lane and Old Croft Lane. 

The landowner decided the club/course was not worth pursuing, so the membership moved further out and leased land from the Earl of Bradford in 1901. Eleven-holes of the course on Bromford Road eventually opened on Saturday 31 March 1906.

In the early twentieth century Castle Bromwich Ladies' Golf Club was listed as a branch of the men’s club.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Location of the earlier golf course.

Location of the earlier golf course marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1904} Ordnance Survey Map.


In 1906 visitors’ fees, on introduction, 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 5/- a month.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Club button.

Castle Bromwich Golf Club button.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Ladies'  Club Button.

Castle Bromwich Ladies' Golf Club button.


  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1906 John Cochrane, 99 Bloomsbury Street, Birmingham. W S Evason (p) F Hodgkinson (g)
1910-13 Arthur Fleet. Arthur Reid (p)
1914-40s A Fleet, Lyndhurst, Castle Bromwich. Charles Henry Wingate (p)
1940   R H Marks (g)
1947 W N D Evans, 76 Darnick Road, Sutton Coldfield. C H Wingate (p) H J Shaw (g)


  Course records
1906 W Ashford (am) 81 A Bell (pro) 81.
1924 T P Perkins (am) 70 C H Wingate (pro) 70.
1940 G R Chambers (am) 66 T Green and W R Firkin (pro) 68.


Below is an interesting picture sent to us by Alf Jenks. It seems as though Alf Maxfield (Birmingham’s First Flying Man) flew from the course in September/October 1909. If anyone has any further information on this event please “Contact Us” through the Home Page.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. The Alf Jenks flight in 1909.

The above postcard clearly mentions flights from the “Castle Bromwich Golf Links”


Result of the 36-hole Newport Cup bogey competition played in May 1908; G K Black (4) and H T Perry (8), 2down; D Clayton (9) and H Walker (9), 4down; S W Morris (12), 7down; H W Pooler (7), 9down.

New course records in July 1908.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. New course records in July 1908.

Birmingham Daily Gazette Saturday 25 July 1908.With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


Result of a match against Robin Hood Golf Club in November 1908.

Castle Bromwich Golf Club   Robin Hood Golf Club  
W S Evanson (professional 4 and 2) 1 A Tunley (professional) 0
A M Beddie 0 F A Byrne (5 and 4) 1
J Foster (5 and 4) 1 C E Mander 0
W Ashford (2up) 1 C Butt 0
D Clayton (7 and 6) 1 T Schwark 0
H J Hobbins (7 and 5) 1 O Bird 0
H T Perry 0 H Holmes (5 and 4) 1
T Homer (half) 0 H H Bore (half) 0
W G Oxley (3 and 1) 1 W A Green 0
H W Pooler (2 and 1) 1 A H Mann 0
J G Riddell (7 and 6) 1 F W Langley 0
W Bentley (half) 0 N T Williams (half) 0
S W Morris (2 and 1) 1 H Wilson 0
  9   2


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Early club medal.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Early club medal.

Castle Bromwich Golf Club Medal.


Result of the March 1909 monthly medal; Division One - W H Abbott, 88-12-76; D Clayton, 87-5-82; R Foster, 91-8-83; G J Riddell, 92-9-83; A Sadler, 95-12-83; H T Perry, 92-6-86; W Bennett, 97-11-86; H Walker, 94-7-87; Division Two - A H Abbott, 105-18-87; R N Barnes, 108-20-88; Division Three - F Roberts, 102-25-77; C E Holder, 102-22-80; R W Parker, 107-25-82; G H Tyler, 109-25-84; H Hunt, 106-22-84; H Maryan, 113-25-88.

Below is the result of a match played at Castle Bromwich on Saturday 17 April 1909 against Coventry Hearsall Golf Club.

Castle Bromwich Golf Club   Coventry Hearsall Golf Club  
W G Oxley 0 C D Pole (5&3) 1
J G Riddell 0 W Thortley 1
W Bentley (2&1) 1 L Cartwright  0
S W Morris (6&5) 1 W Franks 0
J Cochrane (2up) 1 H Johnson 0
W H Abbott 0 W S Wormell (1up) 1
A Sadler (3&1) 1 A G Hadder 0
W Bennett (7&5) 1 C Johnson 0
F Jones 0 R A Floyd (6&5) 1
Rev H Moore (half) 0 R Wormell (half) 0
S Smith (1up) 1 J N Lowe 0
H C Wright 0 A J Elkins (3&1) 1
  6   5

Following is the result of the Captain's Prize played in December 1909; E B Tomlinson, 91-15-76; G H Tyler, 96-18-78; O Jones, 99-18-81; H C Chambers, 100-18-82; F Roberts, 101-18-83; T H Willday, 102-18-84; R Foster, 93-8-85; W Abbott, 95-10-85.

The Midland Professional Tournament for the Midland Challenge Cup was played at Castle Bromwich in September 1910. Play was over 36-holes and 79 players entered. The first four places would qualify for the match-play stage of £240 PGA Tournament. Leading scores for the first round; Geo V Tuck (Penn Common) 72; W P Lewis (King's Norton) 73; E Venness (Dudley) 74; Jack Bloxham (Leamington) 74; Charles Henry Wingate (Olton) 75; W T Jeffries (Hallowes) 75; James Adwick (Trentham) 75; G H Cawsey (Malvern) 75; G R Buckle (Bridgenorth) 76; Roland E Lewis (Shrewsbury) 76; George S Coburn (Sandwell Park) 76; F Bannister (Bamford) 76; Robert Jacobs (Bedford) 77; Alfred John Lewis (Handsworth) 77; Reginald George Wilson (Berkhamstead) 77; J Ross (Parklangley) 77; A Bembridge (Notts) 77.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Ladies golf brooch circa 1910.

Castle Bromwich Ladies golf brooch by Turner & Simpson circa 1910.


In 1911/2 it was listed as an 18-hole course with a club membership of 300. The secretary was A Fleet and the professional A E Reid. Course records were; amateur C F W Clive 73, professional Rowland Jones 69. Castle Bromwich Ladies’ Golf Club was also listed as a branch of the men’s club. The secretary was Miss L Sumerscale, Royal Road, Sutton Coldfield. 

Below is the result of a home match played against North Warwick Golf Club in July 1911. 

Castle Bromwich Golf Club   North Warwick Golf Club  
John Foster (4&2) 1 W H Rogers 0
H I Hobbies 0 M L Owen (3&2) 1
H T Perry 0 O Crane (5&4) 1
H Walker 0 L Lamsdale (1up) 1
W Bennett (3&1) 1 S H Thornley 0
R Foster (1up) 1 J B Davies 0
S W Morris (5&4) 1 W D Roach 0
H C Wright (5&3) 1 Palmer Hall 0
M S Bain (6&5) 1 B Tickler 0
  6   3

The qualifying round for the Newport Cup was played in April 1913, result; E J Adie (14), 1down; F Parkes (9), M S Bain (12) and A Dudley Evans, 3down; H T Perry (7), 4down; S W Morris (10), C T Holder (16) and F A Power (18), 5down; C Hutton (7) and A J Parkes (20), 6down; H I Hobbiss (4), A Armishaw (10), W McDonald (20) and F W Burbush (18), 7down.

Following is an extract from a report on the H Colt designed courses in the midlands that appeared in the Birmingham Daily Post on Friday 9th January 1914.

“At Castle Bromwich Golf Club members and visitors alike will be attracted only by the best. The problem is mainly one of finance. Mr Colt reports most favourably on the land, and he proposes to lay out a fresh course, making use of several existing greens. “There are many very useful and bold natural features” he says, “which will add greatly to the attraction of the course, and as you have an ample supply of land I consider that, taking into account the nature of the soil (which, though heavy, appears to be well drained) you will have a really good testing course if my suggestions are carried out. There are four good short holes, and several good length ones, and I do not think that there would be a single weak hole in the round. The eleventh should work up into a beautiful drive and pitch, and the two shots to the seventeenth and seventh should prove to be of a quite first-class character.” It is not necessary at this stage to go into Mr Colt’s scheme. He makes provisions for a course little over 6,000 yards in length, stretching for the greater part of the way through typical Warwickshire scenery, on land brightened by gorse, heather and bracken, and requiring, as Lord Roseberry put it on one occasion, little but assisted nature for its development.”       

It’s not completely clear from the above report whether Harry Colt was proposing to make changes to the original nine-hole course, or, if the report refers to the layout of the new proposed 18-hole course at Bromford Road, it's almost certainly the latter.  

Result of the 1914 February medal, first division; A S Langley, 84-6-78; F Parkes, 87-7-80; H Walker, 87-7-80; M S Bain, 90-8-82; John Jones, 90-8-82; T H Wilklay, 94-12-82; H E Perry, 95-12-83; S W Morris, 95-10-85; J E Barrows, 96-11-85; A Gill, 97-12-85.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Evening Despatch on Saturday 16 May 1914. “Extended Course – The Castle Bromwich Golf Club Ltd., have reason to congratulate themselves on the past years work. The financial statement shows a small surplus surplus while the membership role now realises the respectable figure of 304. But, above all, the committee have a reason to be pleased with the fact that the reconstruction and the extension of the course has been practically completed, and the members are of the opinion that the course, when the turf had settled down, will be second to none in the midlands.

The annual meeting was held at the Imperial Hotel last night, Mr W Bentley presiding. The chairman remarked that the decision to abandon the old course was the result of a ballot among the whole of the members, and he thought that the result would be quite satisfactory to all the players.

Lord Newport was re-elected president and Mr J R Woodward, for several years Chairman of the Greens Committee, was elected captain in succession to Mr W G Oxley, while William H Abbott and Arthur Fleet were re-elected hon. treasurer and hon. secretary respectively.

Both the secretary Arthur Fleet of Lyndhurst, Castle Bromwich and the professional C H Wingate served the club prior to WW1 to the outbreak of WW2 in fact C H Wingate was still the professional in 1947.

In 1914 the club membership was over 300. Entry fees were £3/3/0 and Subs £3/3/0.  Visitors’ fees playing with a member were; 1/-day, Weekend and Bank Holiday 2/6 a day, 7/6 a week. Ladies were not allowed to play on Saturday afternoons. Sunday play allowed without caddies.

Below is the result of a match played at Stourbridge Golf Club in May 1914.

Stourbridge Golf Club   Castle Bromwich Golf Club  
W R Nash (3&2) 1 J G Riddell 0
H W Brace (3&1) 1 J Foster 0
F J Boulton (3&2) 1 H T Perry 0
F H Ragg (4&3) 1 W G Oxley 0
S C Craven (7&5) 1 A S Langley 0
W H Grazebrook (6&4) 1 H Weedon 0
A V Moore (1up) 1 H W Pooler 0
J W Naylor 0 F Parkes (2&1) 1
A M Fairbairn (3&2) 1 H Walker 0
R B Worth (5&4) 1 A Armishaw 0
H T F King 0 J Jones (6&5) 1
  9   2


Result of the June 1914 monthly medal; Division 1 – M S Bain, 86-8-78; E J Adie, 91-12-79; John Jones, 88-8-80; E B Tomlinson, 88-8-80; D Macadie, 89-7-82; S W Morris, 92-10-82; Division 2 – L B Williams, 93-16-77; R Walford, 91-12-79; M Mueller, 96-17-79; A E Meadon, 99-20-79; A Griffith, 99-20-79; Division 3 – E H Maddocks, 102-22-80; W Sylvester, 102-22-80; G Robertson, 106-25-81; E Jackson, 108-25-83.

Ordnance Survey Map showing the location of the Castle Bromwich golf course at the time of WW1.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. O.S. Map showing the location of the course at the time of WW1.

O.S. Map Revised 1913; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1921}.


On Wednesday 7 May 1919 the Midland Section of the Professional Golfers’ Association held a “Victory” 36-hole stroke competition on the Castle Bromwich course. It resulted in a tie between Tom Williamson and A Compston both scoring 152. An extra nine holes were played but again the players tied with scores of 39. A further nine holes were played with Williamson eventually winning with a score of 38 against 40. Williamson also won the bowl presented by the Castle Bromwich club for the best individual round of 72. Leading scores were; Tom Williamson (Notts), 72+80=152; A Compston (Army), 77+75=152; J Brews (Minchinhampton), 76+78=154; L Holland (Northampton Co), 80+76=156; Harry Cawsey (Skegness), 77+80=157; J Bloxham (Coventry), 81+77=158; J Adwick (Olton), 79+81=160; George Cawsey (Harborne), 83+77=160; A R Wheildon (Moseley), 79+81=160. 


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Cleek golf club stamped C H Wingate, Castle Bromwich.

Cleek golf club stamped C H Wingate, Castle Bromwich.


Result of the April 1920 monthly medal; First Division - T P Perkins, 86-9-77; A Armshaw, 83-4-79; G H Tyler, 92-9-83; J Dixon, 95-10-85; Second Division - G Allman, 88-12-76; E C Smith, 89-12-77; A Marston, 91-13-78; V H Lawson, 94-16-78; A Dudley Evans, 95-17-78; J H Darrah, 91-12-79; G Pearson, 95-14-81; Third Division - A Malcolm, 100-25-75; J Hewitt, 103-23-80; O C Langford, 103-20-83; W H Prince, 107-23-84.

In 1924 visitors’ fees on introduction were, 2/- a day, weekend and Bank Holiday 3/6 a day, 10/- a week. Sunday play was allowed.

Result of the February 1925 monthly medal; First Division - L R McCullum, 78 scratch; A Black, 84-6-78; T P Perkins, 76+3-79; H T Perry, 84-4-80; J R Green, 86-6-80; A E Allen, 88-8-80; Second Division - H F Bridge, 90-13-77; F Hepworth, 93-16-77; D Cann, 93-14-79; W W Chiddick, 94-15-79; T L Elliott, 97-17-8o; Third Division - E Lawrence, 100-22-78; H Hewett, 99-20-79; J Broughton, 100-20-80.

In April 1927 T P (Phil) Perkins of Castle Bromwich and J B Beddard of South Staffs met in the 36-hole final of the English Amateur Championship at Little Aston. Beddard was a native of Dudley and was about 10 years older than his 22 year old opponent. T P Perkins went on to win 2 and 1 to become English Amateur Champion.

In September 1927 an unusual occurrence took place on the course. Playing in a four-ball match Arthur Fleet, club secretary, was partnered by Mr W M Dudley Evans. The latter took the honour at the fourth hole and holed his tee shot and when Mr Fleet followed he repeated the achievement.    

Result of the December 1928 monthly medal; Division 2 - D M Anderson, 92-18-74; G R Chambers, 92-18-74; F C Parkes, 92-15-77; Division 3 - T F Gardner, 92-20-72; F T Price, 96-20-76; H R Parsons, 98-22-76. 

In 1928 T P Perkins played Bobby Jones in the final of the American Amateur Championship at West Newton, Mass. Perkins was building a steady reputation as a local golfer but after his extraordinary collapse in the Walker Cup some people began to underrate his abilities, although many sound judges at the time rated him the best golfer in Britain, either amateur or professional. He was the first Britain since 1921 to appear in the American semi-final. He went on to lose heavily in the final to the great Bobby Jones by 10 and 9.

Phil Perkins recovered from his defeat against Jones and won the amateur championship at Prestwick in 1928.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. T P Perkins wins the Amateur Championship in 1928.

From The Sketch Wednesday June 6 1928. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. Course plan from 1935.

Course layout at Castle Bromwich as dated. Author's collection.


Length of holes on above layout (approximate, hole 13 unclear); Hole One – 503 yards; Two – 423; Three – 325; Four – 145; Five – 306; Six – 334; Seven – 465; Eight – 213?; Nine – 149; Out 2863 yards (approx); Ten – 474; Eleven – 393; Twelve – 141; Thirteen – 314; Fourteen – 186; Fifteen – 439; Sixteen – 399; Seventeen – 477; Eighteen – 330; Home 3153 yards; Total 6016 yards (approx.)

Result of a match against Sandwell Park played in June 1931.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Result of a match played in June 1931.

Birmingham Daily Gazette Thursday 2 July 1931. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


Castle Bromwich Golf Club, Birmingham. T P Perkins in the USA in July 1932.

From The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News Saturday 2 July 1932. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Walsall Golf Club in March 1939.

Walsall Ladies' Golf Club   Castle Bromwich Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Hearn 0 Mrs Jenkins (6&5) 1
Miss Patterson (2&1) 1 Mrs Macdonagh 0
Mrs Hodgkinson (4&3) 1 Mrs Hill 0
Mrs H Vincent 0 Mrs Austin (2&1) 1
Mrs Parker 0 Mrs Clapton (7&6) 1
Mrs Philpot (2up) 1 Mrs Parkes 0
Miss Mollie Fox 0 Mrs Hepworth (2up) 1
  3   4

Result of the First Round of the Newport Cup played in April 1939; A D Marston (3), 4down; S M Sangster (3), 4down; R B Evans (8), 4down; C H Alger (scr), 5down; J Sangster (10), 5down; M R Wagner (22), 5down; W N Dudley Evans (5), 7down; G Stubbings jnr (5), 7down; J McDowall jnr (8) 7down; J P Nicholson (9), 7down; W P Smart (16), 8down; R Ballard (23), 8down; W Thompson (14), 9down; A J Jordan (16), 9down; J A Dorr (5), 10down; H R Hathaway ( 18), 10down; L L A Radnall (14), 12down. After 36-holes A D Marston was the winner with a score of 8down.    

Result of a match played at Castle Bromwich against Handsworth Golf Club in May 1939.

Castle Bromwich Golf Club   Handsworth Golf Club  
R B Evans (3 and 2) 1 W D Jackson 0
M McDonagh (halved) 0 J Dorman (halved) 0
J P Nicholson (halved) 0 R A Forsyth ( halved)  0
H Crump 0 F V Coslett (3 and 2) 1
W H Ball (halved) 0 H J Fairclough (halved) 0
L Greenwood 0 R B Ansell (4 and 2) 1
P E Myatt 0 L A Woodall (3 and 2) 1
Dr. Pierce (6 and 5) 1 J R Haseler 0
J H Darrah 0 C Darby (3 and 2) 1
H V Bridge (1up) 1 A Bragg 0
A Armishaw 0 S H Scribbans (4 and 2) 1
K C MacDonagh (3 and 2) 1 J S Mantle 0
  4   5

Below is the result of a match played at Castle Bromwich II against North Worcestershire Golf Club II (now defunct) in July 1939.

Castle Bromwich II Golf Club   North Worcestershire Golf Club II  
J H Darrah (1up) 1 W Towers 0
A E Shaw 0 W E Inglis (2up) 1
W H Ball ( 4 and 3) 1 P Martin 0
J P Nicholson (2 and 1) 1 E Leek 0
K C MacDonagh (2 and 1) 1 P Prescott 0
R B Evans (2 and 1) 1 R Burke 0
A Pierce (6 and 5) 1 L Cassell 0
E G Lawrence (3 and 2) 1 J Blackham 0
G Stubbings  R H Harvey 0
H Crump (5 and 4) 1 H Yorke 0
L E Greenwood  0 F H Gilbert (3 and 1) 1
  9   2

In 1940 the 18-hole course had a SSS of 73.

The course can be seen on the Britain From Above link below.

The Castle Bromwich Golf Club closed following WW2. The land once occupied by the course was mostly built over following war.


Location of the Castle Bromwich Golf Club course.

Location of the former Castle Bromwich course.

Grid reference SP12510,89350, co-ordinates 412510,289350.



The club move location and continued as Maxstoke Park near Coleshill in 1948.