Dudley Golf Club, Russells Hall Course. (1893 - 1927)

Founded 1893, the first course was located at Russells Hall; it moved to its present location in 1928.

The Reverend Adam Gray Maitland had sent out a circular at the beginning of March 1893 asking interested parties to attend a meeting at the Vicarage regarding the formation of the Dudley Golf Club. The first game of golf was played on a portion of the course on Saturday 18th March 1893. The club by this time had already attracted over 60 members. It was hoped that the Earl of Dudley would officiate at the formal opening of the course. The original nine holes were laid out by Old Tom Morris of St Andrews, a personal friend of the Vicar of Dudley.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the St Andrews Citizen on the 10 June 1893. "The Dudley course boasts a set of hazards, peculiarly its own. These are disused pits filled up to a convenient height, and Tom (Morris) pronounces them very suitable for the purpose. The club has a membership of both sexes. John Kirkaldy left for Dudley on Monday to become green-keeper there."

The Dudley Golf Club arranged a 36-hole professional exhibition match to be played on Wednesday 15 September 1893 between J H Taylor (Wimbledon) and James Braid (Romford.) 

Result of a match against King's Norton Golf Club in May 1894.


Dudley Golf Club, Russells Hall Course. Result of a match against King's Norton played in May 1894.



The annual meeting was held on Tuesday 24 January 1899, the report showed that the club had a membership of 74. 

Below, result of a match played at Hagley on Saturday 4 March 1899. 

Hagley Golf Club   Dudley Golf Club  
W H Grazebrook 7 A H Bassano 0
G Macpherson 5 J W Nayler 0
C K Harrison 2 W H Thompson 0
H T King 2 J S Morris 0
Rev H Bourne 0 S G Hooper 3
G B Gibbons 0 C W Bassano 5
L Bradley 2 H E Garratt 0
  18   8

In 1900 the secretary was A W Grazebrook, Dudley. Course records; amateur, A H Bassano 38, professional, J Braid 33.

Result of a club match played on the Dudley course against Kidderminster in May 1900.

Dudley Golf Club   Kidderminster Golf Club  
A H Bassano 4 W R Nash 0
C W Bassano 7 G Grindley 0
J W Nayler 0 C K Harrison 4
S G Hooper 3 M Oldham 0
J S Morris 0 S Hemmingway 2
W H Thompson 2 J P Coney 0
G B Gibbons 4 R B Dawson 0
H E Garratt 0 L Donisthorpe 1
A W Dando 9 J G Welch 0
  29   7

Below is the result of a match played against Hagley Golf Club, now defunct, at Dudley in October 1902. Interesting to note that the professional playing for Hagley, E Veness, became professional at Dudley in 1907.

Dudley Golf Club   Hagley Golf Club  
A H Bassano 0 W H Grazebrook 4
J W Nayler 2 E Vaughan 0
C W Bassano 11 E C Lowndes 0
F S Turner (halved) 0 H F King (halved) 0
S G Hooper 5 G F Simms 0
W H Thompson 0 A M Fairbairn 1
L Lewis (professional) 0 E Veness (professional) 2
  18   7

The match below against Robin Hood was played at Dudley on Saturday 24 June 1905.

Dudley Golf Club   Robin Hood Golf Club  
A H Bassano 0 D Y Mills 1
S G Hooper 1 A B Bowden 0
C W Bassano 1 C Butt 0
J W Nayler 1 R Lunn 0
W H Thompson 0 A M Thompson 1
E J Thompson 1 E L Baker  0
A M Fairburn 1 B Holmes 0
J Smellie 1 N N Bore 0
R S Hooper 1 E Saunders 0
  7   2

In 1906 the secretary was J Nichols, Old Bank House, Dudley and the captain E J Thompson. The professional was L Lewis. Entry fee was £3/3/0 and subs £2/2/0. Course records; amateur A H Bassano 79, professional J Braid 69. The 9 hole undulating and sporting course was laid out on former mining land which had been grassed. The new clubhouse had recently been opened. Visitors' fees 1/- a day.

Result of a match played at Penn against South Staffordshire Golf Club in May 1908.

South Staffordshire Golf Club   Dudley Golf Club  
A E Cresswell 0 F G Smith (2 and 1) 1
W V Vale (6 and 5) 1 E J Thompson 0
W Buchanan (2 and 1) 1 W Pearson 0
R Struthers (5 and 3) 1 J W Nayler 0
J D Graham (1up) 1 E Vaughan 0
E V Jones 0 Clifford Nicholls (2 and 1) 1
J Pritchard 0 F Stevenson (4 and 3) 1
S R Parkes  1 J Smellie 0
A Whitlock (4 and 3) 1 C G Thompson 0
  6   3

Below are results of matches played against South Staffordshire Golf Club on Saturday 22 May 1909.

The first team played at Tettenhall.

South Staffs Golf Club   Dudley Golf Club  
E A Cresswell (3&2) 1 F G Smith 0
W V Vale (4&3) 1 E J Thompson 0
W Buchanan (3&2) 1 J W Nayler 0
M Wilkie (4&3) 1 C Nichols 0
C A Armitage (4&2) 1 A M Fairbairn 0
R Struthers (3&1) 1 W H Nicholls 0
H E Perry 0 J Smellie (4&2) 1
J D Graham 0 F Stevenson (3&1) 1
  6   2

The second team played at Dudley.

Dudley Golf Club   South Staffs Golf Club  
J S Morris 0 E V Jones (9&7) 1
W H Shore 0 A Whitlock (6&5) 1
P Dickinson 0 J McMillan (6&5) 1
T McCaig 0 H H Lloyd (1up) 1
T N Fisher 0 Clifford Howl (2&1) 1
W A G Cole 0 J V Boswell (3&2) 1
F Helliwell 0 E V Knight (2up) 1
W F Smellie (half) 0 H B Hall (half) 0
  0   7

In 1911 the secretary was Norman Fisher, Himley Road, Dudley. Fees as 1906. Membership of 120. Professional was E Venness. There was a tram service that passed the clubhouse. Sunday play without caddies.

Result of the February 1914 monthly medal; J Smith, 89-12-77; F G Helliwell, 85-7-78; P Dickinson, 93-13-80; A T Stevenson, 96-16-80; T McCaig, 89-7-82. 

Following is the result of the 36-hole “Challenge Cup” played in May 1914; E H Grainger, 169-20-149; F G Helliwell, 164-14-150; A T Stevenson, 183-32-151; J Smith, 176-24-152; W Pearson, 156 scratch; T McCaig, 171-14-157; T Allen, 187-28-159; F S King, 168-8-160; B Price, 195-34-161.

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Walsall Golf Club in May 1914.

Walsall Ladies' Golf Club   Dudley Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss L Richards 1 Mrs Pearson 0
Miss D W Smith 1 Mrs Grainger 0
Miss Isobel Cozens 0 Miss M Thompson 1
Miss E W Smith 1 Mrs Newey 0
Miss F Lord 0 Miss F Thompson 1
Mrs F J Cotterell (half) 0 Miss Nicholls (half) 0
Miss Lord (half) 0 Mrs Helliwell (half) 0
  3   2

Result of the August 1923 monthly bogey competition; J C Allen, 6up; J W Bagnall and H Shuttleworth, 2up.

Result of the March 1927 monthly medal, probably the last one at Russells Hall; T Allen, 83-4-79; E D Allen, 91-10-81.

Below the move to the new course in April 1927.


Dudley Golf Club, Russells Hall. A report on the move to the new course April 1927.

From the Birmingham Daily Gazette Saturday 16 April 1927. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


Dudley Golf Club. Location of the Russell's Hall golf course.

The course at Russells Hall, now completely built over.