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Edgbaston Golf Club, Birmingham. (1896 - 1936)

Founded in 1896.

The first location was a 9-hole course at Lightwood Park Warley. It then moved to Ridgeacre Road in Harborne in 1910. It moved to its present location in 1936.

In 1906 the secretary was H S Thompson, 32 Westfield Road, Edgbaston, captain H T Buckland and professional W Whiting. Membership of 120. Entry fee £3/3/0 and subs £2/2/0. Ladies secretary was J A Hope, Hagley Road, Edgbaston. Course records; amateur C S Ellis 74, professional W Whiting 72. Visitors' fees 1/- a day, 2/6 at weekends and 5/- a week. The station at Hagley Road was  1 1/2 miles away.

Result of the April 1909 monthly medal; Division One - J R McLaren, 83-6-77; K W Warden, 85-7-78; E L Morcom, 88-10-78; A Canning, 84-5-79; H B Carslake, 86-6-80; R W Hope, 90-10-80; T L Wakefield, 88-7-81; Division Two - A H Angus, 95-20-75; J K Reid, 90-13-77; G R Stubbs, 95-18-77; J R Wharton, 101-24-77; W J P Ridgway, 96-18-78; W F Williams, 99-18-81; Rev A S Horle, 105-17-88.

In April 1910 the club had moved to the new course at Ridgeacre Road. The course was described at the time as follows "Situated in beautiful countryside, very old turf over half of the undulating course. Every hole is interesting each with its own distinctive character"

In 1911 the secretary was still H S Thompson, the professional was L G Ross. There was a membership of 170. Course records; amateur H R Saunders 80, professional W Whiting 72.

Below is the result of a home match played in May 1914 against Blackwell Golf Club. 

Edgbaston Golf Club   Blackwell Golf Club  
Captain Foster 1 A E Ball 0
H G Nevile 1 A C Auster 0
B P Nevile 1 G F E Allen 0
H J Prost 1 L Green 0
Sir Whitworth Wallis 1 W S Zair 0
F W Twigg (half) 0 R S Evans (half) 0
A W Martin 1 H C Barham 0
E V Mitchell 1 O G Goodman 0
W L Chance 0 ???? 1
E W Cave 1 W H Jevons 0
A Canning 1 F Rabone 0
  9   1

Result of the January 1930 monthly medal Competition; Division 1 - F V B Edge, 85-8-77; R Pinsent, 89-11-78; H A Wilkins, 88-9-79; T W Willans, 93-12-81; C W Holcroft, 88-7-81; Division 2 - T J Cronin, 84-16-68; S J Lancaster, 87-14-73; Dr. Wilkinson, 91-14-77; W K Lidderdale, 93-14-79. 


Edgbaston Golf Club, Birmingham. Location of the golf course in the early 1900s.

Location of the club's first course at Lightwood. Grid reference SP00915,86010, co-ordinates 400915,286010.



Edgbaston golf course map

The course at Ridgeacre Road in the early 1920s. The road layout to the north has now changed completely, and many of the landmarks have been lost.

Grid reference SP01240,84180, co-ordinates 401240,284180.