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King's Norton Golf Club, Wychall Lane, Birmingham. (1892 - 1970)

Founded in 1892.

The club was originally situated on Wychall Lane, King's Norton.

The club opened the current course at Brockhill Lane, Weatheroak, on Sunday 1st November 1970.

The annual meeting was held at the Old Schoolroom, King’s Norton, on Saturday 20th January 1894, Mr Austin Chamberlain MP, in the chair. The treasurer’s statement was showing a balance in hand of £41/18s/6d. The following officers were re-elected; Mr Austin Chamberlain, president; Mr C Pelham Lane and Mr G Cartland, vice-presidents; the names of  the Rev C W Barnard (vicar of King’s Norton) and Mr J Baldwin (Bredon) were also added to the list of vice-presidents; Mr Shirley Baldwin, captain; Mr J J Tomson, secretary and treasurer; the committee were re-elected, with A K Baillie and P M Ellis elected in place of the Rev Buchanan Allen and Mr J Baldwin. The membership at this time was 136 (95 men and 41 ladies). The club professional and green-keeper was Jack Burns, Open Champion in 1888.


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. Wychall Lane and Golf House.

Early picture of Wychall Lane and Golf House.


From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; secretary J J Tomson, The Chalet, King's Norton, and the captain, T W Piggott. Club membership of 180. Entrance fee £5/5s and subs £3/3s. Bogey score, 77. Visitors' fees 1/- a day, 2/6 at weekend. "This is a well kept 18-hole inland course rather on the short side, but well bunkered by many well places artificial hazards. Heavy clay soil; greens good, and well looked after. Undulating ground giving plenty of variety to the game. Several good holes, viz.; 4th, 5th, 6th, 13th and 15th; wild driving is hardly is hardly sufficiently punished." - J Ernest Hill.

Listed seperately was the King's Norton Ladies' Golf Club. Instituted in 1895. The secretary was Mrs E C Bewlay, The Cottage, Park Hill, Moseley, and the captain, Mrs H R Padmore. Club membership of 65. Entrance fee £2/2s and subs £1/1s. Amateur record, Mrs Douglas Charles 77, bogey score of 81. Visitors' fees 1/- a day.  


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. The former clubhouse.

Postcard of the former clubhouse at King’s Norton. 


In October 1897 King’s Norton had a resounding home win against Handsworth, details below. 

King's Norton Golf Club   Handsworth Golf Club  
H W Bainbridge 1 Dr C Robertson 0
Dr H T Lowe 1 R Vaughan 0
S Baldwin 3 A Brigg 0
A G Tonks 11 C Palmer 0
T W Piggott 2 G Pearson 0
C S Green 5 R M Hills 0
H H Monckton 4 D Hills 0
P F Wallis 1 K Jacobs 0
  28   0

Below is the result of a one sided ladies’ match played at King's Norton against Hagley in November 1897.  

King's Norton Ladies' Golf Club   Hagley Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Wolseley 11 Mrs Chance 0
Miss Shufflebotham 0 Miss N King 0
Miss Morgan 2 Miss M King 0
Mrs Holcroft 8 Miss Webb 0
Mrs C Green 12 Miss A Webb 0
  33   0

Match against Robin Hood Golf Club in November 1897.


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. Match against Robin Hood Golf Club in November 1897.

Birmingham Daily Post Friday 5th November 1897. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In 1900 the secretary was J Thomson, The Chalet, King's Norton. Course records; amateur, G Ashmore 81, professional, G Cawsey. Listed as an 18 hole course. Secretary at Kings Norton Ladies Club was Miss Wolseley, Sunnyside, Kings Norton.

Below is the result of a match played against Coventry Golf Club at King's Norton on Tuesday 18th September 1900.

King's Norton Golf Club   Coventry Golf Club  
S Baldwin 0 P A Adams 0
C A Palmer 2 N A Stebbing 0
A G Brinton 0 Harold Smith 2
J O Walford 0 G B Sanderson 1
T Homer 0 S Cash 1
H S Player 5 A Pearson 0
W A Crosbee 5 R Hill 0
H Clark 3 Harry Smith 0
H E Cashmore 0 H N Smith 0
  15   4

Result of a match played at Stourbridge in May 1908.

Stourbridge Golf Club   King's Norton Golf Club  
W R Nash 0 J W G Hill (2 and 1) 1
H W Pearce (2 and 1) 1 H E Cashmore  0
A V Moore (5 and 4) 1 A Wood 0
F J Barlton 0 A Phillips (1up) 1
S H Penn (3 and 2) 1 F O Timmins 0
J Penn (5 and 4) 1 F E Tomson 0
G Salter (9 and 8) 1 J A Haywood 0
G F Simms (5 and 4) 1 J D Wyley 0
F H Stuart (2 and 1) 1 L H Ball 0
  7   2

Below is the result of a match played at Sandwell Park on Saturday 20th February 1909.

Sandwell Park Golf Club   King's Norton Golf Club  
F Scatt (6&4) 1 E C Bewlay 0
G A Withers (6&5) 1 J W G Hill 0
F S Withers (5&3) 1 William Byrne 0
Dr. T Sansome (2up) 1 A C Auster 0
W H Grazebrook 0 G F Ward (1up) 1
J Lawley (3&2) 1 O Phillips 0
H Foster 0 F O Timmins (3&2) 1
C T Watts (5&3) 1 Arnold Wood 0
A Wickham (4&3) 1 F E Thomson 0
J R Todd (3&1) 1 H R Padmore 0
  8   2

In 1911 the secretary was H F Adkins, The Pentre, King's Norton, professional W P Lewis. Membership of 320 including 100 ladies. Entry fee £7/7/0, subs £3/3/0. Well kept 18 hole course of 5,800 yards bunkered by many well placed artificial hazards, heavy clay soil, well maintained good greens. The course has lately been altered and extended which has made much needed improvements. Amateur record, F A Woolley 72. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, 2/6 at weekend, 6/- a week. Station at King's Norton was about 10 minutes away. Kings Norton Ladies Club, founded 1895. Secretary Mrs F O Timmins, Upcote, Kings Norton. Entry fee £2/2/0, subs £1/11/6. Visitors fees 1/- a day on introduction, 2/6 at weekend. Bogey score for ladies 81. Sunday play without caddies.

Below, F A Woolley amateur course record holder in 1911.


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. F A Woolley amateur course record holder in 1911.

from the Sports Argus Saturday 6th May 1911. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


Officers at the club in 1914 were; Mr O Phillips, captain; W H Malin, secretary; Arnold Wood, treasurer; W P Lewis, professional. 

Result of the February 1914 Senior Division monthly medal; R Green, 83-2-81; J W G Hill, 84-3-81; T A Roose, 88-7-81; R S Hill, 93-10-83; R Caswell, 97-10-87.

Below is the result of a match played at Olton Golf Club on Saturday 9th May 1914.

Olton Golf Club   King's Norton Golf Club  
H B Barker 0 Frank A Woolley (4&3) 1
F M Lindner (3&2) 1 Rev. H S Pelham 0
H F Adkins 0 R Green (1up) 1
M L Owen 0 F J Morgan (2up) 1
H J Patterson 0 J W G Hill (4&3) 1
O S Middleton (5&3) 1 E C Bewlay 0
T H Walford 0 F O Timmins (3&1) 1
W Mundy Cox (1up) 1 W Byrne 0
A J Gaskin (7&5) 1 C R Hough 0
H H Joy (1up) 1 H J Smith 0
J A Rowlands 0 O Phillips (1up) 1
  5   6

Result of the Byrne Cup (36-holes) played in September 1920; H Clarkson, 191-32-159; C R Hoult, 170-6-164; A W Frame, 179-14-165; H B Hastill, 182-16-166; C J Reece, 181-14-167; A R Allen, 196-28-168; H B Byrne, 197-28-169; R S Hill, 189-20-169.  

Result of the February 1925 monthly medal; Division One - A Allen, 82-5-77; C J Reece, 78+1-79; C R Hough, 79 scratch; F C Lindner, 90-9-81; G E Seymour, 91-10-81; Division Two - E K Hossell, 92-15-77; O B F Plant, 90-11-79; R B Turner, 103-24-79.

Below is the result of a match played at King’s Norton against the Worcester Golf & Country Golf Club in July 1938. 

King's Norton Golf Club   Worcester Golf & Country Club  
N A Seers 1 Dr. Duggan 0
C J Reece 1 D G Johnson 0
F F Seymour (half) 0 A H Davies (half) 0
J L Brown (half) 0 P L Richards (half) 0
C H S Furse 1 E W Tinkler 0
T Dornan 1 H Hacking 0
J Morgan 1 P W Barker 0
E D Ludlow 1 W Darch 0
L G Seymour 1 G N Nicholl 0
H A W Smith 0 Mr Hallmark 1
T Sinnet 0 A N Alexander 1
  7   2

Result of the August 1939 monthly medal; Division 1 - J L Brown, 77-3-74; W R Stone, 87-7-80; E D Ludlow, 90-9-81; Division 2 - F Nock, 98-24-74; E D Brown, 91-15-76; J S Chawner, 92-14-78; L P Taunton, 96-18-78; T G Smith, 93-14-79.

At the time of WW2 the secretary was H A D Baldwin, the professional was Bernard G Preston and the green-keeper W Barton. An 18-hole course with a SSS and par of 72, membership of 250. Course records were, amateur, N A Seers 67, professional E Cawsey 63. Visitors’ fees were, 3/- a day (2/- with a member), weekends 5/- (2/6). Kings Norton railway station was one mile away.

At the annual meeting in August 1945 the following officers were elected; President, Dr. J L Brown; secretary, M H Brady; treasurer, F Nock; captain, C H M Holden. The appointment of Dr. Brown as president was a mark of appreciation for the many years service he had given to the club as hon. secretary.

In January 1946 Bernard Preston, who before joining the Army was assistant at the club, had been appointed professional on his release from the Services.

In March 1951 it was reported that the course would soon be restored to its full eighteen-holes. For ten years a considerable portion of the course had been given over for food production allowing only ten-holes to be used.

In December 1957 Mrs Betty McLeod was presented with the four trophies she had won during the year; Beynton Cup, Butler Cup, Seymour Cup and the Final Medal (bronze division) Trophy.

Article on the history of the club from the Birmingham Daily Post in March 1958.


King's Norton Golf Club, Wychall Lane, Birmingham. Article on the history of the club from March 1958.


King's Norton Golf Club, Wychall Lane, Birmingham. Article on the history of the club from March 1958.

Birmingham Daily Post Wednesday 19th March 1958. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


In January 1959 the club appointed as their new professional J E Wiggett from Skegness North Shore Golf Club. He succeeded B G Preston who had moved to Rose Hill Golf Club.

The picture below (apologies for the quality) shows John Frame, second from left, grand old veteran member of King's Norton Golf Club, presenting the Langley Bowl, which he won in 1927 to Ian McLeod, who won it in 1960. John was 86 years of age and had been a member of King's Norton since 1906. Also in the picture are Jim Hall-Gordon on the left, club captain, and on the right president, Dr. J L Brown.


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. Presentation of the Langley Bowl in December 1960.

Sports Argus Saturday 10th December 1960. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


In 1966 the secretary was H A Turner, 173 Hanging Lane, Birmingham, the professional was J Wiggett and the green-keeper H Maybury. The 18-hole course measured 6,117 yards with a SSS of 71 and par 72. Course records were, amateur, B J Kingstone 68, professional, P J Longmore 66. Visitors’ fees, 10/- a day (5/- with a member) , weekends 20/- (7/6).

In August 1968 Norman Evans, a two handicap golfer, scored his fifth hole in one on the old King's Norton course. His latest ace was on the revamped 260 yard par four - using a three wood - seventh hole which had been lengthened with a new plateau green. Two of his previous aces were at the old seventh hole, and the others were at the short second and thirteenth holes.

It was reported in April 1970 that the Birmingham Housing Committee had approved plans for developing the King's Norton Golf Course for housing.


King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham. Location of the former golf course.

Site of the former King's Norton course at Wychall Lane. Houses now cover the area, and the street names reflect the former use of the land, The Fairway, Mashie Drive etc.

Grid reference SP03750,78410, co-ordinates 403750,278410.