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Alveston Golf Club, Rudgeway, Glous. (1903 - 1948)

Founded 1903/4.

The new course of the Alveston Golf Club was opened on Saturday 30th April 1904 with a match between club members and a team put together by Mr W D Canning. There was a membership of 55 at this time.

In 1906 the secretary was Stewart Irwin, Alveston, Gloucs. A 9-hole course. The course record was 70. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 10/6 a month. Stations were at Patchway and Thornbury were both 3 miles away.

Below is the result of a match played at Alveston against Wotton-Under-Edge Golf Club (now defunct) on Saturday 5th December 1908.

Alveston Golf Club   Wotton-Under-Edge Golf Club  
H Strangeways-Jones 0 J J Crowder 1
W D Canning 0 W Heath 1
S Irwin (half) 0 G Lister (half) 0
C Davey (half) 0 H Goldingham (half) 0
T K Rylands 1 C Bury 0
J D Thomas 1 E B Whish 0
C Boucher 1 G H Perrin 0
G Calcott 1 P Fussell 0
Strangeways-Jones and Canning 0 Crowder and Fussell 1
Irwin and Davey (half) 0 Heath and Lister (half) 0
Rylands and Thomas 1 Bury and Goldingham 0
Boucher and Calcott 1 Whish and Perrin 0
  6   3

Results from  a competition played over Christmas 1909; Rev. C H T Wright, 87-1-77; W D Canning, 89-10-79; E W Carroll, 87-6-81; G Calcott, 94-12-82; A L Felton, 93-8-85; 

On Tuesday 10th March 1914 the Alveston ladies’ team visited Knowle, result below.  

Knowle Golf Club   Alveston Golf Club  
Mrs Hugh Miller (4&3) 1 Miss Langley 0
Mrs W P Lucas (5&4) 1 Mrs Langley 0
Mrs Rioch (3&1) 1 Miss Joyce Williams 0
Miss Fowlie 0 Mrs Lloyd (1up) 1
Mrs Stampe 0 Mrs Wright (1up) 1
Mrs Hulme (7&6) 1 Mrs Tanner 0
  4   2

In 1914/15 the secretary was R E Potter, Ridgewood, Almondsbury, Bristol. The 9 hole course was situated mostly on down land. The hazards which were all natural, being walls, gorse and a quarry. It was dry in winter and a clubhouse was available. There was a membership of 70. The entry fee was £1/1/0 and subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees, when playing with a member were 1/- a day, without introduction 1/- half day and 1/6 for full day. No Sunday play was allowed. Interesting to note that the station at Thornbury was now only 2 miles away. There was also a bus service from Bristol which was seven miles away.

In 1922 the Secretary was F D Armstrong of LCW & Parrs Bank Ltd, Thornbury. Green-keepers were T D Ryland and F D Armstrong. Visitors’ fees were; 1/6 half day and 2/- a day.

In 1928 the secretary was T K Rowlands, The Down House, Tockington, Bristol. The greenkeeper was G Caswell. Club membership had dwindled to 40. Course records were amateur 72 and professional 70.

The club went in abeyance for several years.

There was an attempt to reinstate the club in the mid 1930s, a small clubhouse was erected and a 9-hole course was laid out, the club had a healthy membership of over 100.

There was a good attendance of members at the annual meeting held at The Ship Hotel in March 1938, Mr C P Taylor presided. Mr R Wyatt said that in spite of a loss of £10/2s/6d on the year’s working, chiefly due to labour costs on the greens, they still had a balance in hand of £27/10/2. The following officers were elected; President, Mr T P Rogers; vice-presidents, Captain R A Bennett, Captain W J Dutson and Mr C P Taylor; secretary, Mr W J Lewis; treasurer, Mr R Wyatt; committee – Miss R Lloyd, Mr & Mrs H W Wilmot, Captain G S Harvey, Dr J F Lyons, Flight-Lieut Berryman, W G Rabley, S Bostock-Smith, D J Cullimore, W W Chapman, A W Wells and E J Brant.      

It was reported in July 1939 that the new clubhouse of the Alveston Golf Club was opened on Tuesday the 18th by the wife of the president, Mrs T P Rogers. W W Chapman, captain, who deputised for the chairman, C P Taylor, said the permanent officials of the club - W J Lewis, hon. secretary, and Mr Wyatt, treasurer - were responsible for carrying out the scheme. During the autumn they were hoping to improve the course. To celebrate the opening there was an exhibition match between S H Newman and G Brooks and C J Bailey and A Harrison.

The picture below shows C J Bailey, the Failand professional,  driving off at the first tee.


Alveston Golf Club, Gloucestershire. Opening of the new clubhouse in July 1939.

From the Western Daily Press Wednesday 19th July 1939. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The club continued throughout WW2 but there was a steady decline in membership and the course gradually deteriorated, the club was finally wound up in April 1948.

Location of the Alveston Golf Club course.

Location of the Alveston course.