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Barnwood (Gloucester) Golf Club. (1896 - 1904)

The club was founded in 1896.

A nine-hole meadowland course with hazards of a brook and hedges it was situated in the grounds of Barnwood Vicarage. The course had a length of 2390 yards and a bogey of 37.

It became Gloucester Golf Club in October 1904.


Barnwood Golf Club, Gloucester. Picture of the now demolished Barnwood Vicarage.

Barnwood Vicarage (now demolished). Picture from the 1930s and courtesy of Brian McBurnie.


Result of a match played on Thursday 28th October 1897 at Minchinhampton.

Minchinhampton Golf Club   Barnwood Golf Club  
Joe Bryan 6 Rev Francis Harvey Fowler 0
D Stephens 2 H H Stephens 0
E N Witchell 11 C H Scott 0
A D Davies 6 W B Wood 0
W Margetson 3 W H Chadborn 0
John Bryan 7 P B Cooke 0
R H Smith  7 W H Godby 0
C Harding 0 G S Tovey 5
  42   5

Results of the Autumn Meeting played in November 1899; Captain's Prize (Medal) - P B Cooke, 92-20-72; H W Grimes, 92-20-72; H H Stephens (captain), 85-12-73; E W Henley, 89-16-73; G S Tovey, 90-15-75; H A Armitage, 95-18-77; C H Scott, 87-8-79; J E Hill, 109-30-79; Rev J W Metcalfe, 96-14-82; W H Godby, 98-16-82; W B Wood, 101-16-85; Dr R B Smyth, 100-14-86; Rev F H Fowler, 90-3-87, H J Boughton, 117-27-90.

President's Prize (Bogey) - S H Healing (12), 2up; H A Armitage (13), all square; W H Godby (12), all square; Rev J W Metcalfe (11), 1down; W H Chadborn (10), 1down; C H Scott (6), 3down; H H Stephens (5), 3down; G S Tovey (9), 4down; Dr R B Smyth (11), 5down; E W Henley (8), 5down; P B Cooke (11), 7down; W B Wood (12), 8down; H W Grimes (11), 11down; Dr Soutar (13), 12down.

Result of the April 1900 monthly handicap; F M Stout, 97-26-71; H J Boughton, 99-27-72; Dr Soutar, 89-17-72; G R Bonnor, 95-22-73; W H Godby, 92-12-80; Capt. Callett, 100-20-80; E W Henley, 92-11-81; G C Tovey, 93-12-81; P Barrett Cooke, 97-14-83; W B Wood, 99-13-86; C H Scott, 95-8-87; H H Stephens, 98-7-91.

Result of the January 1901 monthly handicap; G S Tovey, 91-12-79; F M Stout, 93-12-81; G R Bonnor, 97-14-83; Rev F H Fowler, 84-1-83; H B Kingsford, 103-20-83; W B Wood, 97-12-85; W H Godby, 98-12-86; H W Grimes, 98-12-86; P B Cooke, 99-12-87; J E Hill, 118-30-88; A Simpson, 96-8-88.

In November 1901 the club took on the Worcester City Golf Club. Barnwood ran out clear winners, the visitors only winning in two matches. The Barnwood team  and scores as follows (scores based on number of holes won in each match); Rev F H Fowler 0, L Grist 2, C H Scott 3, A Simpson 2, Dr Smith 0, P Edwards 3, H Armitage 14, W H Godos 6, Rev J W Metcalfe 8, H H Stephens 9.

In 1902 the secretary was W H Godby, and the captain H W Grimes.

Result of a foursomes competition played at the Autumn Meeting in November 1902; Mr Kingsford & Mr Simpson, 86-11-75; Mr Scott & Rev F H Fowler, 83-6-77; H H Stephens & Mr Edmonds, 89-10-79; Dr Bell & C Fluck, 93-14-80; H Collier & T W Hibbard, 98-14-84; Mr Chadbourn & J A Fluck, 100-16-84; H W Grimes & S H Healing, 96-11-85; P Barrett Cooke & Mr Armitage, 101-15-86; Dr Soutar & Dr Henley, 101-14-87; Dr Smyth & Mr Wood, 105-13-92; Mr Godby & A Stephens, 110-17-93.

Result of a matches played in March 1903. The men's team visited Cleeve Hill to play Celtenham Town Golf Club; the ladies' played at Barnwood against Herefordshire Ladies' Golf Club.

Cheltenham Town Golf Club   Barnwood Golf Club  
G Grieve 2 Rev F H Fowler 0
H Webb 0 H B Kingsford 4
J F Steele (half) 0 C E Fluck (half) 0
A Lamb 0 E Fowler 4
Rev E B James 0 W B Wood 11
C Parsons 3 H W Grimes 0
W Banks 0 Dr Henley 2
H Billings 0 F Stout 10
R J Webb 0 H Chadborn 11
P Hodgkins 3 H Collier 0
  8   42


Barnwood Ladies' Golf Club   Herefordshire Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Pearce 1 Miss Armitage 0
Mrs Grimes 1 Mrs Woodhouse 0
Miss Hibbard 0 Mrs Lloyd 1
Miss Stephens 0 Miss Perry 1
Miss Chadborn 0 Mrs Hartree 1
Mrs Dewey 0 Mrs Bettington 1
  2   4

Result of a match played on Cleeve Hill against Cotswold Hills Golf Club in March 1904.

Cotswold Hills Golf Club   Barnwood Golf Club  
G Grieve 1 S Healing 0
J F Steele 1 H Scott 0
H A Webb 0 T W Hibbard 1
L Bayley 1 S R Hibbard 0
C Parsons 0 E Fowler 1
H Soper 1 H Stephens 0
W Banks 0 H Kingsford 1
F Norman 1 C Fluck 0
W Collard 0 Dr. Henley 1
F Davy 0 W Wood 1
H Billings 0 F Stout 1
  5   6

Result of the Challenge Bowl and Captain's Prize played in May 1904; C H Scott, 79-6-73; S H Healing, 80-5-75; E W Henley, 88-13-75.

It was reported in the Western Daily Press on Monday 24th October 1904 that a special meeting had been held and it was decided to dropthe title Barnwood, in future the club would be known as the Gloucester Golf Club.  

Result of a ladies’ club match against the Herefordshire club played on Friday 3rd February 1905 at Hereford. 

Herefordshire   Gloucester  
Miss Armitage 0 Miss M Pearce 1
Miss Perry 1 Miss M Newall 0
Mrs Lloyd 0 Miss M Langley-Smith 1
Mrs Hartree 0 Mrs H W Grimes 1
Mrs Collier 0 Miss Hibbard 1
Miss Boycott 0 Mrs J E Hill 1
  1   5

Result of a club match played at Gloucester in April 1905 against Worcester.

Gloucester   Worcester  
C H Scott 0 J Custance 1
C E W Fluck 0 H W Spreckly 0
E F F Fowler 1 A G Spreckly 0
E W Henley 0 E Lodder 1
A B Fowler 1 J Walker 0
H W Grimes 0 G O Hancox 1
W B Wood 0 W B Hulme 1
W H Chadborn 1 J G Jones 0
  3   4

Result of a ladies’ match played at Barnwood in December 1905 against Worcester. 

Gloucester   Worcester  
Miss M Pearce 1 Miss Twinberrow 0
Miss M Langley-Smith 1 Mrs Gostling 0
Miss M Newall 0 Mrs Porter 1
Mrs H W Grimes 1 Mrs Allen 0
Miss Hibbard 1 Mrs Peake 0
Mrs Scott 0 Mrs Cartland 1
  4   2

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Gloucester (Late Barnwood) Golf Club; Hon. Secretary - W H Godby, Highfield, Horton Road, Gloucester; Captain -T  W Hibbard; Entrance Fee, £1/1s and Subs £2/2s; Nine-hloes; Professional, W Ollerenshaw; Visitors' 1s a day, 2s/6d a week, 10s a month. The course is at Barnwood, about one and half miles from the centre of Gloucester. Trams go every 10 to 15 minutes to Hucclecote, and pass Barnwood Schools, where the golfers get down. The pavilion is by the side of the vicarage, which lies behind the schools. The hazards are hedges and a brook. 

In 1906 the secretary was H W Grimes, Quinsan, Norton Road, Gloucester. The professional was W Ollerenshaw.  Visitors on introduction paid 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 10/- a month.


Gloucester (Barnwood) Golf Club. Location of the earlier course.

The map above shows the location of Barnwood Vicarage in the early 1900s.