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Dursley Golf Club, Gloucestershire. (1904 - 1950)

Dursley Golf Club appeared in 1904. 

The Dursley club played on the Stinchcombe Hill course.

Report below on the general meeting held in April 1904.


Dursley Golf Club, Gloucestershire. Report on the general meeting in April 1904.

From the Stroud News and Gloucestershire Advertiser Friday 22nd April 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


On Saturday September 17th 1904 the Stroud Golf Club played their first match on Rodborough Common against Dursley Golf Club.

Stroud Golf Club   Dursley Golf Club  
H Edmonds (half) 0 H Griffin (half) 0
W J Williams 1 P Ashworth 0
A W Wise 1 A E Smith 0
C P Redston 1 W Gillard 0
W D Gorton 1 A Bloodworth 0
A F Atkins 0 A Lewton 1
W Sadler 0 Mr Metcalfe 1
F J Steel 0 E Knowles 1
  4   3

On Saturday 21st October 1905 Mr H Goldingham, secretary of the Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club, took a team to play Dursley, result below. 

Dursley Golf Club    H Goldingham's Team  
F Ayliffe 0 G Perrin 1
W Gillard (half) 0 H Pryce (half) 0
H Griffen 0 J Reade 1
A E Smith 0 C Bury 1
S B Thomas 0 W Hay 1
A W Wise 1 H Goldingham 0
  1   4

The professional in 1908/9 was T H Dunn. 

Result of a match played at Coleford against Forest of Dean Golf Club on Saturday 25th September 1909.

Forest of Dean Golf Club   Dursley Golf Club  
V F Leese 0 T Dunn 1
N P King 1 A W Wise 0
B H Taylor 0 H Griffin 1
E W Battle 1 F Heath 0
E L Beak 1 Mr Richmond 0
G J Mansfield 1 P Ashwood 0
J Horwood 1 W Griffin 0
J Roper 1 F Thomas 0
A Buchanan 1 W H Allen 0
G B Taylor 0 F Bloodworth 1
  7   3

The Dursley Golf Club continued playing its golf on the Stinchcomb Hill course until 1950.

The competition result below is one of the last ones found for the Dursley Golf Club.


Dursley Golf Club, Gloucestershire. Result of one of the last competitions for Dursley Golf Club.

From the Gloucester Citizen Wednesday 11th October 1950. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The club continued to be listed in the Golfer's Handbook until the mid 1960s but it was a repetitive entry from the 1940s.