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Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth Park. (1910 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1896.

The original nine-hole course was at Barnwood  (see separate Barnwood Golf Club entry). In 1904 the club changed  its name to Gloucester Golf Club.

It continued at Barnwood until 1909/10 when it moved to Brockworth. 

Below is the result of a match played against Cheltenham at Cleeve Hill on Thursday 15 March 1906.

Cheltenham Golf Club   Gloucester Golf Club  
T K Ashton (half) 0 E F T Fowler (half) 0
W Rayner 0 Rev F H Fowler 1
J G Baker 1 A Simpson 0
S H Healing 1 H Chadborn 0
G Chester 1 A C Burnett 0
H N Alston 1 T S Gibson 0
H Meates 0 E W Henley 1
H Jessop 1 G Hogarth 0
  5   2

The Brockworth 18-hole course opened on 1 January 1910. 

Following are the results from the spring meeting played during early May 1912:

Bogey (29 entries); L F F Jones (13), all square; G F Baker (11), 3down; Rev S R Robertson (14), 4down; S W Lane (7), 4down.

Medal (37 entries); H Chadbou(r)n, 81-5-76 (Challenge Cup for best gross score); G Barnard, 81-9-72 (Challenge Cup for best net); W G J Titt, 84-12-72; T Rishworth, 85-10-75; T L Drury, 93-18-75.

Foursomes (28 entries); C F B Eddowes and F Warner; 85-9-76; Rev S R Robertson and G A Baker, 91-15-76; H A Godwin and E J Barnard, 87-9½-77½.

Below, result of a match played at Brockworth against Tewkesbury on Thursday 2 May 1912. 

Gloucester Golf Club   Tewkesbury Golf Club  
C F B Eddowes 0 F J Healing 1
S D Lane 0 W A Boyd 1
W S Parsons 0 H N Alston 1
G A Baker 0 G L Potter 1
A C Cooke 0 L G Badham 1
W Titt 0 N G Moore 1
H R Milner (Half) 0 H A Badham (Half) 0
H C Collins 1 G G Moore 0
  1   6

An interesting match took place on the Brockworth Park course on Saturday 20 April 1912 between the Ladies' team and the Men's "A" team.   

Gloucester Ladies' Team   Gloucester Men's  "A" Team   
Miss Langley-Smith 1 E Barnard 0
Mrs Steinitz 0 F Gibbins 1
Miss Grist 1 S D Lane 0
Mrs Grimes 1 C M Wilson 0
Mrs Alston 0 T Rishworth 1
Mrs Barnard 0 Mr Steinitz 1
Miss Seabrook (halved) 0 G Barnard (halved) 0
Mrs C Wilson 0 E B Evans 1


  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1913 H Chadbourn, telephone Barnwood 1147. J Thompson (p)
1923 D B London, “Berkeley Dale”, Wotton Without. J H Busson (p)
1924-30 D B London. J H Busson (p) L Twinning (g)
1935-40 C Thomson, Longcroft, Norton, Gloucester. T Aitken (p) L Twinning (g)

In 1913 there a membership of  200. The entry fee was £1/1/0. Subs for gents were £3/3/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month. Sunday play was allowed with caddies.

In 1913 the course at Brockworth measured 5,470yds and had a bogey of 77 and a par of 75. The clubhouse was the former Brockworth Manor House. The station was 4 miles away with a tram service to within 1 mile of the course.

Below is the result of a match played at Brockworth Park against Lydney on Thursday 31 July 1913. 

Gloucester Golf Club   Lydney Golf Club  
C F B Eddowes 1 H H Morse 0
W G J Titt 0 E S Purvis 1
A C Cook 1 L A Coxon 0
G F Baker 1 Dr Booth 0
L F Jones 1 A E Vick 0
J F Grainger 0 G T L Jones 1
F N Fox (half) 0 F Goulding (half) 0
A G Madder 0 F W Harris 1
P J Norman 1 Rev J C Besant 0
F W Lovesy (half) 0 W J Hughes 0
  5   3


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth Park. Lady golfers on the Brockworth Park course.

Lady golfers on the Brockworth Park course.


The above picture shows Coopers Hill from the golf course. The Hill is famous for the annual Cheese Rolling  Event held every Spring Bank Holiday. 

The Autumn Meeting was concluded on Saturday 24th September 1921 with a foursome medal, result below.

F Gibbins & J Macgregor 78 7 71
A G Holloway & W Langley-Smith 81 10 71
G Main-Smith & S W Bingle 88 15 73
G A Smith & A J Cullis 90 15 75
C M Wilson & C L Wilson 88 11 77
J Peill Cooper & Ll Bland  100 23 77
D N London & J H Minchin 94 16 78
C Karn & P Ashbery 90 10 80
H W Chadborn & E B Evans 88 8 80
R A Lunt & R Macadie 92 10 82
T Rishworth & W A Taylor 89 7 82
G A Baker & T L Drury 94 12 82
H W Sumsion & C E T Cridland 90 7 83
H H Langley-Smith & G K McLachlan 94 9 85
W H Cullis & H N Coleman 101 16 85

In 1923 membership had increased to 235. Course records were, amateur C E T Cridland with a score of 72 and professional C E Hobley 68. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, Sunday 3/-, 10/- a week and £1 a month.

1924 and the professional course record was now held by J H Busson with a score of 67.

The County Golf Meeting was held at Brockworth in May 1928. It was won by F W Jacob of Lydney Golf Club with a 36 hole total of 151. He returned a score of 80 for his morning round, he performed much better after lunch setting a new amateur course record with a score of 71 (scratch score for the course was 74). His score of 71 was made as follows; Out – 3,4,5,4,4,4,3,5 4 = 36; Home – 5,4,3,5,4,4,4,4,2 = 35 total 71.

It was reported that the Brockworth course had justified its right to be considered as venue for the County Championship. The fears that Brockworth would not prove a tough enough test were banished by the scores returned. The course in general was stated to be in great condition. Conditions were good, with a stiff breeze and occasional rain, but nothing to prevent good scoring. Only the winner, F W Jacob, returned a score that beat the course scratch score, the next best score was 75 by D N Humphreys (Minchinhampton).

Anxious to “do their bit” towards the £20,000 appeal made by the Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary a special committee was set up by the club to arrange an exhibition match between amateurs and professionals. It was held at Brockworth Park on Saturday 17th May 1930. The day started with a singles match between Charles A Whicombe (Crews Hill) and Michael Bingham (Stourbridge). They were joined in the afternoon by two prominent Stourbridge golfers Chris Buckley and Gerald P Humphries.

The course was in splendid condition for the match. During the winter many improvements had been made under the direction of the committee and the club professional, J H Busson. The course presented a stiff test of golf with a bogey score of 79 and the scratch score of 74.


Gloucester Golf Club. Exhibition golf match.

The top picture shows the large crowd watching Mr G N Percival Humphries drive off. Below (left to right) Chris Buckley, Micahael Bingham, D G Price, C A Whitcombe, Eric F T Fowler and G N Percival Humphries. (Gloucester Citizen)


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth. Veterans at Golf in May 1931.

From The Gloucester Citizen 13 May 1931. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


From 1935 to the club’s final appearance in the early 1940s the 18-holes had a SSS of 73, a membership of 375. Amateur course record holder was J H Baker 68. Visitors’ fees were 3/6 a day, 15/- a week and 30/- a month. Sunday play was allowed.

Result of a match played at Brockworth against Forest of Dean in May 1936.

Gloucester Golf Club   Forest of Dean Golf Club  
T W Field 1 H R Howell 0
A Alcock 0 L Provis 1
J W Firkins 1 E Jarvis 0
D G Price 0 Dr Harrison 1
H H Apted 1 L P Hullett 0
T S Norcott 0 A E Edmunds 1
A T Voyce 1 Leo Hill 0
P V Taylor 1 H R Romans 0
C W Jones 1 W H Fairweather 0
F C Gardner 1 O Howells 0
A E Jones 1 Hector Jones 0
P J Allen 1 H A Dangerfield 0
  9   3

Below is an interesting letter on the history of the club sent to the Gloucester Citizen in April 1937.


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth. Article on the History of Gloucester Club.

From the Gloucester Citizen Monday 19 April 1937. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth. Article from The Bystander May 1938.

From The Bystander May 25th 1938. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Above picture shows from top left – Eric F T Fowler (captain); (1) W H Hampton (director); (2) A T Voyce, the Rugby ex-International; (3) Cecil Thomson (hon. secretary); (4) Dr E May; (5) Lionel Sessions; (6) T Aitken (professional); (7) Dr H S K Lowry and Dr Arnold Alcock (ex-captain); (8) J W Firkins (hon. treasurer) and E C Rogers; (9) G F Baker (director and committee) and W A Woodman. 


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth Park. Article from The Tatler June 1938.


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth Park. Article from The Tatler June 1938.

From The Tatler Wednesday 1 June 1938. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Personalities and captions from top left - Arthur Holloway (ex-captain); Tom Voyce (27 successive England rugby caps and club captain in 1936); Arnold Alcock (England rugby international in 1906 and club captain 1933/4); Tom Aitken (professional for over eight years); G M T Fowler (a young member.)

Bottom row – J John Allen (eighteen and a half stone of vice-captain); Cecil Thomson (secretary); D G Price (ex-captain and president of Gloucester Golf Union); P V Taylor (ex vice-captain); Frank C Gardner (ex vice-captain); C W Jones; Eric F T Fowler, (captain, hon. treasurer of the Gloucester CGU, County player and ex-president); T W Field; H H Apted (ex vice-captain.) The eighteenth green is in the centre of the picture.

Result of a match played at Coleford against Forest of Dean on Wednesday 4th June 1939.

Forest of Dean Golf Club   Gloucester Golf Club  
H R Howell 1 C D Bingle 0
L W Provis 1 T S Norcott 0
L P Hullett 1 J McIntyre 0
A E Edmunds 1 S H C Morton 0
R G Harper 1 N H Croxford 0
Cyril Smith 1 G H Williams 0
S L H Williams 1 P W D Sessions 0
W H Fairweather  1 A Smith 0
G Elliott 0 J C Liddle 1
S Foxwell 0 W Bullock 1
  8   2

Result of a home match against Minchinhampton in  July 1939.

Gloucester Golf Club   Minchinhampton Golf Club  
T W Field 1 J W Brierley 0
H H Apted 0 J W Smith 1
Dr. A Alcock 0 T H Holly 1
C T Mason 0 C D Bingle 1
Cyril Jones 1 L Wiseman 0
Tom Voyce 0 C R Close 1
P V Taylor 0 E T Sanders 1
John S Allen (halved) 0 H R Hook (halved) 0
A W Holloway 0 W F Fisher 1
R E Williams 1 R S Grover 0
  3   6


Gloucester Golf Club, Brockworth Park. Location of the course.

The course was used for an airfield expansion during WW2.