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Bromyard (Broad Oak) Golf Club, The Downs, Bromyard, Hereford. (1895 - 1930s)

Founded in 1895.

Broad Oak Golf Club was originally located in Worcestershire, this was before boundary changes were made. A 9 hole course situated on Bromyard Downs with fine views. Hazards consisted of whins, reeds and ditches.

Result of competitions held in January 1899, Gent’s - L G Childe-Freeman, 104-25-79; Rev E L Childe-Freeman, 100-14-86; D Macintosh, 101-15-86; R H Childe-Freeman, 118-28-90; Ladies’ – Mrs T B Hewiit, 103-17-86; Mrs Morgan, 129-24-105; Miss H Kempson, 143-28-115.

Below, result of a match played against Kidderminster on Monday 3rd April 1899. 

Broad Oak Golf Club   Kidderminster Golf Club  
Rev W Sarjeantson 7 Dr R A Oldham 0
Col Prescott Decie 1 F C Jotham 0
Rev E Hewitt 0 H G Henderson 0
Rev J B Hewitt 4 S Hemingway 0
E Wight 7 M Newcomb 0
Rev E H Oldham 7 Rev R Perowne 0
Rev E L Childe-Freeman 1 P Barton 0
D MacIntosh 4 C A Mackintosh 0
R Bailey 0 C F Barton 3
Rev H G Morgan 0 F Ragg 0
  31   3

On Saturday 21st April 1899 Bromyard (Broad Oak) visited Ledbury to play the first match against the newly-formed Ledbury Golf Club. The result of the match below. 


Ledbury Golf Club   Bromyard Golf Club  
Miss M Whatley & Rev C Black 3 Miss Kempson & C L Enderby 0
Miss F Whatley & Rev W P Matthews 0 Miss Wight & Col Prescott-Decie 1
Mrs Swift & Rev G Swift 0 Miss M Nicholl & Rev E Childe-Freeman 3
Miss Emily Scobell & C Kennedy Black 1 Miss Enderby & Rev E Hewitt 0
Miss P Scobell & R Masefield 1 Miss F L Enderby & Rev S McArthur 0
  5   4


Ledbury Golf Club   Bromyard Golf Club  
Miss M Whatley 0 Miss Wright 0
Mrs Swift 4 Miss Enderby 0
Miss Scobell 1 Miss F L Enderby 0
Miss F Whatley 0 Miss M Nicholl 0
Miss E Scobell 0 Miss H Kempson 4
Rev C Black 4 Col Prescott-Decie 0
R Masefield 2 Rev E Hewitt 0
C K Black 3 Rev E L Childe-Freeman 0
Rev G Swift 0 Rev S McArthur 0
Rev Matthews 0 C L Enderby 0
  14   4

The following article is from the Hereford Times January 23rd 1909:-

“Bromyard Broad Oak Golf Club – The golf course belonging to the club was laid out under the supervision of David Brown, late professional to the Worcestershire Golf Club, in 1895. The links are situated about one and a quarter miles from Bromyard on the Bromyard Downs, from which magnificent views are obtained, ranging from the Black Mountains on the east, while the Clee Hills may be seen to the north and the Malvern range to the south.

The course consists of nine-holes, and the turf for the most part is good and close. Straight, rather than long, driving is required at all the holes, otherwise troubles will arise from the gorse which abounds in many places on one side or the other of the course.

Following is a brief description of each hole; First Hole – Starting from the clubhouse, the first hole is a mashie shot of 140yards rather uphill. The green is guarded by several small empty ponds. Bogey 3; Second Hole – 305 yards. A fair drive over a road and gorse will land the ball on a nice open space. A small pond and gorse will punish a badly played second, whilst a pulled shot will take the ball over a high wall out of bounds. Beyond the green is a bunker. Chiefly downhill. Bogey 5; Third Hole – 231 yards, with a bogey of 4, consists of a drive over a bunker and gorse. A second shot over a road should find the green, which is guarded on two sides by gorse, and at the back by rough grass; Fourth Hole – A straight tee shot is required over a road and gorse. If sliced or pulled, trouble amongst the whins will ensue. The remainder presents no difficulties, and the hole should be played out with a bogey 5. Length of hole 315 yards; Fifth Hole – This hole as well as the two previous ones, is along the flat. The drive is over whins, and the approach shot must be played straight, as the green is guarded on three sides by gorse bushes, and also by two small oak trees surrounded by high iron fencing. Length of hole 281 yards, bogey 5; Sixth Hole – An easy-looking, but withal a tricky hole, downhill, with a bogey of 4 and 223 yards in length. As usual, straightness is essential, as a sliced ball will find the whin bushes and a pulled one rough ground. The green is on a slope which makes putting difficult, and is guarded by furze, a ditch and a road; Seventh Hole – A pulled tee shot will take the ball either into a ditch or out of bounds, while a slice will bring trouble in the shape of rough grass and uneven ground. The green is guarded in front by a deep bunker, on the right by a ditch, on the other side of which is a hedge and garden, on the left by a road, and on the far side by rough ground. This hole lies on the flat, the length is 250 yards and the bogey 4; Hole Eight – A longish walk uphill leads to the eighth tee, from which play is downhill, and a fair drive is required to clear bad ground, a ditch and a road. The green is guarded by a deep ditch at the far end, with an orchard beyond, and rough ground on either side. The length of the hole is 260 yards, bogey 4; Hole Nine – A pulled drive, over gorse and a road, results in a player finding himself out of bounds, otherwise the hole is a straightforward one. The green is guarded by ditches on the near side and on the right, while a small dry pool lies on the left. Length 200 yards, bogey 4.

The course, though short, is interesting and sporting, there being no crossing except in one instance, while the air of the Bromyard Downs is most exhilarating. The course measures 2,205 yards with a bogey of 38.

There is a very comfortable and well arranged clubhouse for both ladies and gentlemen. The course is kept in order by George Summers, who acts as grounds-man. At present there are about thirty members. The annual subscription is £1/1s with an entrance fee of a similar sum. Visitors pay 1s a day and 3s/6d a week.

The amateur record of the course is held by the Rev E H Oldham with a score of 35, and the professional record by Vivian Richards with 34, for nine-holes.”

Below is the result of a Ladies match played at Hereford Golf Club in April 1910. 

Hereford Ladies' Golf Club   Bromyard Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Garrold Lloyd 0 Miss Adams (2&1) 1
Miss Bramley (3&2) 1 Miss Nichol 0
Miss G Davies (4&3) 1 Miss Kempson 0
Miss P G Edwards (3&1) 1 Miss W Cowpland 0
Mrs Shepherd (w.o) 1 Mrs Spencer 0
  4   1

In 1914 the club had a membership of 40. The amateur course record was held by the Reverend E H Oldham with a score of 35.  No entry fee was payable at this time. Subs were £1/1/0 for single membership and £2/2/0 for family membership. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6 a week, 10/6 a month and 15/- for six months. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1923 and membership was 68, visitors’ fees were now 2/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month. Sunday play was now allowed without caddies.

By 1932 membership had dropped to 30.

  Secretary Greenkeeper
1914 Reverend E L Childe - Freeman, Edwyn Ralph Rectory, Bromyard. G Summers
1923 T V Philpott, Dumbledown Cottage, Bromyard. F Moore
1932 G T S Sirrell, 25 Broad St.  


Broad Oak Golf Club, Bromyard. The clubhouse and course.

Postcard of Bromyard used and dated December 1911. Postcard by M Chadney Smith, The Library, Bromyard.


Broad Oak Golf Club, Bromyard. Location of the former course.

Course location, Broad Oak Golf Club had disappeared by the mid 1930s.

Grid reference SO66990,56045, co-ordinates 366990,256045.