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Herefordshire Golf Club. (1896 - 1932)

Founded in 1896.

The first course was at Broomy Hill, Warham; It moved to Holmer in 1911; In 1932 it moved to its present location at Wormsley.

On Friday 28 August 1896 the course of the Herefordshire Golf Club at Warham was officially opened by Mr James Rankin MP in the presence of a large number of members and friends.

Result of a ladies’ club match against the Gloucester club played on Friday 3 February 1905 at Hereford. 

Herefordshire Golf Club   Gloucester Golf Club  
Miss Armitage 0 Miss M Pearce 1
Miss Perry 1 Miss M Newall 0
Mrs Lloyd 0 Miss M Langley-Smith 1
Mrs Hartree 0 Mrs H W Grimes 1
Mrs Collier 0 Miss Hibbard 1
Miss Boycott 0 Mrs J E Hill 1
  1   5

Report on the annual meeting in May 1909.


Herefordshire Golf Club, Broomy Hill Course. Report on the annual meeting in May 1909.


Herefordshire Golf Club, Broomy Hill Course. Report on the annual meeting in May 1909.



Result of a match played at Hay Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1909.


Hereford Golf Club. Result of a match against Hay Golf Club in June 1909.

Brecon County Times Friday 25 June 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Report on the new course in December 1911.


Herefordshire Golf Club, Broomy Hill Course. Report on the new course in December 1911.

Hereford Times Saturday 16 December 1911. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual meeting of the club was held at the Mitre Hotel, Hereford, on Friday 25 January 1918 and the following reflects on the difficult times of the period. Mr Garrold Lloyd was in the chair, also present were; A Hatton, R J Edwards, A W Boyce, E S Wilson, V Pembridge, P Fox, W R Bufton, C Turner (hon. treasurer) and T R Worthing (hon. secretary). The accounts were improved on last year, the overdraft at the bank was now only £39/6s and the position of the club was considered to be satisfactory. In consequence of the Government order to plough the far field containing the fifth hole, the course had, of necessity, been reduced to seven holes, and, with the great difficulty in obtaining labour, the committee were of the opinion that for the time being it was best to maintain these seven holes. Messrs. Thorne had agreed, when necessary, to allow further land to lengthen the course, in the meantime they had come to an agreement to reduce the rent to £70 a year. With regard to the future the committee had given full consideration to keeping the club open. They had decided to take the following action; firstly, there was a vested capital of upwards of £700 for which the club was liable to the debenture holders and the bank. This would have depreciated considerably if the club were closed; second, two appeals had been made to members of the club which were liberally responded to, and to them and to the members on active service it would be unfair to close; thirdly, the clubs liabilities for rates, rent, etc., would continue, and the expenses, if closed, would be very little less than keeping open. For the duration of the war, the committee had asked the playing members to recognise the difficulty of obtaining the necessary labour to keep the course in even a fair playable condition, and they thanked the non-playing members for generously continuing their subscriptions. The debenture holders were again asked to forego their interest.

Sir Geoffrey Cornewell, Bart., was re-elected president; Mr Sunderland was elected captain and Mr Turner and Mr Worthing were re-elected to their offices. A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Lloyd for his services as captain the previous year, and also for presiding over the meeting.

The winner of the monthly medal played at Holmer in March 1930 was A Jonathan, 83-12-71 the runner-up was R S C Millar, 92-14-78.

Below is the result of a match played on the Holmer course against Ludlow on Saturday 24 May 1930. The two players at the top of the list, F Downs and C P Leese, halved their match both scoring gross 72.

Herefordshire Golf Club   Ludlow Golf Club  
F Downs (half) 0 C P Leese (half) 0
H K C Ward 1 R V Estyn Jones 0
E G T Simey 1 Rev G H Bainbridge 0
F Cuddon 1 Rev D'Arcy Ward 0
H H Edwards 0 Rev G Walter 1
G H Peacock 0 G A Robinson 1
H McKee 1 E N Jones 0
R Macadie 1 W R Fewings 0
R B Roberts 1 B M Tebb 0
W R Bufton 1 F S Miles 0
J Inglis 0 J E Banfield 1
F L Clunes 0 A Pritchard 1
A H Griffiths 0 Major E M Seal 1
G K Peacock 1 H Bradshaw 0
  8   5

The lady members also played a match on the same day, result below.

Herefordshire   Ludlow  
Miss D Edwards 0 Miss Hankinson 1
Mrs Ravenhill 0 Miss Molyneux Seal  1
Mrs Mattey 0 Miss Hotchkiss 1
Miss A Edwards 0 Mrs Marston 1
Mrs Higginbotham 0 Mrs Estyn Jones 1
Miss Groome 1 Mrs Saunders 0
  1   5

On Thursday 29 May 1930 the Herefordshire ladies played a match against the Gentlemen, result below.

Mrs Neal 1 H K C Ward 0
Miss D Edwards (half) 0 H McKee (half) 0
Mrs Bond 1 R B Roberts 0
Mrs Ravenhill 0 I Inglis 1
Mrs Mattey (half) 0 P Greenland (half) 0
Miss A Edwards 0 A Lockett 1
Mrs P Fox 1 F Clunes 0
Mrs Barnsley (half) 0 F Greenland (half) 0
Mrs Higginbotham 0 Q Miller 1
Miss L Smith 1 R Gurney 0
Miss J Andrews 0 G E A Jones 1
Mrs Coe 0 R P Ravenhill 1
Miss Baskerville 1 G F C Higginbotham 0
Miss Jonathan 1 H B Corles 0
Mrs Corles 0 A Jonathan 1
Mrs Matthews 0 F Hovil 1
Mrs Shimmin 0 H Bettington 1
Mrs Bettington 0 W M Shimmin 1
Mrs Cooper 0 G B Cooper 1
Miss Morris 0 G D Coe 1
Miss Peacock 1 S G Marchant 0
Mrs Collen (half) 0 A Collen (half) 0
Miss Jones 0 W C Wilson 1
  7   12

Following the game the ladies invited the gentlemen to supper

Herefordshire Golf Club. Location of the Broomy Hill golf course.

Location of the first course at Broomy Hill. Grid reference SO49235,39155, co-ordinates 349235,239155.


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Herefordshire Golf Club. Location of the Homer golf course.

From 1911 to 1932 the course was at Holmer. Grid reference SO49875,42960, co-ordinates 349875,242960.