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Wallingford Golf Club, Oxfordshire.

It was reported in February 1908 that “The process of laying out the ground for the Golf Club has been proceeding during the past fortnight and it will soon be in readiness for play.

The second monthly medal competition was played on Saturday 29thAugust 1908. There were nine entries, leading scores; L Palmer, 76-3-73; W G Curtis, 90-12-78; A C Arding, 95-15-80; Rev A H Caldicott, 99-19-80; G F Slade, 102-18-84; P C A Slade, 94-10-84. The ladies’ medal competition was fixed for Saturday 5th September. A club competition was to take place on Saturday 12th and a competition for members of Ewelme, Goring & Streatley, Henley, Peppard and Reading on the 19th September. The course was reported to be in “capital order” despite the recent wet weather.

The first club competition took place in fine weather on Saturday September 19th 1908. Result of the morning stroke competition, as follows; W G Curtis, 82-12-70; S H Burnett, 80-8-72; G F Slade, 93-18-75; F E Dore, 92-16-76; L Palmer, 81-3-78; W Pither, 105-24-81. The prize given by Mr Lester Palmer for the best score made by a player with a handicap of 24 was won by Mr W Pither. In the afternoon bogey competition W G Curtis was again the winner finishing all square, S H Burnett was again runner-up with a score of 2down. The prizes were given by the Rev F T Stewart Dyer and Mr G L Venables respectively.   

Following is the result of the June 1909 monthly medal; L palmer, 73-1-72; Rev F T Stewart Dyer, 96-20-76; A C Arding, 92-15-77; C T Rogerson, 108-30-78; W Pither, 104-22-82. The following also competed; E P Cavell, E L Dunn and H W Wells.

The sixth qualifying competition for the Venables Cup was played on Wednesday 12th April 1911, result; F K Weedon, 91-20-71; G F Slade, 85-12-73; Major W Pennefather, 91-18-73; W G Curtis, 80-6-74; P C A Slade, 89-9-80; A C Arding, 98-15-83; E P Cavell, 103-20-83. The seventh qualifying competition for the Venables Cup was played on Wednesday 27th April, result; F K Weedon, 86-15-71; E L Dunn, 89-18-71; L Palmer, 79-9-76; P C A Slade, 85-9-76; A C Arding, 93-15-78; Mrs Palmer, 100-18-82; H W Wells, 102-18-84.

Below is the result of a match played on Wednesday 15th May 1912 against Wallingford Brewery. Several of the matches were close with a couple going to the final green. 

Wallingford Golf Club   Wallingford Brewery  
L Palmer 1 V Shearman 0
W G Curtis 1 F Roberts 0
P C A Slade 1 A C Arding 0
G F Slade 1 C T Rogerson 0
F K Weedon 1 M W Wells 0
Rev A H Caldicott 1 H W Wells 0
  6   0

In 1914 the secretary was P C A Slade. The professional and green-keeper was T Whitehorn. A 9-hole course measuring 2,046 yards with holes varying in length from 126 yards to 404 yards, the bogey score was 34. It was situated on the banks of the Thames. There was a membership of 60. Entry fees for gents were £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6. Subs for gents £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. The station was ½ mile from the course.

The match-play competition for the Captain’s Cup, donated by S H Burnett, was played in July 1914, result as follows; First Round – A C Arding (16) w.o W G Curtis (12); Second Round – E L Dunn (17) beat A C Arding 1up; E Brasher (16) beat C T Rogerson (18) 5&4; E C Walter (18) beat S Holder (18) 3&2; P C A Salde (11) beat H W Wells (18) at the nineteenth. In the final P C A Slade best E Brasher 3&2.  

Thanks to Mark Hughesdon for his help with both the Ewelme and Wallingford clubs.  


Wallingford Golf Club, Oxfordshire. Location of the former golf course.

Course location; Wallingford Golf Club disappeared after WW1.

Grid reference SU60970,88590, co-ordinates 460970,188590.