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Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace. (1891 - 1971)

Shrewsbury Golf Club was founded in 1891.

The original course of 12-holes was situated at Hencote. Unfortunately, after just one year, because of the poor condition of the course the club decided to move. They managed to obtain land at Meole Village and a 9-hole course was laid out. In 1920 the club obtained further land and the course was extended to 18-holes. The club continued at Meole Brace until 1968 when a new road scheme was planned that would virtually wipe out the course. After discussions with the council the course was eventually sold for the road development.

The club moved to a new site at Grange Farm, Condover which opened in October 1971.

The current Meole Brace Golf Club has a twelve-hole municipal course which was established in 1976.

Professionals – W P Lewis 1891-1894; J Riddell 1908-1910; R C Lewis 1910-1914; Alex W Powell 1914-1940s; J W Walker 1940/60s.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Eddowe’s Shrewsbury Journal Wednesday 7 October 1891 – “The first competition for the bi-monthly medal presented to the club by Mr W Deedes took place last week on the Hencote Links. The putting greens were in excellent order and a very keen competition ensued. Mr Deedes eventually winning the medal by 10 strokes.All members started from scratch. Following are the best four scores; W Deedes, 78; A Graham, 88; Major Mansergh, 88; E H Wright, 92. On Saturday 26th September the first competition took place for the ladies’ challenge medal, presented by Mrs Colvill. The weather was fine and a large company assembled to take part in and to watch the competition. The ladies links presented a very bright and animated appearance, and the competition excited great interest, there being upwards of 20 entrants. Miss Edwards of Ness, eventually proved too strong for her opponents carrying off the medal with a fine score of 35. Miss Bather, who was second, was presented with a clock. Following are the best scores; Miss Edwards, 35; Miss Bather, 44; Miss Constance Bather, 46; Mrs Colvill, 47; Miss E How, 49; Mrs Salusbury, 58; Mr M Nelson Edwards, 59.

Afternoon tea was served in the pavilion, which, standing on high ground near the “big bunker,” commands a fine view of both ladies and gentlemen’s links. We congratulate the committee of the club in having secured such an excellent course, upon which they must have expended much time and trouble.”  

Result of the Deedes medal competition played in October 1893; W E Evans, 101-23-78; T Morris, 81-2-79; W Deedes, 96-17-79; Major Salusbury, 97-15-82; G H Lock, 105-22-83; Captain Dawkins, 113-27-86; Rev. G T Hall, 118-27-91; C J Baker, 110-16-94.

Result of a match against Ludlow Golf Club in April 1894.


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace Course. Result of a match against Ludlow played in April 1894.



Result of the Deedes medal played in November 1894; A Graham, 106-20-86; G Murray Smith, 118-27-91; C J Baker, 100-8-92; P V Turner, 108-16-82; G H Lock, 111-18-93; Rev. W S Ingrams, 123-27-96; Rev. G T Hall, 125-27-98. 

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1891; membership of 60; Secretary – C J Baker, Kingsland, Shrewsbury; Captain – R D Thomson; Entrance fee £1/1s and subs £1/1s; Nine-holes; Green-keeper Mr Dorricott; Professional record J Hepburn, 35; Amateur records C J Baker and R D Thompson,  37; Visitors’ fees 1s a day and 5s a month. The course is situated at Meole Brace on slightly elevated ground. The hazards are natural, and include Meole Brook, and a few hedges. The holes possess characteristic differences, the longest being 460 yards and the shortest 100 yards. The greens are cut and rolled daily and are of good size.

Below is the result of a match played at Llanymynech against Oswestry Golf Club in March 1905.

Oswestry Golf Club   Shrewsbury Golf Club  
F Grant 1 R D Thomson (captain) 0
T C Jones (captain) 0 C J Baker 1
Captain Westby 0 J H Barker 1
D R Evans 1 H M Bourne 0
F A Phillips 0 F H Potts 1
C E W Noake 1 W H Whitherby 0
G C McDonald 0 J H Hallam 1
  3   4

Result of the October 1906 monthly medal; S W Marston, 116-36-80; C Rice-Oxley, 105-21-84; H Towler, 111-27-84; R M Bourne, 93-8-85; G F Seers, 108-23-85; H F Buckland, 129-36-93; C Pennington, 132-36-96. 

Result of a match played on Llanymynech Hill against Oswestry Golf Club in June 1909. 

Oswestry Golf Club   Shrewsbury Golf Club  
F Grant 0 G Childe-Freeman (3 and 1) 1
F L Jackson (3 and 2) 1 R D Thomson 0
F A Phillips 0 H J Bennett (1up) 1
C S Gasquoine 0 G H Seers (3 and 1) 1
A Anderson 0 E L Mylius (2 and 1) 1
C E W Neake (2 and 1) 1 C Williams Vaughan 0
J Grant (4 and 2) 1 R E Foniger 0
J Maclardy (2up) 1 R Attfield 0
  4   4


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace. Postcard of Shrewsbury Golf Links just prior to WW1.

Postcard showing "Shrewsbury Golf Links" just prior to WW1.


Result of a match played at Llanymynach against Oswestry Golf Club in June 1927.


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace Course. Result of a match against Oswestry played in May 1928.

Western Mail Saturday 25 June 1927. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Report on the annual meeting held in February 1930.


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace. Report on the annual meeting in February 1930.

Birmingham Daily Gazette Thursday 28 February 1930. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


Entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership 300; hon. secretary - J R Riddell, 7 The Square, Shrewsbury; professional, A W Powell; green-keeper, G Breeze; course records - amateur; F G Corser, 68; professional; C Drew, 68; 18-holes; visitors - 2s/6d a day, 3s/6d weekends and Thursday, 10s a week, 30s a month.

It was reported in April 1934 that Pat Coogan, the assistant at Arrowe Park Golf Club, had been appointed to the same position at Shrewsbury Golf Club. 

Result of a club match played at Ludlow in April 1934.

Ludlow Golf Club   Shrewsbury Golf Club  
J W Moxon 1 A Ashton 0
D E Llewellyn 1 G B A Lansdown 0
B M Tebb 0 A M Lightfoot 1
G B Stiles 1 E Davies 0
J E Banfield 1 R Adams 0
Rev G Ll Bainbridge 1 J Pool 0
T M Long 1 J F Morris 0
Rev D'Arcy Ward 1 W Davies 0
E Wilson 1 A P Higley 0
E S Miles 1 S Knight 0
O P Taylor 1 J W Fullwood 0
H J Sturton 1 A J Jelf 0
Maj E Molyneaux Seel 0 A Davis 1
F Lucas 0 W Hansford 1
  11   3


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace. Article from The Bystander July 1935.


Shrewsbury Golf Club, Meole Brace. Report from the Bystander 24th July 1935.

Above from The Bystander July 25 1935. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In July 1937 G A Darlington, Shropshire County Champion, set a new course record by going round in 67, 34 out and 33 home.

In the 1940s  the secretary was H W Newman, The Larches, London Road, Shrewsbury. The professional was J W Walker and the green-keeper, G Breeze. Course records; amateur G A Darlington, 67; professional J W Walker, 63; 18-holes Par and SSS 71; Visitors’ fees, 3s/6d, weekend 5s, 15s a week and £2 a month.

In the 1950s the secretary was T F Holden, “Lancelyn”, Highfils Road, Shrewsbury. The course records, professional and green-keeper as 1940s . The course measured 5,770 yards with a Par and SSS of 70.

Prior to the move to the new course in the mid 1970 the secretary was R Adams, Ashworth, 132 Copthorne Road, Shrewsbury. The professional was J W Walker and the green-keeper G T Hulse. The 18-holes measured 5,863 yards with a SSS of 68. Visitors’ fees weekdays, 7s/6d a round and 10s a day, weekend 15s a day. 

It was reported in January 1970 that the club that the club was to complete the purchase of a new course in Condover by April. The new course, estimated to cost £110.000 to purchase and develop, will measure 6,350 yards with a par of 70.



Shrewsbury Golf Club. Location of the golf course.

Location of the former Shrewsbury course (now Meole Brace GC).
Grid reference SJ49400,10795, co-ordinates 349400,310795.