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Wem Golf Club, Shropshire. (Pre-WW1)

The club appeared for a few years in the 1900s. The joint secretaries prior to WW1 were G L Bretherton and Rev E N Davies.

The professional at Wem in 1913 was Ernest Viney. He became a pro in 1911; prior to that date, he was a golf club maker based in Leeds. He obviously came from a golfing family, as his brother, John, was an assistant green-keeper at Headingley Golf Club. The professional in 1914 was A J Hockey, and during WW1, W Wellings. The course was situated on Green Hill Farm, Bankhouse Lane. According to Kelly’s Directory of the time it was on land opposite the Grammar School. Wem played club matches against Wellington Golf Club.

The nearby course at Hawkstone Park opened following WW1 and this probably added to the demise of the Wem Golf Club.

Wem Golf Club, Shropshire. Approximate course location,

The approximate location and grid reference for the course, SJ50700,28770, co-ordinates 350700,328770.