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South Staffordshire Golf Club.

Originally located on Penn Common and founded in 1892, course ready for play 1893.

It was reported in the Edinburgh Evening News in October 1892 that "Golf is to be introduced into the neighbourhood of Wolverhampton by the formation of the South Staffordshire Golf Club, which will lay out links on Penn Common."

Professionals at the club whilst at Penn Common; Samuel Jones (1893); Alexander Gain (1893/94); Jack Burns (1894/95); Ernest Pursey (1895-1903); Sydney Wingate (1903-1908.)

The annual dinner was held at the Victoria Hotel on Saturday March 11th 1894, the captain, Rupert Smith, presided. Mr W W Walker suggested that a clubhouse be built adjacent to the common. The Mayor, Mr C T Mander, supported the proposal and offered £50 towards the fund. Other members subscribed and £300 was raised during the evening.

The following officers were elected at the annual meeting held at the Victoria Hotel in March 1895; president, Lord Dartmouth; vice-presidents; The Duke of Sutherland, The Earl of Dudley, Lord Wrottesley, Sir A Hickman, M.P., W W Walker, C T Mander, Rev.C H Cole Webb; secretary T P Waterhouse.  

Result of a one-sided match played on Stafford Common on Saturday 30th March 1895.

Staffordshire Golf Club   South Staffordshire Golf Club  
C S Hayward 7 M Wilkie 0
C Morgan 12 R T Smith 0
H Gardner 4 A R Irvine 0
A Finch 7 T S Lewis 0
C A W Gilbert 8 Wilson Lovatt 0
E W Burnett 4 Victor Hickman 0
A Weekes 5 R W Lewis 0
  47   0

The seventh annual meeting was held at the Victoria Hotel in January 1900. E Hickman, who presided, congratulated the members on the year’s progress. The increased membership was attributed to the improvement of the course, and the fact that there was now a greater variety of golf. The balance-sheet showed a surplus of £66, which was considered satisfactory. The Earl of Dartmouth was re-elected president, and the Duke of Sutherland, Lord Wrottesley, Sir Alfred Hickman, M.P., Rev. C H Cole-Webb, C T Mander and W W Walker, vice-presidents. Neville H Mander was elected captain, and E Hickman, secretary. T F Waterhouse, who had resigned as secretary after seven-years, was presented with a beautiful silver bowl, a gift of the club.

A strike of caddies was reported in November 1900. They refused to work unless the members promised a rise of 3d per round. This was refused, and the members had to carry the bags themselves, the caddies causing considerable annoyance by stopping up the holes and pulling out the flags.

At the summer meeting in June 1904 a medal competition was played for a prize presented by the captain, T F Waterhouse, leading scores; F R Armitage, 87-11-76; T B Adams, 85-8-77; T F Waterhouse, 88-10-78; A E Cresswell, 84-6-78; H L Atkinson, 88-10-78; Sam Wells Page, 99-20-79; J D Graham, 90-10-80; R Struthers, 90-10-80; James Hill, 103- 23-80; W Buchanan, 91-10-81; J Pritchard, 92-10-82; 

There was a separate ladies’ course, which was abandoned in 1904 because of poor drainage. The ladies subsequently played on the men’s course, except for Saturday afternoons.

Result of a match played on Penn Common against Stourbridge Golf Club in August 1908.

South Staffordshire Golf Club   Stourbridge Golf Club  
W V Vale (2&1) 1 F J Boulton 0
M Wilkie (3&2) 1 A R Gilmore 0
R Struthers (5&4) 1 S G Dudley 0
T M Hickman (1up) 1 H T F King 0
A W Sims 0 R Lowndes (1up) 1
J McMillan (3&2) 1 F D Taylor 0
S W Page (1up) 1 W J Amphlett 0
  6   1

Below is the announcement of the new course in October 1908.


South Staffordshire Golf Club, Penn Common. Announcement of the new course in October 1908.

From the Lichfield Mercury Friday 9th October 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The club split in 1908, with some members moving to the new course at Danespark, Tettenhall, and the remainder staying on the Common and forming Penn Golf Club.

The Google Map below shows the location of the former South Staffordshire Golf Club course, now Penn Golf Club.