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Coton Hill Golf Club, Stafford. (1893 - 1900s)

Dr. R W Hewson, mentioned in the results below, was promoted to Medical Superintendent at Coton Hill Institute in 1884.

From "Golf" 13 January 1893 - Result of the competition for the medal presented by Dr. R W Hewson played on 2 January; H Horton, 59-7-52; W Noon, 65-3-62; Dr. R W Hewson, 64 scratch; L H Histon, 61-3-58; E Harris, 72-10-62. 

Below is the result of the April 1896 monthly medal.


Coton Hill Golf Club, Stafford. Result of the April 1896 monthly medal.

From the Staffordshire Chronicle Saturday 11th April 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


During the early 1900s the Coton Hill Institution for the Insane had a 9-hole golf course in the grounds of the hospital, which was set up for the private treatment of middle and upper class patients.


Coton Hill Golf Club, Stafford. Postcard showing the Coton Hill Asylum.

Coton Hill Asylum.


The map below shows the Coton Hill Mental Hospital in the 1920s. On the opposite side of the road, to the south east, the now defunct Kingston Hill golf course is clearly marked.


Coton Hill Golf Club, Stafford. 1923 Ordnance Survey map showing the Mental Hospital and defunct Kingston Hill course.

Reproduced from the {1923} Ordnance Survey Map.