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Tutbury Golf Club, Staffordshire. (1923 - WW2)

Tutbury Golf Club first appeared in 1923.

The club originally played on a seasonal course, location still to be found, play was only allowed for four months of the year during the winter on this course.

The first annual meeting in August 1924.


Tutbury Golf Club, Staffordshire. The first annual meting in August 1924.

Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 6th September 1924.


The first annual dinner was held at the Wheel Hotel on Monday 8th September 1923. Mr H Plant, the club president, was in the chair. Mr T Simpson, the vice-chairman, was amongst the large attendance of members and friends. The following toasts were made; “The Tutbury Golf Club” proposed by the president; “The President and the Vice-Chairman” by Mr G Grice; “The Secretary” by Mr W E Thorn; “The Host and Hostess” by Mr R Hewitt. 

In the monthly competition for September 1924 Mr W Eaton won the club’s silver challenge cup, the following also took part; C Osborn, T P Eaton, T Shilton, J Walker, R Hewitt, T H Oakden, E P Oakden, E Williams and F Orme.

At the annual meeting in August 1927 it was reported that there was a balance in hand of £1/1s/2d. The following officers were elected; President, Mr H Plant; secretary, Mr T P Eaton; auditor, Mr W E Thorn; committee, C Parrick, J Walker and C E Osborn.

For some time the members had realised that they needed to move from the course that they had enjoyed from the clubs inception. At a special general meeting at the Wheel Hotel in October 1928 Capt W C Johnson was in the chair. Mr C Parrick reported that there was a chance of renting land which could accommodate a nine hole course which would allow play all year round. The proposed new course was situated near New Farm and Fiddlers Lane, on the Tutbury - Rolleston Road. It was decided to go ahead with the proposed new course and to seek advice from a professional on the layout.

The annual meeting of the club was held on Tuesday 29th October 1929. Mr D T Hughes was in the chair. Despite recent heavy expenditure, presumably on the course, there was still a healthy sum of £6/7s/4d in hand .Officials for the season were elected as follows; president, Mr H Plant; joint secretaries, C E Osborn and W E Compson; the committee were re-elected, the only change being Mr T P Eaton for Mr C E Osborn; Mr W E Thorn was re-elected as auditor. A recommendation was made by the committee that boys and girls up to the age of 17 should be admitted as members and pay half the annual subscription rate, this was approved. It was also mentioned that the committee would try to “secure improved playing conditions” on the course. It was also decided at the meeting that the club were to purchase one of Burton’s trams for use as a shelter on the course.

The first organised stroke competition was held on the last week-end of November 1929. The winner was Mr T Shilton with a score of 80-3-77; Mr W Eaton was runner-up with 80-2-78; other scores; H Osborn, 92-12-80; C Osborn, 87-7-80; T P Eaton, 83-3-80.

The following appeared in the Derby Daily Telegraph on Friday 13th December 1929 “Women Excluded – Men only at Tutbury Golf Club Dinner – Tutbury golf club’s male members met in the Oddfellow’s Hall last night for the annual dinner. Mr H H Straw presided. Mr J Barker proposed the toast of the club, and Mr D T Hughes replied. The chairman’s health was honoured on the proposition of Mr C Parrick. Other speakers were; Mr T T Wynne, Mr Pat Wilkins and Guy Sparrow”.

The second annual dinner was held at the Oddfellow’s Hall on Wednesday 21st January 1931. Mr F A Bailey presided. It doesn’t say but this was probably an all male night as well, no ladies are mentioned. Included in the entertainment was a cinematograph show given by Mr W H Hales showing members playing on the course, this proved very popular with the audience. Contributing to the musical programme were; Mr F Thompson, Mr H Plant, Mr W C Johnson, Mr F A Bailey, Mr A R Beaumont and Mr F Jacques. Mr D T Hughes gave a speech on the club and its members.

On Saturday 5th August 1933 William Edward Compson, secretary of the Tubury Golf Club married Miss M A Allsopp. Mr Compson, a keen sportsman, was also a member of the Bowling Club he had also played football for Tutbury Town.

Mr F A Bailey presided at the annual meeting in November 1934. The report showed that the club had enjoyed a successful season. Audited by W E Thorn, the financial statement showed a balance in hand of £1/7s/10d. The following officers were elected; President, F A Bailey; hon. secretary, W E Compson; hon. auditor, T P Eaton; committee - J Walker, C Parrick, W E Thorn, E Williams, W S Oakden.  


Tutbury Golf Club, Staffs. Playing on the Tutbury course.

The course was laid out on New Farm which was owned by the Wedd family. The above picture shows Ivy (Moss) and Frank Wedd with George and Sarah Wedd playing golf on the New Farm course. Thanks to Stephen Wedd for allowing us to use the above image.


The death was announced in March 1947 of William Charles Parrick, a founder member of the Tutbury Golf Club.