Alsager Golf Club, Staffs. (1909 - 1970s)

The original Alsager Golf Club was founded in 1909.

The nine-hole course was on “natural grass-land” with hazards of natural bunkers, ditches, hedges, numerous trees, with three holes well guarded by fair sized ponds. The longest hole was 489 yards and the shortest 115 yards, bogey for the course was 78. There was a membership of about 80. There was a licensed clubhouse at the entrance to the links which was situated within two minutes’ walk from two stations; Alsager (main line) and Talke Road on the Audley branch the course being situated between the two on the south side of Talke Road. Visitors were welcome at 1/- a day. The young professional was Jack Branch, whose first club had been Woolacombe Bay, North Devon. He joined Alsager from Stafford Castle. He came to the club with a reputation of being a fine player and teacher.

It was reported in February 1911 that the club held its second annual dinner in the Alsager Urban District Chambers. There was a good attendance of members, friends and club officials.

Following are members of the management committee; Joel Settle, president; J J Palfreyman, treasurer; A H Maddock, secretary; G E Barker, match secretary; C W Shirley, captain; and a “strong and influential committee of local gentlemen”.

Below is the result of a home match played against Clough Hall Golf Club (also defunct) on Saturday 8th June 1912.


Alsager   Clough Hall  
P J Palfreyman (6&4) 1 Dr Turner 0
W H Griffith 0 F G Warburton (2&1) 1
A H Maddock (3&1) 1 H Rigby 0
C W Shirley (5&4) 1 A Corn 0
S Sant 0 A Wainwright (5&3) 1
A F Tiley 0 E E Smith (1up) 1
J Hancock ½ A Gilbert ½
  3 ½   3 ½


Location of early course.

Above is a map of the area the earlier course would have occupied, unfortunately the course is not marked. Reproduced from the {1909} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Alsager Golf Club, Linley, Staffordshire, was founded in 1921. A 9 hole course on the Linley Wood Estate, Talke. Club membership in general of about 160, peaking in the early 1950s at 190. Visitors’ fees were gents 2/6 a day, 10/6 a week, 25/- a month. Ladies 2/-, 7/6, 15/-. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. The course was one mile from the railway stations at Alsager, Lawton and Talke Road. Local  hotels were the Lawton Hall Hydro and Alsager Arms.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1924 H V Lynam, Birch House, Alsager. P F Fiddaman (p) A Cooper (g)
1920/30s C T Parkes, "Woodcroft," Alasager. (1939) R L Roberts (p) A Cooper (g) - late 1920s
1940/47 E J Hurd, “The Hollies,” Alsager. G Hassall (p) A Cooper (g)
1951 H V Lynham, Birch House. W R Morris (p) J E Smith (g)
1950s/70s C D Bellamy of 7 The Fairway, Alsager. R Chadwick (g)


  Course Records.
1924-47 R R Kettley and R S Morris (am) 34. J Coppack (pro) 33.
1960s J H Crimes (am) 30. J Coppack (pro) 33,

1920s (late) the SSS was 74.

Report on the annual meeting in February 1930.


Alsager Golf Club, Staffordshire. Report on the annual meeting February 1930.

Staffordshire Sentinel Friday 21st February 1930. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Alasager against Newcastle in April 1930.

Alsager Ladies' Golf Club   Newcastle Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss R Lucas (3 and 2) 1 Miss Pigott 0
Miss K Sherwin (2 and 1) 1 Mrs Pugh 0
Mrs Parsons (1up) 1 Miss Warner 0
Mrs Lynam (1up) 1 Mrs Keen 0
Mrs F Bailey 0 Mrs Dolby (2 and 1) 1
Miss K Staines 0 Mrs Cornell (5 and 4) 1
  4   2

Playing in a hospital cup competition in April 1930 H C Mellor holed in one at the 260 yard 15th hole.

Result of a match played at Newcastle in July 1930.

Newcastle Golf Club   Alsager Golf Club  
W H Stubbs and W G Falconer (3 and 2) 1 J Taylor and D Rigby 0
L Ball and P J Cornell (7 and 5) 1 H Steventon and F Taylor 0
G A Ashmall (J S Alexander (5 and 4) 1 H V Lynam and G P Lawton 0
W K Hill and G F G Atkinson (4 and 2) 1 F C Crimes and H T Jones 0
J T Broome and G E Harding (7 and 6) 1 W Bingham and B Boycott 0
  5   0

Below is the result of a mixed foursome match played at Wolstanton in July 1939.

Wolstanton Golf Club   Alsager Golf Club  
L Smith & Miss Mayer (half) 0 H Crimes & Mrs Bailey (half) 0
H L Steele & Mrs Bakewell (1up) 1 H Timmis & Mrs Rigby 0
J S Mayer & Miss Hodgkinson (3&2) 1 F Bailey & Miss Lucas 0
C H Cartlidge & Mrs Groves (half) 0 H C Mellor & Mrs Parkes (half) 0
L P Groves & Mrs Phillips (1up) 1 H Lynam & Miss Lynam 0
A Wardle & Mrs Leach (half) 0 Mr Price & Mrs Richardson (half) 0
E G Bradshaw & Mrs Rowley (5&4) 1 E Bailey & Mrs Timmis 0
  4   0

1940s the SSS and par was 71.

1960s  the course measured 2,629 yards, SSS was 66.

Following the sale of the of the Mansion House and the Linley Wood Estate an agreement was reached to terminate the lease with the Golf Club on the 8th May 1952 (they paid an annual rent of £54-17s-6d). It stated that “The Club House, Green and Tee Equipment are the Property of the Alsager Golf Club and do not form part of the sale” So it seems as though the club may have carried on albeit with a very uncertain future. The Alsager Golf Club finally disappeared in the early 1970s.

Location of the former Alsager Golf Club course.

Location of the former Alsager course. Current club is Alsager Golf & Country Club. founded 1976.

Grid reference SJ81280,54340, co-ordinates 381280,354340.