Eccleshall Golf Club, Staffs. (1897 - 1935)

Founded in 1897, the professional to 1900 was E Challinor.

A 9-hole course, visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 2/6d a week. The station at Norton Bridge was 4 miles away. Local hotels were the Royal Oak and the Crown. In 1914 subs for gents were £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6d, there was no entry fee.

The club appears in the Golfing Annual; Volume XII – 1898/9.  “It was instituted January 1897. 9 holes – 120 to 300 yards – par 33. “It is at Lea, about three miles from Morton Station (L. and N. W. Railway.), from which a bus runs thrice daily. There are several good inns at Eccleshall, which is within five minutes’ walk of the green”. 

It is still listed in Volume XXIII – 1909/10 – The final edition. It is still 9-holes.

The annual handicap was played in April 1899. The Rev. A C Oliver and J S Lea met in the final, scores; Rev. A C Oliver, 104-14-90; J S Lea, 122-25-97.

  Secretary Course Record
1906 Herbert Lee, Stone Road, Eccleshall. A C Allen (am) 39
1912-14 Rev A Herbert Harrison, High Street, Eccleshall.  
1920/30s G A Williams. A H Harrison (am) 35

Eccleshall Golf Club had disappeared by 1935.