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Meir Golf Club, Longton, Staffs. (1895 - 1950s)

Following is a report from the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 5 October 1895 confirming an earlier course at Meir. "Opening of a Golf Course - The Waterloo Golf Course, which is directly behind the Meir Church and within three and seven minutes walk respectively of Meir and Normacot stations, was opened for play on Thursday afternoon. The course is one of nine-holes, in good condition, and from the configuration of the ground it is claimed to be superior for beginners to any in North Staffordshire. A very pleasant game was enjoyed among the members, who at present number between 20 and 30. A considerable addition to the number is looked for, now that the game is at the height of its popularity."  This course must have had a brief life as nothing further was found.  

The Meir Golf  Club was founded in 1904.

Started life as a 9-hole course although there is evidence that it could have extended to 18-holes during the 1920s, it reverted to 9-holes in the 1940s. Sunday play was not allowed until the 1930s when it was afternoons only. Membership was 80 prior to WW1 rising to 200 in the 1950s.

The station at Meir was 5 minutes away. Local hotel was the King’s Arms. 

1906 J W Skae, Stafford Street and W T B Ridge, Ashwood, Longton.
1914 Arthur Jolly and T L Mackee.
1923 Samuel Redford, The Cedars, Blythe Bridge and Aubrey Smith, Meir House, Meir.
1930 M Ferneyhough, 6 Commercial Street, Stoke on Trent.
1935-50s R M Chapman, 67 Market Street, Longton, Stoke on Trent.


1906-14 R O (Bert) Hughes (pro)
1930 C Stanier (pro)
1930 C Stanier (pro & gk)
1940-50s G Bartlam (pro & gk)

 In 1906 visitors’ fees 1/- a day and 2/6d a week.

Below is the result of a match played at Kidsgrove against Clough Hall Golf Club on Saturday 26 June 1909.

Clough Hall Golf Club   Meir Golf Club  
S Swindells 0 E H Phillips (2&1) 1
T Batty (6&5) 1 J Aynsley 0
J H Platt (6&4) 1 J H Barlow 0
Dr. Furness 0 Dr. Lefoore(2&1) 1
A D Holdcroft (1up) 1 S Radford 0
S Rowley 0 T L Machee (2&1) 1
D G Norman 0 W B Jones (2up) 1
J Adams 0 T Twyford (3&2) 1
  3   5

Result of a ladies match played in October 1909.


Meir Golf Club, Longton. Result of a ladies match played in October 1909.

Staffordshire Sentinel Tuesday 2 November 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below is the result of a one sided match played at Meir against Burslem Golf Club in April 1911.

Meir Golf Club   Burslem Golf Club  
S Radford (6&5) 1 G C Simpson 0
J Aynsley (4&3) 1 F M Steele  0
J H Barlow (7&6) 1 A Lyth  0
G L Lefevre (5&3) 1 J A Farrington 0
F J Radford 6&5)  1 A G Lyth  0
T L Mackee (3&1) 1 J S Brodie  0
T Twyford (5&4)  1 J E Simpson  0
W B Jones (5&3) 1 F Stephenson 0
  8   0

Result of the 1912 May monthly medal; D Radford, 80-12-68; W Sinclair, 81-10-71; J Aynsley, 83-8-75; E J Brewer, 92-17-75; G L Lefevre, 83-7-76; A J Morgan, 91-14-77; W B Jones, 87-10-77; L Mayer, 94-16-78; G E Barlow, 95-16-79; F J Radford, 88-9-79; T Twyford, 89-10-79; W Sinclair jnr, 97-18-79; W O Braid, 99-15-84. There were five no returns.

In 1914 entry fee, £1/11/6d, and subs £1/11/6d. Visitors’ fees 2/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month.

Ordnance Survey Map showing the location of the course in the 1920s.


Meir Golf Club, Longton. O.S. Map showing the location of the course in the 1920s.

O.S. Map Revised 1922; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1925}.


In 1930 visitors’ fees 3/- a day and 8/6d a week. 

Result of a mixed foursome played in April 1930; Miss M Heath and Arthur L Smith, 84-18-66; Miss W Smith and J R Barlow, 88-19-69.

Result of a ladies' match played at Meir against Stone in April 1930.

Meir Ladies' Golf Club   Stone Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Nixon (8 and 6) 1 Mrs Callinson 0
Mrs Sparrow 0 Miss Hartley (3 and 1) 1
Miss M Heath (3 and 2) 1 Miss Stroud 0
Mrs Howe 0 Miss Redman (3 and 2) 1
Miss Mackee (2 and 1) 1 Mrs Wynne 0
Mrs Heath (halved) 0 Mrs Griffiths (halved) 0
Miss Mear (halved) 0 Miss Finney (halved) 0
  3   2

The second round of the 36-hole club challenge cup competition was played on Saturday 11th May 1930, result; J Leese, 164-34-132; W Sparrow, 146-12-134; Wright Beswick, 165-28-137; G Mills, 158-20-138; J P Barlow, 147-6-141; R W Dearing, 149-6-143; E P Roper, 173-28-145. Result of a mixed foursome played on Thursday 15th May 1930; Miss H Mear and H Mills, 86-18-68; Miss M Mackee and J P Barlow, 82-13-69; Miss R M Nixon and R A Smith, 83-13-70; Mrs W Sparrow and E A Heath, 84-11-73; Miss M Heath and W Sparrow, 85-12-73.

One of the early members and a former secretary, Mr John Walker Skae, died aged 71 in January 1939.

In May 1939 the Allan Bowl (ladies 36-holes) was won by Mrs Inez Reid with 143 net. The following eight players qualified for the match-play stage of the Bradley Cup; T C R Barlow, J H Barlow, T Boden, A Bradbury, C W Healey, E A Heath, R E Horsfield and G Ray.

The advert below suggests sale of the land for a housing development.


Meir Golf Club, Longton, Staffordshire. Advert for the sale of land.

From The Staffordshire Sentinel 9 February 1939. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


It was reported in July 1951 that Meir Golf Club had been resuscitated and that they were to resume playing competitions and club matches. They had recently played a home match against (Stafford) Castle Golf Club. 


Meir Golf Club, Longton, Staffs. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Meir golf course. Grid reference SJ93000,42740, co-ordinates 393000,342740.



Meir Golf Club finally disappeared in the 1950s.