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Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. (1920 - WW2)

First appeared in 1920.

A 9-hole course, the station at Burton on Trent was 1 mile away. Local hotel was the Queens.

Below is the first record found for the club in July 1920.


Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. The first record found for the club in July 1920.

From the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday July 31st 1920.


Councillor T Ross presided at the annual meeting in February 1921. Satisfaction was expressed at the increase in membership and the substantial balance in hand. The money was to be used on improvements to the course. Mr C Spalding was unanimously re-elected president; the following vice-presidents were elected - The Mayor, Councillor J H Yeomans J.P., S H Evershed, F O N Hurdle, J Thompson, H S Chase; secretary, P K Outhwaite; treasurer, P Smith; captain, H Goodhead; vice-captain, F Dunnicliffe.

Result of the monthly qualifying  competition for the yearly gold medal in October 1921; M Beardsley, 93-10-83; J Dunnicliffe, 90-10-80. 

A bogey competition was played in June 1922 and was won by J Robinson (16) 2down, runner-up was F Dunnicliffe 3down. An eclectic competition was also played, result; C H Brown, 39-11-28; F Dunnicliffe, 36-5-31; W H Brown, 41-10-31; W Emery, 40-8-32; M Beardsley, 38-5-33; J Goddard, 43-10-33; L C Whitmarsh, 41-8-33.

Result of a match played at Shobnall against Tamworth Golf Club in September 1923.

Shobnall Golf Club   Tamworth Golf Club  
M Beardsley (3 and 1) 1 F H Argyle 0
H Alger (2up) 1 A E Smith 0
J Dunnicliffe (5 and 4)  1 Mr Musson 0
J Robinson 0 W T Oliver (1up) 1
C H Brown (6 and 4) 1 Mr Fletcher 0
S H Davis (3 and 1) 1 Mr Clifford 0
A W Garson (2 and 1) 1 Mr Beevers 0
W H Radford (6 and 5) 1 Mr Bode 0
J Beddows (6 and 4) 1 Mr Birkett 0
Summers (professional) (halved) 0 F Nickells (professional) (halved) 0

The course marked on the 1920s O.S map.


Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. The course on a 1920s Ordnance Survey Map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1924}


The hon. treasurer in 1928 was George Bates. 

Below is the result of a match played on the Derbyshire Golf Club course in July 1930. 

Derbyshire Golf Club   Shobnall Golf Club  
O Keating (3&2) 1 M Beardsley 0
A Kay (5&4) 1 F Redfern 0
J Brogden (2&1) 1 J Robinson 0
W Squires (half) 0 W Emery (half) 0
J Clough 0 H E Adams (3&2) 1
W F Hunt 0 C H Goodhead (4&3) 1
A Rogers (4&2) 1 W Harley 0
L Brownsey (4&3) 1 A W Golton 0
C Swinson (2&1) 1 H Franey 0
N Beaumont (half) 0 A Wilcox (half) 0
  6   2

In 1932 the secretary was L A Neal, 55 Belvedere Road, Burto-on-Trent. The professional and green-keeper was A E Slaney. The professional course record was held by A E Slaney (66). Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6 a week and 17/6 a month. Sunday play was allowed.

In February 1932 Mr Wood holed his tee shot at the 150 yard second hole.

It was reported in August 1933 that a local golfer had been seen around Burton-on-Trent with a large tear in his flannel trousers. He wanted to know why barbed wire had been used on Shobnall golf course to protect the greens from cattle. "If anymore unfortunate accidents happen" he stated "the barbed wire will soon be protecting the greens from the players."   

Shobnall Golf Club dance in February 1934.


Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. The annual dance held in February 1934.

From the Derby Daily Telegraph Wednesday 14th February 1934.Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In the severe storms in November 1938 the Shobnall Golf Club House was destroyed with the contents being strewn over surrounding fields.


Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. Hole-in-One by A E Slaney in March 1939.

A E Slaney achieved a hole-in-one on the 5th March 1939.


The club’s final appearance was in 1940 when the secretary was G Neville, 1 Mona Road, Burton-onTrent. The professional and green-keeper was till A E Slaney who had bettered his previous course record by one stroke (65). Membership at this time was 150.


Shobnall Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. Former golf course location.

Location of the Shobnall course in the 1920/30s. Grid reference SK22110,23250, co-ordinates 422110,323250.