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Stone Golf Club, Staffs. (1896 - 1916)

Founded in 1896.

The original 9-hole course was situated on Old Road, Oulton near Oulton Heath with fine views, not a long course but accuracy was essential. The club continued at this location for twenty years. Following a dispute with the landowner regarding Sunday play the course closed in 1916.

Stone Golf Club moved to its present location at The Fillybrooks in the 1920s.

In 1900 the professional at Stone, Bob Rutherford of Carnoustie, a very good player, was to leave the club after about four years service. He was to take up a new post at a club in Devon as professional and green-keeper. 

Result of the May monthly bogey competition in 1900, prizes presented by Mr T Parrington and Mr W Kirkham; G Meakin, 2up; S H Fletcher, 4 down; F E Fernie, 5 down; D F W Bishop, 6 down; B Meakin, 7 down,

Also played in May 1900 was the Captain’s Vase this was also a monthly competition; G Meakin, 89-13-76; J W Bishop, 96-17-79; D F W Bishop, 102-14-88; W Taylor, 111-19-92.

Winners of the Oulton Challenge Cup from 1904 to 1910; 1904 - A F Fernie; 1905 - T B W Bishop; 1906 - G Meakin; 1907 - H C W Bishop; 1908 - N F W Bishop; 1909/1910 - C B H Soame.

Below is the result of a second team match played at Stone against Trentham in May 1909.

Stone Golf Club   Trentham Golf Club  
L W H Stubbs (6&4) 1 E B Allerton  o
W P Oulton (2&1)  1 C J Noke  0
W W Wynne (8&7) 1 F Beardmore 0
H Boddington  0 A C Oliver (2&1) 1
A Ll Owen 0 W Whittam (half) 0
C B H Soame (2&1)  1 A E Boyce  0
  4   1

Result of the May monthly medal 1912; D F W Bishop, 85-6-79; J S Redman, 88-7-81; B E Stroud, 93-10-83; N E P Harris, 102-18-84; T T Day, 86-1-85; W W Wynne, 99-12-87; R G Harris, 103-16-87.

Result of a match played on Saturday 18th May 1912 at Stone against Newcastle.

Stone Golf Club   Newcastle Golf Club  
J S Redman (5&4) 1 J T Jordan 0
E Hartley (2up) 1 W E Cowlishaw 0
A S Marsh (2&1) 1 F J Bain 0
W P Oulton (4&3) 1 H Richards 0
H Newton 0 J G Alcock (3&2) 1
H Boddington (2up) 1 F Emery 0
W H Sparshatt 0 J Unett (4&2) 1
A Ll Owen (2up) 1 J Fortune 0
  6   2

In 1913 the secretary was A Ll Owen. Entry fee was £1/1/0, subs £2/2/0, ladies £1/1/0. Visitors' fees 1/- a day and 5/- a week. Sunday play was not allowed.


 Stone Golf Club, Staffs. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the early Stone golf course. Grid reference SJ90590,36190, co-ordinates 390590,336190.

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