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Uttoxeter Golf Club, Staffs. (1894 - WW2)

First appears in 1894 with a course on Uttoxeter Heath. Following WW1 to its closure at the time of WW2 the course was located at Bramshall.

The following is taken from the Uttoxeter Advertiser of 31 January 1894. “Golf: This interesting and exhilarating sport still gains support amongst the athletic young gentlemen of the town. The local “record” amongst the members has been gained by Mr A C Bunting, who has gone the whole round of nine holes in the respectable total of  47, the following were the figures – 4,7,6,5,3,7,4,6,5. To show the praiseworthy character of this feat, it may be mentioned that it took another member 43 strokes to “peg” his ball in the first hole”

The following report from September 1894 confirms the location of the early golf course; "The Uttoxeter Golf Club has been restarted with Mr O A Lasbrey as hon. secretary. The links are said to be capital ones, and are situated on the Uttoxeter Heath. No doubt the club will be a strong one."

In 1911 it stated that the club was instituted in 1903. It was listed as a seasonal club from September to May. There was a membership of 30. The secretary was G R Rigby, Besley Lodge, Uttoxeter. No entry fee the subs were 10/6. Visitors' fees were 1/- a day.

In 1912/13 the joint secretaries were G R Rigby and E Fletcher, The Heath, Uttoxeter. 

  Secretary Professional/green-keeper
1914 G R Rigby,Beoly Lodge and E Fletcher, The Heath.  
1920s C L Sleath, 1 High Street, Uttoxeter.  
1928-30   Percy F Fiddaman (professional)
1933 M Longson, Eversley, Uttoxeter. A Ainsworth (pro) A Chell (gk)
1940-47 As above. A Ainsworth (pro) C Jennings (gk)

A 9-hole course in 1914 the station was 1½ miles from the course, in 1930 the station at Uttoxeter was 2 ½ miles away which suggests that it probably moved location after 1914. Local hotels were the Cross Keys and the White Hart. In 1914 there was a membership of 50. There was no entry fee. Subs were 11/6d. Visitors fees were 1/- a day. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. The season at this time was September to May. 

The later 1920s course was located at Bramshall.


Uttoxeter Golf Club, Staffordshire. Golf Club button.

Uttoxeter Golf Club button hallmarked Birmingham 1921 by Vaughtons. Image courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Uttoxeter Golf Club did not appear again until 1927.

Jordan's Daily register reported in February 1927 that a company had been formed to take over the Uttoxeter Golf Club. The first directors were; A C Bunting, G F Bagshaw, J C Deville and F F Hawthorn. The course and premises were taken on lease at Bramshall. 

Below the club re-forms.


Uttoxeter Golf Club, Staffordshire. The club re-forms in 1927 course at Bramshall.

From the Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal Friday 10 June 1927.


Uttoxeter Golf Club, Staffordshire. The club re-forms in 1927 course at Bramshall.

From the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 1 July 1927.


From the Staffordshire Sentinel Saturday 8 October 1927 – “UTTOXETER GOLF CLUB – “The new golf course at Bramshall, about two miles from Uttoxeter, was formally opened on Sunday by A C Bunting, J.P., the first president of the club.

The laying of the course was commenced about twelve months ago, on a plan suggested by Archie Compston. Each of the nine-holes has some distinctive and pleasing features, the bunkers are all natural. The turf is close growing and springy and the fairways are already nearing the stage when they may be classed as excellent. The season has been of material advantage to the greens, enabling them to be brought into really good condition. The club have secured a long lease and have erected an attractive clubhouse. The services of R Lewis, late of the Ashbourne and Clifton Golf Club, have been gained professional and green-keeping duties.”   

Mr A W Golby presided at the annual meeting on Saturday 13 April 1929. The balance-sheet showed the gross receipts (irrespective of membership fees) to be £532/10s/5d, after expenses there was a debit balance of about £3. G F Bagshaw was elected president; W C C Taylor, captain;  Frank F Hawthorn, vice-captain; C L Seath, hon. secretary; M. Longson, hon. treasurer.

Below is the result of a foursomes match played at Mickleover in July 1929. 

Mickleover Golf Club   Uttoxeter Golf Club  
H H Granger & A Norton (Half) 0 A Ainsworth & F Gregory (Half) 0
H E Brace & C Clarke (Half) 0 F Hawthorn & L C Proctor (Half) 0
E Bell & W Eynon (2&1) 1 J R Brown & K Griffin 0
F Bullen & W A Cooke (2&1) 1 H T Bamford & S G Atkinson 0
A C Greensmith & P Carr (3&2) 1 J Phillips & J Walker 0
W H Potts & J J G Bates (3&2) 1 G Chubb & C Richardson 0
E Potts & E E Willmett  (3&2) 1 H A Peach & E Phillips 0
  5   0

In 1930 visitors’ fees were 2/6d a day, 7/6d a week and 15/- a month.

In April 1930 Percy Fiddaman, professional, left the club to take up a position at Ludlow Golf Club.

In July 1930 Uttoxeter and Mickleover met in home and away four-ball matches.

Uttoxeter Golf Club   Mickleover Golf Club  
H Bamford & S G Atkinson (3&2) 1 H A Payne & P Carr 0
J E Eckersley & E Phillips 0 J A Carter & J Timms (3&2) 1
F Tipper & C Richardson (6&4) 1 E E Willmott & A Taylor 0
T Smith & A Weston (5&3) 1 C W Yates & F Hardyman 0
  3   1


Mickleover Golf Club   Uttoxeter Golf Club  
K Whitworth & H E Brace (2&1) 1 A Ainsworth & L C Procter 0
C Clarke & E W Hives (6&4) 1 H B Griffiths & J Phillips 0
W H Potts & E Bell (half) 0 J R Brows & F F Hawtorn (half) 0
A C Greensmith & J Eccleshare (6&4) 1 J W Walker & W C Taylor 0
  3   0

At the annual meeting of the ladies' section in December 1929 Mrs T V Bagshaw was elected captain; Miss E Hawthorn retiring after two years in office; Mrs G O Chubb was elected vice-captain; Miss G Wilks, hon. secretary. Miss Wilks mentioned that they had won five of the eight matches played. Mrs A G Baker had the record for the best net medal round (59.) Miss Hawthorn won the L.G.U silver medal and Mrs Weston the L.G.U bronze medal.

In February 1932 prizes won by members the previous year were presented at a bridge night in the clubhouse by the President, Mr G F Bagsaw.   

In 1932/33 the secretary was M Longson, Eversley, Uttoxeter, the green-keeper was A Chell. The membership was 135. Course records; amateur, A Ainsworth, 71; professional, A White 67. The nine-hole course was at Bramshalll two and a half miles from the station. Sunday play allowed.

Below a report on the seventh annual meeting in April 1934.


Uttoxeter Golf Club, Staffordshire. Report on the seventh annual meeting in April 1934.

From the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 14 April 1934.


In the finals of the annual competitions at Bramhall on Saturday 8th September 1934 T D Potter beat M Longson 2 and 1 in the captain's competition and H B Griffin beat  G Nixon 8 and 6 in the president's cup.

The ladies' annual meeting was held at Bramshall in November 1934, the following officers were elected; President, Mrs A C Bunting; captain, Miss H Tatlow; vice-captain, Mrs A G Baker; hon. secretary, Mrs G Surtees; committee - Mrs H J Bamford, Miss E Hawthorn, Miss G Wilks; Mrs T V Bagshaw, Mrs S T Babb.

In June 1939 the Uttoxeter Golf Club entertained Leek Westwood in a club match on the Bramshall course. Winning pairs for Uttoxeter were F F Hawthorn and M Longson, T B Dwyer and T Smith, A A Bates and T Jones, while H B Griffin and G Surtees (captain) halved their game.

In 1940 and 1947 the membership was 130. Course records were amateur F C Bartlam (67) and professional A Ainsworth (70).

Uttoxeter Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.

The current club has been in existence since 1975.

The Google Map below shows Bramshall, the location of the later course. If anyone can help with the exact location please get in touch via the "Contact Us" facility on the website homepage.