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Royal Leamington Spa Ladies' Golf Club. (1889 - WW1)

Founded 1889 as the Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club, the course was also used by North Warwickshire and Leamington Ladies. The club was playing under the name of The Royal Leamington Spa Ladies Golf Club by 1891. The "Royal" prefix disappeared in the early 1900s. They had their own 9 hole undulating course with hazards of hurdles, hedges and a pond, the course was situated on Lillington Road, Leamington, although the first recorded competition was reported to be on a course on Kenilworth Road. Stations were Leamington (GWR) 1 mile and (L+NWR) ½ mile.

Entry from the Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92 - "Royal Leamington Spa Ladies' Golf Club, Instituted April 1890; Entrance Fee, 2 shillings and sixpence; Annual Subscription, 7s/6d; Number of members, 48; President, Mrs Gaitskell; Secretary - Miss Saunders, Endwood, Holly Walk; ; Green - Campion Hills; Committee - Miss M Jones, Miss Sidebottom, Miss P Stanger-Leathes, Miss L Sidebottom, Mrs Maillard, Miss Mitchell, Miss M Saunders, Mrs Carson, Miss Hinks and Mrs Horsfall. The Badger Dish, a Silver Challenge Trophy, and the club prize, are played for monthly under handicap.

Also listed in the Golfing Annual 1891-92 was the North Warwickshire Ladies' Golf Club; Instituted March 21st 1889; Entrance Fee, five shillings; Annual Subscriptions (Playing Members) 7s/6d; Non-Playing Members, 5s; Gentlemen Associates, 5s; Number of members, 102 - Gentlemen Associates, 48; President, R O Milne; Vice-Presidents - Rev. J Dawkins and G Savile; Captain, Miss A Clarke; Committee - Mrs Ashton, Miss Dawkins, Miss A Langton Clarke and Miss Middleton; Secretary - Miss Chambers, Eastwood Lodge, Leamington; Green-keeper, Mr Lay; Green - Kenilworth Road. Prize winners in 1891; Silver Challenge Bowl, Miss A Dawkins; Club Gold Medal - March, Miss Mackenzie; May, Miss A Dawkins; October, Miss A Dawkins; Silver Medals - February; Miss Ward, 87-12-75; March; Miss Crane,93-9-84; April; Miss A Dawkins, 77 scratch; October; Miss A Clarke, 88 scratch; November; Miss Middleton, 93 scratch; Silver Sugar Basin; March, Miss Mackenzie, 85; April, Miss A Dawkins, 86; May, Miss Dawkins, 77; September, Miss Chambers, 109; October, Miss Ward, 94; November, Miss G Stanger-Leathes, 108. It is a nine-hole course about a mile from town. The hazards consist of two hedges, a pond and natural declivities in the ground. There are two pavilions. 

From 1906 to 1908 the secretary was Miss Chambers, 20 Lilligton Road, Leamington and the captain Miss Humphreys. There was a membership of 100 at this time. Entry fee was 10/-  subs were £1 for a single lady member, two or more in a family 15/- each, gentlemen associates 15/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 10/- a month.

From 1911 to 1913 the secretary was Miss H Cave, 44 Heath Terrace, Leamington the professional was Andrew Ball. In 1913 membership was 130 and visitors’ fees were now 1/6 a day, 6/- a week and 15/- a month.

The monthly competition for the Badger silver challenge fruit dish took place on Wednesday February 4th 1891. Result; Miss Oldfield, 102-25-77; Miss Maud Saunders, 100-17-83; Mrs Gaitskell, 93-6-87; Miss Saunders, 87 scratch; Miss Mitchell, 119-18-101; Miss Dutton, 138-33-105.

On Wednesday the 18th February 1891 the ladies played for the monthly Mayor’s prize. It was won by Miss Maud Saunders, 95-15-80. Other scores; Miss Oldfield, 103-17-86; Miss Neva Saunders, 110-20-90; Mrs Gaitskell, 98-6-92; Miss Nina Dutton, 139-33-106.

Result of a match against Kenilworth Ladies played on the Campion Hill course on Monday 8th June 1891.

RLS Ladies   Kenilworth Ladies  
Miss G Stanger-Leathes 1 Mrs Smith-Turberville 0
Miss Fortune 6 Mrs W Mitchell 0
Miss M Saunders 15 Mrs Carter 0
Miss Saunders 10 Miss Clarke 0
Miss N Saunders 10 Miss N Allen 0
Miss M Jones 11 Miss Jones 0
  53   0

Mrs Flavel with a score of 105-25-80 won the Badger silver fruit dish monthly competition played on Wednesday June 10th 1891. Mrs Flavel also won the Mayor’s cup on the same day with a net 69.

On Saturday 6th April 1889 fourteen members of the Warwickshire Ladies’ Golf Club competed for a dozen golf balls, kindly presented by Mr Montgomery Patterson, over their new course on the Kenilworth Road, this could have been an earlier location. Play began at 2.30 in weather that could not have been more perfect for golf, there was little wind and bright sunshine which aided the scoring on the ever improving course. The golf balls were divided into two prizes, eight for the winner and four for the runner-up. Result below.

Miss Middleton 45 49 94
Miss A Langton Clarke 49 47 96
Miss Mackenzie 51 47 98
Miss D Mackenzie 53 47 100
Miss Radcliffe 50 50 100
Miss Gray 55 52 107
Miss Gibsone 53 55 108
Miss Bradshaw 63 48 111
Miss Chambers 64 69 133
Miss K Combe 57 77 134
Miss G Stanger Leathes 68 70 138
Miss Ward 76 68 144
Miss Edmann NR    
Miss Carter NR    

Details below of a mixed foursomes match between the Captain and Secretaries teams played at the end of March 1900.

Captains   Secretaries  
Miss A Whieldon & Mr T Kinmond 0 Miss L Craddock & Mr J R Clive 3
Miss Humphreys & Mr G Parratt 3 Miss C D Allen & Rev H Sutthery 0
Mrs Lomax & Mr J C Kinmond 6 Miss H Allen & Mr W Stevenson 0
Miss Wall & Mr F R Davis 4 Miss Baly & Mr J Corbett 0
Mrs Christie & Mr J Mitchell 0 Miss N Whieldon & Rev P R Cleave 4
Miss D Hiron & Mr H Jameson 4 Miss Christie & Mr V Richards 0
  17   7

Result of the Leamington Ladies’ (Royal prefix has disappeared) spring meeting, played in April 1903; Miss Wall, 87-14-73; Miss P Wall, 84-7-77; Miss Craddock, 85-8-77; Miss Parratt, 91-14-77; Miss M Morris, 92-15-77; Mrs French, 108-29-77; Mrs Wall, 114-37-77; Mrs Reade, 97-16-81;Miss D Hiron, 101-16-85.  


Royal Leamington Spa Ladies' Golf Club. Location of the former course.

Location of the Royal Leamington Spa Ladies course. Grid reference SP32235,66910, co-ordinates 432235,266910.