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Warwick Golf Club. (WW1 - WW2)

On this website there are separate entries for the three defunct Warwick clubs; The Warwickshire Golf Club founded in 1886 (changed name to Warwickshire County Golf Club in 1912) closed prior to WW1; Warwick Borough Golf Club from 1911 to 1919; Warwick Golf Club existed between the two wars. 

The Warwick Golf Club came into being following the closure of the former Warwickshire (County) Golf Club at the time of WW1.

In November 1916 a meeting was held in the Court House for the purpose of forming a golf club. It was proposed by Lord Ilkeston and seconded by Mr Smith-Turberville that a club be formed. It was decided that a guarantee fund be raised to purchase the pavilion and other property of the old Warwickshire County Golf Club, now wound up. It was reported in December that the club had purchased the pavilion etc. at reasonable prices.

Mr H Smith-Turberville was elected first captain of the new Warwick Golf Club in 1917.

The annual meeting was held at the Woolpack Hotel on Tuesday 15th April 1919, the vice-captain, A W Bradshaw, in the chair. The annual report and balance sheet, presented by Mr L J Ellison, joint secretary, showed that was a credit balance of £4/10s. It was pointed out that £84 was owing on account of the pavilion. Membership was 80 gentlemen and 23 ladies and there was a good chance that this would improve.  It was stated that the club had engaged a new green-keeper, Mr Neale, from Milverton Golf Club. It was hoped that the course would soon be up to the standard it achieved prior to the war. Mr H Smith-Turberville resigned as captain as he was leaving the area. He was thanked for the hard work he had put into the formation and welfare of the club. Mr S C Smith was elected captain.; A W Bradshaw, vice-captain; Dr R Bullock and T Bromwich, joined the committee; A Trafford,  re-elected treasurer; L J Ellison and J W Mason, joint secretaries. Owing to the rising cost of maintaining the course it was decided to increase the annual subscriptions from£1 to £1/10s for men and 10s to 15s for ladies.

At the annual meeting in February 1920 the following were elected; A W Bradshaw, captain; Dr Bullock, vice-captain; G Bray, hon. secretary; Mrs Crouch, ladies' captain; Mrs Hewitson, secretary.

Report from March 1920.


Warwick Golf Club. Report on the club from March 1920.

Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser Saturday 20th March 1920.


The Old Warwickshire Golf Club - now known as the "Wanderers" - by the kind permission of the Warwick Golf Club played a competition on the course, which was in wonderful condition, in June 1920, result; A W Pearson, 98-13-85; H S Sowdon, 102-15-87; Brig-Gen A E Wiggin, 105-16-89; H W Bainbridge, 89 scratch; Rev C J Reade, 110-21-89; S C Smith, 105-15-90; Dr Roger Bullock, 103-12-91; H Smith-Turberville, 102-10-92; Lieut.-Col R Airth Richardson, 112-20-92; A L Chance, 114-15-99; Major F C Hunter Blair and P H Harvey no return,

Things had taken a turn for the worst by February 1921. The club was £70 in debt and subscriptions would have to be raised.

In February 1922 applications were invited for membership by the secretary, H P Foster, 31 Hampton Street. Entrance fees - 10s - Subscriptions  - Ladies, £1/2s/6d  and Gents, £2. An Artisan section had been formed , subscription 10s.

Leading scores in a stroke competition played in July 1924; R G Webster, 75-6-69 (wins 12 golf balls); R E Jelley, 87-11-76 (six balls); W Toney, 88-11-77 (three balls); C Harris, 84-7-77; J Rouse, 90-12-78; P C Nicholls, 90-12-78; W Harvey, 97-16-81; Jack Rouse, 85-3-82; C Malin, 91-9-82; J Groves, 93-11-82; T Hawkins, 89-6-83; Mrs Crouch, 103-19-84; C Jones, 98-14-84; H A Bullock, 104-20-84; Bert Groves, 97-12-85.


Warwick Golf Club. Location of the golf course on the 1925 O.S map.

The Warwick Golf Club Course. Reproduced from the {1925} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Rose Bowl Competition  played in December 1925 ended in a tie; C Malin and H Porter, 84net; G Grainger, 86; A Marshall, 87; P Nicholls, 87; J Pinfold, 89; A Yardley, 89; J Groves, 91; H A Bullock, 96; P Yeomans 97; W J Wallin, 107; A W Payne, 114; A C Preye, 114; R Jelly no return.

Result of the July 1926 Artisan monthly medal; Jack Rouse (captain), 74net; J Groves, 78; C Malin, 79; G Granger, 79; F Yardley, 80; R Jelly, 84, A Marshall, 85; P Yeomans, 89; F Taylor, 88; W F Wallin, 89; B Kirby, 90; P Collier, 91.

It was reported in January 1928 that the Warwick Golf Club "was practically dormant".  It was hoped that the Corporation would take over and make it a municipal course. A petition of over 200 signatures was sent to the Town Clerk requesting that the Council take over the Warwick club.

In March 1928 it was announced that the Town Council would not take up the opportunity of running the course.  Steps were taken by the members of the club to run the course as a private concern. The following officials were elected; President, John Lancaster; vice-presidents - including The Mayor of Warwick (Coun A Tandy) and Lord Ilkeston; secretary, H E Richards.

Leading scores in the May 1930 monthly medal; A Akerman, 84-14-70; J Rouse, 82-6-76; C Harris, 86-7-79; F Hopkins, 90-10-80; H E Richards, 92-10-82; F R Hurrell, 98-16-82.

In the June 1930 monthly medal the players were hampered by the growth of grass on the common. The absence of fairways was making it difficult to find balls. Less than half the players retuned cards, the winner was S Taylor, 77net.

Claud Harris won the Challenge Cup in November 1930 beating Fred Hopkins by 7&6.

In August 1931 the club were presented with a silver Challenge Shield formerly owned by the former Warwickshire Golf Club. It was first played for in 1892 and was awarded annual until 1913. It had not been played for since.

At the annual meeting in February 1934 it was reported that membership had increased from 73 to 98. The accounts showed a balance in hand of £31/9/10. Improvements had been made to the clubhouse and course and a full time professional and green-keeper had been employed. Results of competitions; Club Challenge Cup - J Heather; Carter Carnival Cup - F Taylor; silver shield of the Warwickshire Club - H A Reeves; Hurrell Memorial Cup - R V Johnson; Carter Minor Cup; H A Reeves; Silver Tea Caddie - Mrs H R Gedge.

A satisfactory report was give at the annual meeting held in the clubhouse on Tuesday 10th March 1936, Lord Ilkeston, the president, presided. Club competition winners; Club Challenge Cup - R V Johnson; Carter Memorial Cup - G H Smith; Silver Shield - A Smith; Hurrell Memorial Cup - H A Reeves; Carter Minor Cup - H R Gedge; Silver Tea Caddie - Mrs Gedge. The following officers were elected in addition to the president; vice presidents - C D Chadband; T Lloyd Evans; Councillor C Holmes; Brig-General E A Wiggin; Major R B Palmer; Captain H P Foster; secretary, H A Reeves; treasurer, W E Constable; captain - G Kean.

It was reported in February 1938 that the club had decided to approach the Corporation with a view to the creation of an 18-hole Municipal Course. It was felt that a municipal course would be an asset to the town as well as the golfers.

The annual meeting was held in January 1939, Lord Ilkeston (President), in the chair. Twelve new members had joined during the year. Mr Henry Thistleton was to replace Mr A Edgington as secretary. There was a balance in the bank of  £23/13/6. The following trophies were presented; Club Challenge and Hurrell Memorial - H Thistleton; Carter Minor Cup and Club Shield - F W Clarke; Carter Carnival Cup - W Elkins. H Gedge was elected captain.

It was reported in April 1940 that owing to the fact that many of the members had joined the forces it was decided to suspend activities for the duration of the war. The announcement was made by Mr H Thistleton, the hon. secretary. The racetrack and golf course was used by the military during the 1940s.

An attempt was made to reinstate the club in 1949. Mr H Thistleton, the secretary of the Warwick club, was at the forefront in trying to push the club forward.

Unfortunately, despite the valiant effort of the secretary, it was announced by the Estates Committee that the construction of a golf course would not be undertaken. The golf pavilion on the common was purchased by the Council for £20.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course. The current nine-hole course of the Warwick Golf Centre (designed 1971) can be seen to the north.