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Rowington Golf Club, Warwickshire. (1890s)

The only appearance found for the club is from the Golfing Annual 1891/92, entry below.

Rowington Golf Club – Instituted 1891; Entrance Fee, Ten shillings; Annual Subscription, Ten Shillings; Number of members, 11; President, James Booth; Treasurer, Rev. F M Brodie; Committee – At present all members; Secretary – C Falcon, Chessetts Wood, Hockley Heath; Green – Rowington; Green-keeper, John Avern

The course is situated about a mile and a half from Kingswood Station (GWR.) It at present consists of only six-holes, the distances between them varying in length from 170 to 395 yards. The principal hazards are hedges. Play is practically impossible from May to September, owing to the length of the grass.

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