Kenilworth Golf Club, Castle Course. (1889 - 1937)

Founded in 1889.

The following is from a report on the opening of the club which took place on Thursday 12 February 1891. In fine weather the new golf links adjoining Kenilworth Castle were opened, about 40 people were present at the opening. Among them were; Mrs Smith-Tuberville; Mrs Minton; Misses Whalley; Mrs and Miss Midddleton; Misses Sidebotham; Mrs and Miss Jones (the Vicarage); Miss Gem; Dr F Smith; H Clarke and others. Mr H Smith-Tuberville, the Hon secretary, declared the links open and then invited the captain of the club, Mr T Latham, to hit the opening drive in a friendly foursome match, played between Mr Latham and Dr Bourne against Harold Smith and W Hillman, representing the neighbouring club at Coventry. The captain’s first drive was “far and sure” the outcome of the match was a victory to the visitors. The secretary had gone to great lengths to make sure the course was in good order, and the putting greens were excellent for a new course, reflecting to great credit the local well known cricketer Tom Mitchener (who must have had some input on the laying of the greens). The course was described as an interesting one, there being a 10 foot hedge to be “carried” on most of the nine holes. Supposing these be successfully negotiated the course of 18 holes should be done by a fairly good player in 95 to 100 strokes. The club had about 70 members but they were hopeful this figure would quickly grow.

Result of a ladies match played against Royal Leamington Spa Ladies at Kenilworth on Wednesday 17 June 1891.

Kenilworth Ladies Golf Club   Royal Leamington Spa Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Smith-Turberville 1 Miss G Stanger-Leathes 0
Mrs W Mitchell 4 Miss M Saunders 0
Miss Clarke 0 Miss Saunders 16
Mrs Carter 0 Miss N Saundres 7
Miss N Allen 0 Miss M Jones 6
Miss C Allen 0 Mrs Gaitskell 16
  5   45

Below is a report on the arrangements for competitions in October 1892.

It’s also interesting in as much as it mentions a Royal Warwickshire Golf Club, and, what would be, an early Forest of Arden Golf Club.


Kenilworth Golf Club, Warwickshire. Arrangements for competitions to be played in October 1892.

From the Leamington Spa Courier Saturday 1 October 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below is the result of a match played against Arden Golf Club at Solihull on Saturday 15 October 1892. 

Arden Golf Club   Kenilworth Golf Club  
F A Bainbridge 6 T Latham 0
O Airy 5 V Jepson 0
Rev G W Barnard 0 Dr E K Bourne 4
A E W Browne 3 H R Hands 0
A G Tonks 4 J Sidebottom 0
J F Wright 5 C G Middleton 0
  23   4

Results from the golf week which concluded on Saturday 7 October 1893; Open Silver Challenge Shield (scratch) Rev R Moncrieff, Warwickshire Golf Club, 87, Harold Smith, Coventry GC, 88; Ladies’ Silver Challenge Shield, Miss Drake, North Warwickshire, 105; Gentlemen’s Captaincy, Dr Bourne, 91 scratch; Ladies’ Captaincy, Mrs Frank Smith, 99 scratch.

On Tuesday 17 October 1893 Kenilworth visited the Warwickshire Golf Club and played on the opening day of the Autumn Meeting, result of the one sided match, played in torrential rain, below.

Warwickshire Golf Club   Kenilworth Golf Club  
W Bouch 0 F M G Abell 1
G F Twist 11 T Latham 0
F C Hunter Blair 8 W Hillman 0
G W Hume 3 F H Mitchell 0
F Smith 1 Dr Bourne 0
Hon R H Lyttleton 1 T Brown 0
F A Bainbridge 0 U Jepson 1
C G Graham 14 C G Middleton 0
  38   2

Competition result from March 1894.


Kenilworth Golf Club, Castle Course. Competition result from March 1894.



On Tuesday 7 May 1895 the ladies’ played a match against Hagley at Kenilworth, result below. 

Kenilworth Ladies   Hagley Ladies  
Miss M F Verrall 2 Mrs Chance 0
Mrs Smith-Turberville 2 Miss N King 0
Miss Darlington 4 Miss M King 0
Miss G Jepson 7 Mrs Grazebrook 0
Mrs Mitchell 10 Miss Harrison 0
Mrs O'Leary 11 Miss M Webb 0
  36   0

On Thursday 9 May the ladies’ played for the monthly prize, result as follows; Mrs Carter, 116-38-78; Mrs Mayfield, 134-44-90; Mrs Smith-Turberville, 100-9-91; Mrs O’Leary; 102-8-94; Mrs Mitchell, 105-10-95; Miss Gem, 115-19-96; Miss Sidebottom, no return. 

Result of a match played at Wolverhampton in June 1895.


Kenilworth Golf Club, Castle Course. Result of a match played at Wolverhampton in June 1895.



Result of a one sided match played at Coventry against Kenilworth on Wednesday 12 September 1900. 

Coventry Golf Club   Kenilworth Golf Club  
W Hillman 6 P Homfray 0
H Robertson 2 E Matterson 0
S Cash 0 H Smith-Turberville 0
F Smith 4 F Pearson 0
R Hill 10 J Kinmond 0
J Fenton 4 J A T Woodward 0
  26   0

Result of the president’s prize played on Saturday 15 September 1900; H R Hands (11), all square; G J Homfray (7), 1down; H Walker (8) 1down.

Below, result of a match played against Atherstone on the Castle course on Saturday 19 February 1904. 

Kenilworth Golf Club   Atherstone Golf Club  
J Wall 1 A H Smith 0
H R Hands 1 A W Phillips 0
G J Homfray 1 R D Crum 0
K O Homfray (half) 0 Dr Bourne (half) 0
R O Franklin 0 G B Blakesley 1
T Kinmond 0 Rev R Chadwick 1
F Carter 0 H Dyson 1
D Marriage 1 J H Shilton 0
J H Bales 0 A H Barnes 1
J A T Woodward 1 C H K Phillips 0
  5   4

The following information is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Nine-holes; Membership of 150; Secretary, H R Hands, "The Hollies," Kenilworth; Captain, Dr E Kemp Bourne; professional, J Hubbard; Amateur record, H H Hilton, 71; Entrance fee, £1/1s and subs £1/10s; Visitors' fees, 1/- a day and 2/6 a week. "The course is situated in very pretty scenery with a good view of the old historic castle. There is a most comfortable clubhouse, heated with hot water. Telephone, and all conveniences. Hot and cold luncheons can also be obtained."

Also listed was the Kenilworth Ladies' Golf Club; Instituted in 1890; Hon, secretary, Mrs W H Mitchell, Elmdene, Kenilworth; Captain Mrs H Hinks; Entrance fee, £1/1s and subs £1/10s. "The ladies play over the gentlemen's course."

Below, result of a home match played against Leamington on Saturday 12 April 1913. 

Kenilworth Golf Club   Leamington Golf Club  
F W Clive 1 W H Stamp 0
H R Clive 0 S Booth 1
H R Hands 1 L Booth 0
G J Homfray 1 G Lord 0
T J Addenbrooke 0 E Hains 1
Colonel Mallock 1 S Straw 0
C H Passman 0 H P Smith 1
J Woodward 0 E Berrington 1
W H Spencer 0 W W Jones 1
T Kinmond 1 J Tonkin 0
  5   5

Result of a match played at Kenilworth against Coventry Hearsall Golf Club on Saturday 4 August 1928.

Kenilworth Golf Club   Coventry Hearsall Golf Club  
E Booth & S Booth 1 L Booth & G Horne 0
H Whetter & A Wilson 1 A Harris & H Burbidge 0
J Moxon & S Baker 0 E Edwards & J Lyford 1
A Tomlinson & R Jones 0 G Farren & F Smith 1
L Catherall & F Swift 1 D Sharp & J Arnold 0
L Gamble & A Blunt 0 H Dexter & H Coulson 1
F Vaughan & B Floyd (half) 0 H Heald & F Cummings (half) 0
  3   3

In the early 1930s the secretary was R Hole, Spencer House, Kenilworth. The professional was C Smith. Membership was 200. Amateur course record, F H Clive 70. Visitors; 2s/6d a day, 5s on Sundays, 10s a week.

After nearly 50 years at the Castle Farm site, and with the need for more space, the club moved to Villiers Hill in 1937.


Kenilworth Golf Club, Warwickshire. Location of the earlier golf course.

Location of the Castle Farm course. Grid reference SP28040,71590, co-ordinates 428040,271590.