Hagley Golf Club, Worcestershire. (1891 - 1900s)

Founded in 1891.

Viscount Cobham was the President, and the following temporary committee was elected; Hammond Smith, G F Chance, Lionel Roberts, H T Williams, E F Chance and W K Harrison. It was their brief to lay out the links, select members and make all the necessary arrangements for the opening of the club. The nine-hole course was situated on the Monument Hill on land belonging to the President. It was hoped that the course would be opened in early 1892.

The Professionals; Daniel Brown, 1891 – 93; W Veness, 1893 – 1904.

From The Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92:-

"Hagley Golf Club, Instituted 18 December 1891; Annual Subscription - Gentlemen, £1/1s; Ladies, Seven Shillings and Sixpence; Number of Members, 101; President, Viscount Cobham; Provisional Committee - G F Chance, E F Chance, H Hammond Smith, H P Parkes, W K Harrison and W L Roberts; Secretary - H Tresyllian Williams, Rockingham Hall, Hagley; Green-keeper, Daniel Brown.

The course, consisting of nine-holes, is situated on somewhat hilly ground called the Monument Hill, belonging to Viscount Cobham, and the scenery and views from there are very fine and the air bracing. The hazards are trees, ravines, gorse and a pond."  

Result of the February 1894 monthly medal.


Hagley Golf Club, Worcestershire. Result of the February 1894 monthly medal.



The AGM was held at the clubhouse in March 1895. The Reverend J H Bourne addressed the well attended meeting. The club was reported to be financially sound , the following officers were elected; President, Viscount Cobham; Captain, Mr G Macpherson; Secretary and treasurer, W H Grazebrook. Result of the monthly medal; Rev J H Bourne, 82 – 5 – 77; E F Chance, 78 + 1 – 79; W K Hamson, 93 – 13 – 80; H T Williams, 94 – 11 – 83; H J Stobart, 94 – 10 – 84; F Grazebrook, 101 – 16 – 85.

Below is the result of a one-sided ladies’ match played at Kenilworth on Tuesday 7 May 1895. 

Kenilworth Golf Club   Hagley Golf Club  
Miss M F Verrall 2 Mrs Chance 0
Mrs Smith-Turberville 2 Miss N King 0
Miss Darlington 4 Miss M King 0
Miss G Jepson 7 Mrs Grazebrook 0
Mrs Mitchell 10 Miss Harrison 0
Mrs O'Leary 11 Miss M Webb 0
  36   0

Below is the result of another one sided ladies’ match played at King's Norton against Hagley in November 1897. 

King's Norton Golf Club   Hagley Golf Club  
Miss Wolseley 11 Mrs Chance 0
Miss Shufflebotham 0 Miss N King 0
Miss Morgan 2 Miss M King 0
Mrs Holcroft 8 Miss Webb 0
Mrs C Green 12 Miss A Webb 0
  33   0

Below, result of a match played against Dudley at Hagley on Saturday 4 March 1899.

Hagley Golf Club   Dudley Golf Club  
W H Grazebrook 7 A H Bassano 0
G Macpherson 5 J W Nayler 0
C K Harrison 2 W H Thompson 0
H T King 2 J S Morris 0
Rev H Bourne 0 S G Hooper 3
G B Gibbons 0 C W Bassano 5
L Bradley 2 H E Garratt 0
  18   8

Results of the Easter competitions played in April 1900; bogey competition, W H Grazebrook (1) all square; G Macpherson (3) 1down; L Bradley (10) 5down; handicap competition, E Bradley, 96-15-81; H J Stobart, 95-14-81; E F Chance, 83 scratch; W H Grazebrook, 89-2-87; L Bradley, 100-13-87;  36 hole scratch prize, E F Chance, 80 & 83 – 163; mixed foursome, Mr and  Mrs E F Chance, 85-1 ½-83½; W H Grazebrook and Mrs H T Williams, 89-14½-84½.

Result of a match played at Dudley Golf Club in October 1902.

Dudley Golf Club   Hagley Golf Club  
A H Bassano 0 W H Grazebrook 4
J W Nayler 2 E Vaughan 0
C W Bassano 11 E C Lowndes 0
F S Turner (halved) 0 H F King (halved) 0
S G Hooper 5 G F Simms 0
W H Thompson 0 A M Fairbairn 1
L Lewis (professional) 0 E Veness (professional) 2
  18   7

It was reported in 1907 that "It may interest members of the late Hagley Golf Club to learn that E Veness, who was professional at the Hagley Club until its abandonment has been appointed professional at Dudley Golf Club."  


Hagley Golf Club, Worcestershire. Former course location,

Location of the early Hagley course.