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Broadway Golf Club. (1895 - 1910)

Founded in 1895, the original, rather haphazard course was located in Deans Meadow, a later course was laid out on the hill below Broadway Tower. The club moved to its current location in 1910.

Dr Charles Turner Standring, a keen sportsman, he had associations with the local Cricket, Football and Tennis Clubs and it was this charismatic character who founded the golf club. 

Below is the result of a match played at Evesham on Saturday 21st January 1899. 

Evesham Golf Club   Broadway Golf Club  
A E Smith (Bridge Street) 8 C T Standring 0
H J Smith 0 A Renfrew 2
A E Smith (The Lyngs) 5 Capt Rodgers 0
A E Baker 1 H H Smith 0
W G Smith 5 J Shaw-Stewart 0
  19   2

Result of a nine-hole ladies medal competition was played in May 1903; Mrs Standring, 55-22-33; Miss Morgan, 66-27-39; Miss Bruce, 69-27-42; Mrs Clegg, 73-27-46; Mrs Webster, 95-36-59.

In the 1905 January bogey competition the winner was Dr Stranding, the secretary, 1up. Mr E Jones was second all square.

Result of the 1905 March Bogey and Cup; A F de Navarro (24) 7up; W Browne (36) 3up; S Flower (12) 2up; H G Clegg (16) 1down; C T Standring (7) 2down; G Pemberton (18) 2down; W Leggatt (30) 3down; R S P Duncomb (27) 4down; F Jones (30) 6down; W Evans (36) 6down.

Result of the Easter bogey competition April 1906; J R P Sandford (20) 5up; C T Standring (9) 5up; Rev. C A Baker (20) 4up; R S P Duncomb (24) 4up; G Pemberton (20) 3up; V A S Stow (16) 2down; J M Pritchard (24) 3down; Rev. R B Hall (27) 5down; J Colfax (20) 6down.

From the Gloucestershire Echo Friday 23rd December 1910 – “An excellent new nine-hole course has been laid out for the Broadway Golf Club by A J Hobley, professional to the Cheltenham Golf Club. The links are right on the top of the hills, the first tee being close to the well-known Fish Inn. Four of the holes are over 400 yards in length.    

The Google Map below pinpoints Broadway Tower. The second course was located on the hill below the Tower.