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North Worcestershire Golf Club, Northfield, Birmingham. (1900s - 2016)

Originally known as Northfield Golf club in the early 1900s.

It became North Worcestershire Golf Club in 1907/8.

Sadly, after over 110 years, the North Worcestershire Golf Club closed on March 31st 2016.


North Worcestershire Golf Club. Exhibition match Braid v Vardon.

Exhibition Match at NWGC in 1912, Braid against Vardon.


The following message appeared on the club website:-

"It is with great sadness and deep regret that we have to inform you of the closure of our beloved Club. We have made every effort possible to retain North Worcestershire Golf Club as a viable Golf Club including special membership deals, expanding society golf offers and investigating the possibility of creating a 9 hole course or even retaining the clubhouse just as a social venue.

Despite all our efforts the financial constraints brought about by a steadily reducing membership over many years means that the Management Committee of NWGC have sadly decided that the Golf Course will close on the last day of March 2016."


North Worcestershire Golf Club. Later Scorecard.

Later Scorecard.


North Worcestershire Golf Club. Course Planner.

Course planner.


Hole Names; One - Grafton's Plateau; Two - Braids Best; Three - The Presidents; Four - Sand Traps; Five - Clubhouse; Six - Franklyn; Seven - The Beech; Eight - Sherwood; Nine - Masonleys; Ten - Dingle; Eleven - Metcalf; Twelve - Chambers; Thirteen - Woddbrook; Fourteen - Birkett; Fifteen - Lickey View; Sixteen - Austin Rise; Seventeen - Sandpits; Eighteen - Cadbury. 


North Worcestershire Golf Club. The Original Clubhouse.

The Original Clubhouse.


North Worcestershire Golf Club. The Later Clubhouse.

The Later Clubhouse.


Thanks to Christoph Meister for supplying the above images.


North Worcestershire Golf Club. The course.


North Worcestershire Golf Club. View of the course.

Views of the course.


In 1905 Edward Cadbury stated that he was prepared to allow up to fifty people to play on his private golf course (a short 9-holes at Woodbrooke between Griffins Hill and Bournville) at a fee of £1for twelve months, Mr. Cadbury reserved the right to cancel the concession at any time.

An enthusiasm for golf having been aroused, Oliver J. Chambers, one of the leading individuals, approached the late Thomas Quinney as to the possibility of playing golf on Mason Leys Farm. Ultimately a lease was arranged at a rent of £35 per annum, of sufficient land for nine holes subject to the conditions that no hedges were to be cut, there should be no Sunday play and that no dogs should be allowed on account of the grazing of sheep over the land.

A meeting was held, attended by fifty six people, at which it was agreed to form a Golf Club to be called “Northfield Golf Club” (It eventually became North Worcestershire Golf Club.)

Franklin Davis was elected President with T. E. Davis Hon Treasurer and Oliver J. Chambers Hon. Secretary.

The Kings Norton professional, W E Lewis, laid out the initial nine-hole course for a nominal fee. A local gardener charged the club £2 to build the tees and greens. There were no artificial bunkers, the hedges being considered sufficient hazards. The fairways were cut by a horse drawn machine and the rough had to be scythed, the members helping with this work.

The North Worcestershire Golf Club course was extended to eighteen-holes under the supervision of  James Braid who visited the club in 1909.  The extended course was eventually opened in 1912 with a match between James Braid who scored 79 and Harry Vardon with 74. Braid charged the club 10 guineas plus expenses..  

Although many improvements were made to the course over the years the general layout remained as planned by Braid.

Result of the February 1914 monthly medal; W D Cheshire, 93-17-76; Norman Twist, 98-15-83; C H Wakeman, 103-17-86; H G S Thornton, 106-19-87; O Sewell, 110-23=87; F Crewe Roden, 105-16-89.

Below are the results of matches played against Leamington Golf Club (also now defunct) in May 1914.

The first teams at Leamington.

Leamington Golf Club   North Worcestershire Golf Club  
D Heasman (4&3) 1 J B Reece 0
W Heasman (2&1) 1 H L Meach 0
E A Harris (2up) 1 B Holdsworth 0
G Lord (6&5) 1 F Gumbler 0
W W Jones (1up) 1 R W Greenwood 0
S Straw (half) 0 H Newton Adams (half) 0
J K Tonkin (2up) 1 A Measures 0
E Berrington (3&1) 1 H B Hartill 0
A Dean (2up) 1 F E Hands 0
  8   0

The second teams at Northfield.

North Worcestershire Golf Club   Leamington Golf Club  
A James (6&5) 1 A Hartley 0
J Hallam (6&5) 1 W A Skelton 0
W J Lowe (4&3) 1 P Collins 0
J P McGuire (5&3) 1 T T Bromwich 0
N Twist (half) 0 S Carbis (half) 0
C Wakeman (half) 0 E J Wright (half) 0
J W Parker (1up) 1 H E Major 0
  5   0

Result of the January 1930 monthly medal; Division 1 - C D Gilbert, 82-7-75; F J Huhn, 83-8-75; G Longland, 82-5-77; J T Wheeler, 78 scratch; F C Buckley, 87-9-78; R J Austin, 82-3-79; Division 2 - P V Goodwin, 87-13-74; H Bailey, 95-17-78; F W George, 92-12-80; Division 3 - J C S Branson, 99-20-79; T Grant Dixon, 102-22-80.

In 1932/3 the secretary was C L Holding, 14 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham; Membership of 370; Professional, M J Walker; Amateur course record, J T Wheeler, 69; Professional course record, H L Sutton, 69; Visitors on introduction, 2s/6d a day; weekend, 3/6.

It was reported in May 1939 that The North Worcestershire Golf Club had decided to reduce green-fees for the duration of the war; weekdays1s/6d a round and 2/6 a day; weekend 2/6 a round and 4/- a day.

Result of a match played at Gay Hill Golf Club in July 1939.

Gay Hill Golf Club   North Worcestershire Golf Club  
E Dent & G Dent 0 E L McEnroe & A C Wilcox 1
H Tyler & D Bowen 0 R Burke & R H Harvey 1
J Brown & F Westwood 1 W R Heeley & L E Mottram 0
H Cooke & A D Lyon 1 W L Brookes & H L Cattell 0
A C Bacon & H G Bloore 0 J A Blackham & E L Howell 1
D Bain & J H Gay 1 F H Robottom & T R Eastwood 0  

Result of the March 1940 running bogey; R H Nix (5), 2up; J P Pickup (14), all square.  

In the early 1950s the secretary was K Bayliss, 11 Hermitage Road, Edgbaston; professional, F T Sumner and green-keeper A E Hodgetts; Membership of 320; Amateur course record, R H Crump 68; Professional course record, K J Hooker, 64; The 18-hole course had a Par of  73 and a SSS of 72; Visitors' fees on intro, 2s/6d a round and 4/- a day.