Comberton Golf Club, Kidderminster. (1909 - 1921)

The club was founded in 1909. 

In 1914 the secretary at Comberton Golf Club was A T Silvers, Somerleyton Avenue, Kidderminster. The professional and green-keeper was Archie Compston (1909 - 1912/3).  A nine-hole course and a membership of 100. Entry fee for gents was 10/6 and ladies 5/- Subs for gents £1/5/0 and ladies 15/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day. Wednesday, Saturday and Bank Holidays it was 2/-a day. 

Following is the result of the March 1914 Comberton Golf Club monthly medal; Division One – F Finney, 87-17-70; W G Gethin, 83-9-74; H S Gethin, 84-8-76; S J Gethin, 87-8-76; A T Cowell, 94-13-81; H E Rose, 98-17-81; A G Viney, 97-15-82; E E Lavers, 93-10-83; G Law junior, 101-12-89; Division Two – H M Gethin, 94-22-72; H S Gadsby, 103-30-73.

Result of the July 1914 monthly medal; Division one - H G Austin, 82-7-75; F F Bennett, 92-17-75; H W Edghill, 91-15-76; A G Viney, 89-13-76; A T Cowell, 90-10-80; J H Smith, 95-14-81; G Law, jun., 99-12-87; Division Two - D Dodds, 94-26-68.


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In 1921 Comberton became Kidderminster Golf Club.