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Pershore Golf Club, Worcestershire. (1893 - 1900s)

The club was founded in 1893. 

Below is the result of a club match played at Pershore against Alcester (also defunct) in March 1894. The weather was fine and the course was in beautiful condition. 

Pershore Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
A E Baker 5 Mr Chance 0
J G Baker 2 E E Jephcott 0
Dr Fisher 0 Mr Williams 4
R J Dorrell 13 Mr James 0
J Mytton 0 Mr Page 3
Dr J G Rusher 3 H Overbury 0
  23   7

Result for the Easter Handicap played in March 1894 on the Pensham course.


Pershore Golf Club, Worcestershire. Result from the Easter Meeting in March 1894.

Worcester Journal Saturday 24th March 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below, result of a one sided match played against Bredon on April 12th 1894 on the Pensham course.

Pershore Golf Club   Bredon Golf Club  
J G Baker 5 T K Ashton 0
A E Baker 10 A Gordon 0
J R Dorrell 5 Rev F W Berry 0
F Fisher 3 J de Winton 0
J G Rusher 3 Rev T Davis 0
  26   0

The Easter Handicap was played on the Pensham course on the 20th April 1894, leading scores (note the handicaps); F Smithin, 121-55-66; R J Dorrell, 100-27-73; A E Baker, 100-20-80; J Mytton, 121-40-81; T Ludow Hewitt, 113-30-83; J G Baker, 104-20-84; Rev T Davis, 133-45-88; S H Greaves, 156-65-91; F Davis, 151-60-91; Rev F W Berry, 117-25-92; E Fisher, 125-32-93. Others made no return or were over 100 net. 

Below is the result of another home club match against Alcester Golf Club played on Saturday 13th April 1895. This should have been a six a side match but the visitors only sent four players. The greens were very fast, which may have accounted for the poor show by the visitors.   

Pershore Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
A E Baker 8 A E Williams 0
J G Baker 5 A M Chance 0
R J Dorrell 0 E Jephcott 1
C T Smith 6 Mr Williams 0
  19   1

Result of the 1895 April monthly medal; J Mytton, 98-34-64; H Heath Smith, 82-9-73; J G Baker, 86-10-76; R J Dorrell, 95-12-83. A E Baker, J G Rusher and C G Humphries, made no returns. The bogey score for the course was 68.

The professional in the early 1900s at Pershore was W Stephenson. 

In May 1904 it seems that the Pershore Golf Club had joined forces with Evesham Golf Club. It was reported that the Spring Meeting of the "Evesham and Pershore Golf Club"was being held.

The Google Map below pinpoints the old race course, was this the location of the old Pershore course? If anyone knows please "Contact Us" via the website homepage.