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Redditch & Walkwood, Worcestershire. (1905 - 1913)

The club was located near Morton Stanley Park and appeared between 1905 and 1913.

Below is the result of a match played at Ipsley in February 1906.

Ipsley Golf Club    Redditch Golf Club  
J H Whitehouse 1 G Lightfoot 0
F R Orpwood 1 G F Jones 0
R D Whitehouse 1 R G Coathupe 0
Canon Newton 1 H Jones  0
E E Browning 1 F Hemming 0
C E James 1 F Hyde 0
P H Joscelyne 0 G Thomas 1
E Warner 1 W H Smith 0
  7   1

Below is the result of a match played at Redditch against Bromsgrove Golf Club in February 1909.

Redditch Golf Club   Bromsgrove Golf Club  
Dr. Stevenson (4&3) 1 A M Alland 0
C E James 0 J H Henderson (7&6) 1
R W Smith 0 C W H Payne (5&4) 1
A Terry 0 C H Smith (half) 0
W Llewellyn (5&3) 1 A V Holyoake 0
H Harper 0 Rev. H Noel Paterson (1up) 1
G Leach 0 W Corbett (4&2) 1
R White (2up) 1 A F Hirst 0
C Curtis (2up) 1 F Neale 0
  4   4

Result of a bogey competition played in December 1911;G H Rollins, 2down;  Rev. L Bradley, 7down; F P Joscelyne, 8down; C Mountford and R W Smith, 9down. The ladies monthly medal was won by Miss E Turner. 

The Google Map below pinpoints the Walkwood Road area and the course would have been in this vicinity.