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Upton-on-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. (1911 - 1940)

Founded in 1911. 

Report on the opening of the course in April 1912.


Upton-on-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. Report on the opening of the golf course in April 1912.

Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer Saturday 30 March 1912.


The original 9-hole course of 3,000 yards was designed by George Cawsey professional at the Worcestershire Golf Club. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer duties were jointly shared by Charles Farr and James B. Hargraves, The green-eeper was Mr Roberts. 

Result of a "Tombstone" competition played in February 1913; J L Gibson (47); Dr. J Montford (60); Miss Bagnall (80); Miss Cherry (75).


Upton-on-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. Result of a Tombstone competition played in February 1913.

Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer Saturday 22 February 1913.


Below is the result of a match played at Upton against Evesham Golf Club in March 1914.

Upton-upon-Severn Golf Club   Evesham Golf Club  
T P Farr 0 J Custance (1up) 1
J O Wilson (2up) 1 J G Baker 0
Major C J Coventry (4&2) 1 E W Beck 0
R Woodyatt (3&2) 1 H Richardson 0
G Guilding (2&1) 1 H T Smith 0
G C S Harris (6&4) 1 J G Rusher 0
P Freeman (6&4) 1 C Hunt 0
W H Mizen (half) 0 A W Hudson (half) 0
  6   1

It was reported in March 1914 that on the application of W H Farr, the Upton-on Severn Golf Club House was licensed as a club.

The earlier course closed in 1914 and the Club was disbanded in 1921.

The club re-appears in December 1932.


Upton-upon-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. The golf club re-appears in December 1932.

The Tewkesbury Register, and Agricultural Gazette Saturday 24 December 1932.Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


At the AGM in 1932 the secretary of the club, Mr George. P. Mitchell, the Headmaster of Upton School described the new course as follows, "The course is in good playing condition. The fairways are narrow and the rough is terrifying, but, with the exception of three pools and a ditch, there are no other hazards and no one can deny that the course is a fine test of straight hitting."

Length and par of the nine hole course in the 1930s; Holes 1&10, 260 yards, par 4; 2&11, 296, 4; 3&12, 396, 4; 4&13, 138, 3; 5&14, 456, 5; 6&15, 90, 3; 7&16, 350, 4; 8&17, 126, 3; 9&18, 260, 4. Total length of the course (18 holes) 4,744 yards.

The secretary in the mid 1930s  was T P Farr, High Street, Upton-on-Severn, the greenkeeper was F Hayes. 9 holes with a membership of 95. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day.

Result of the 1938 February medal; S Wainwright, 78-9-69; W Bettany, 85-12-73; P W Mills, 91-18-73; D P Morgan, 99-24-75; L R D’Arcy Fisher, 92-16-76.  

Result of the April 1938 monthly medal; V E Watson, 83-18-65; D P Morgan, 93-24-69; W Bettany, 84-12-72; S Wainwright, 85-9-76; T P Farr, 83-6-77; L R D’Arcy Fisher, 94-16-78.

Result of the Martin Cup played in August 1938; semi-final - D P Morgan beat S Wainwright 2&1; J W Lewis beat M F S Jewell; final – D P Morgan beat J W Lewis 4&3. Result of the Captain’s Prize played in August 1938; semi-final – W Bettany beat T P Farr 4&3; D P Morgan beat F W Clive 5&4; final – D P Morgan beat W Bettany 5&4.

The annual meeting was held at the Star Hotel on Wednesday 12th July 1939. In the absence of the President, Major M F S Jewell, the Captain of the club, Capt H A Hammond, was in the chair. He was accompanied by; Capt D P Morgan; T P Farr (Hon. Secretary); J W Burton (Hon Treasurer); W Harvey; A C Briden; S Wainwright; C E Pearce; J W Simms; I O Wilson; J W Gee; W Bettany; P W Mills and J T Knoyle. Presenting the balance sheet, Mr Burton, who took over as treasurer when Mr F Christy left the district, stated that they had finished the season £7 better off than they began. He thought that the position was satisfactory, subscriptions had increased but green fees were down a little. Mr Tom Farr, who was to resign as secretary due to a recent bereavement, in his report said that membership was now at 88, a decrease of just one over the last year. The course had been lengthened and the SSS was now fixed at 69. After paying tribute to the efforts of Mr Wainwright, Mr Christy and Mr Burton, the secretary said the club professional, L Whiting, had put in a lot of good work.

Mr Farr asked all members to try and increase the membership saying it would be impossible to carry on with a lower membership and it would be a great shame if the club had to close down.

The following officials were appointed; President, Major M F S Jewell; Captain, Mr W Bettany; Treasurer, Mr J W Burton; Secretary, Mr A C Briden.

Following are the prize winners for the year; Coventry Cup – J W Burton; Martin Cup – Capt D P Morgan; Monthly Tankards – Mr L R D’Arcy Fisher (2); Mr W Bettany; Capt D P Morgan (2); Mr T P Farr.

The committee were to consider the construction of bunkers on the course, to supplement the present natural hazards.

In September 1939 it was reported that several members had been called up and most of the others were engaged in ARP duties and other duties of national importance. The committee had decided to continue to keep the course as playable as was possible but it would be difficult due to the current circumstances.       

In the club's final year in 1940 the secretary was A C Briden, Midland Bank Ltd, Upton on Severn, the professional and green-keeper was L W Whiting. 9-holes with a SSS of 69 and Par 70 membership was now 82. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a round and 2/6 a day. Sunday play was allowed. The station at Upton-on-Severn was ½ mile away.

Attempt to revive the club in 1946.


Upton-on-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. Attempt to revive the club following WW2.AC

The Tewkesbury Register, and Agricultural Gazette Saturday d March 1946. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The death was announced in July 1954 of Thomas Farr who had been secretary of the now defunct Upton-on-Severn golf Club for five years prior to the war. 


Upton-upon-Severn Golf Club, Worcestershire. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Upton upon Severn course.

Many thanks to Simon Wilkinson, whose work on the history of Upton on Severn golf course and subsequent assistance has proved invaluable.