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Annfield Plain Golf Club, Durham. (1907 - 1930)

Founded in 1907 a 9-hole course of 2500 yards in length the longest hole being 485yds and the shortest 200yds. The course had natural bunkers with one green 1,000ft above sea level; the lowest was at 800ft. The station at Annfield Plain was 1 ¼ miles away. The local hotel was the Railway. There seemed to been many changes to the course over the years.

The original course was of  9-holes; in 1914 and 1922, 18-holes; in 1923, 12-holes; from 1924 to 1927 reverting to 9-holes prior to closure.


Annfield Plain Golf Club, County Durham. Rare medal of the Annfield PLain Golf Club from 1910.

Superb and rare Medal won by F A Mackay September 1910.


Result of a one sided ladies match played between Beamish and Annfield Plain at Beamish in July 1910.

Beamish Ladies' Golf Club   Annfield Plain Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss M Brown 1 Miss Parker 0
Miss Brown 1 Miss Trowsdale 0
Mrs Severs 1 Mrs Wilson 0
Mrs Low 1 Mrs Lumley 0
Miss Crane 1 Mrs Parker 0
Mrs Hunter 1 Mrs Jopling 0
  6   0

In 1911 the secretary was Wm Aynsley.

In 1914 there was a membership of 96. The entry fee was £1/1/0 and subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 5/- a week. Sunday play was allowed without Caddies. There was also a clubhouse available.

Result of a match played against Consett & District Golf Club in April 1914 on the Loud Links, Annfield Plain, course.

Annfield Plain Golf Club   Consett & District Golf Club  
P E Lee 0 Geo Kirkhouse 1
C P Urwin (half) 0 J E Thorpe (half) 0
J Cranston 1 T D Dales 0
F A Mackay (half) 0 Dr J Murray (half) 0
W I Mackay 0 T A Hamilton 1
T J Pallister 1 Joseph Hamilton 0
Geo Pickering 0 Capt J E Parker 1
T Calvert 0 Dr William Bratton 1
T J Trowsdale 0 R D Park 1
R Cousins 0 J R W Sherwood 1
C B Wilson 0 P Davies 1
R R Harrison 0 Dr MacKenzie 1
  2   8

By 1923 the membership was 110. The amateur course record was 82.

In 1924/5 there was a membership of 180. Amateur course record held by W Thompson 81.

In 1926 membership was now 160.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1914 W J Mackay, Catchgate, Annfield Plain.  
1923 Joseph Cranston, 13 Fair View, Annfield Plain. G Snowdon ("part time" pro)
1924/5 T C Larkman, Durham Road, Annfield Plain. W Nattrass (g)
1926 William Aynsley, Font Street, Annfield Plain. A Baker (g)
1927 Wm Aynsley, Fairview Terrace. J Blakie (g)
1928 F Lee, Queens Parade, Annfield Plain.  
1929-31 T E Castle, 12 Elm Terrace, Annfield Plain. T Snaith (g)

From 1929 to the clubs last year 1931 membership was 100. The amateur record of 81 was still held by W Thompson.

Annfield Plain Golf Club course.

Postcard of the Annfield Plain course. Author's Collection.


Location of the Annfield Plain Golf Club course.

Location of the Annfield Plain course.

Grid reference NZ15165,52545, co-ordinates 415165,552545.