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Burnopfield Golf Club, County Durham. (1903 - WW2)

Founded in 1903.

A 9-hole course situated on high ground with plenty of variety and natural bunkers. The station at Rowlands Gill was 1 ½ miles away. Newcastle buses passed the entrance to the course.

In 1914 there was membership of 55.  The entry fee was 5/- . Subs  for gents were 15/- and ladies 2/6. Visitors’ fees were  1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 7/6 a month. Sunday play was not allowed this time.

Below is the result of a match played against Newcastle Claremont at Burnopfield on Saturday 18th April 1914.

Burnopfield Golf Club   Claremont Golf Club  
Dr Benson 1 G Thomson 0
A Clarke 1 R Thomson 0
W Bishop 0 S Maugham 1
N Clarke 0 S Pyle 1
G Smith 0 J Haddon 1
A Hancock 0 L Pierson 1
J Middleton 0 J Kinghorn 1
W Kirkup 1 R Dobson 0
Rev Barnes  0 D Jobling 1
A Neill 0 R Jobling 1
R Nielson (half) 0 J Fairless (half) 0
A Swallow 0 D Thomson 1
T Trewick 0 J Boag 1
  3   9

The club next appeared in the mid 1920s when visitors’ fees were 5/- a month. Sunday play was allowed.

In 1936/7 there was a membership of 80. There was a licensed clubhouse.

  Secretary Greenkeeper
1914 N Clarke junior  
1920s S Anderson, Tanfield, Tantobie. J Forster
1932-35 J W Batty, 2 Park Terace, Burnopfield SO.  
1936/7 William D Bishop, Beechwood Gardens, Lobley Hall, Gateshead.  
1940 W F McCullagh, Castle Garth, Newcastle. G Brown

The clubs final appearance was 1940 when the 9 hole course had a SSS of 74. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 5/- a week.

Burnopfield Golf Club, Durham. Location of the course in the 1920s.

The current club is Hobson Municipal (founded 1980) the current clubhouse is roughly where Hobson is marked on the map.