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Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club. (1901 - WW2)

Founded in 1901/07.

Listed as a 9-hole course in the early years with a SSS of 72 it was extended to 18-holes in the 1930s and had a SSS of 71. Membership of 200 in the early years reducing to 150 by closure. The station at Hebburn was ½ mile away.

On Saturday 13th August 1910 the final of the ladies’ competition for the bowl presented by the captain, Mr R W C Newlands, was won by Miss Thornicroft with a score of 115-25-90; runner-up was Miss Douglass, 116-25-91.


Jarrow and Hebburn Golf Club. Competition and match results from July 1913.

From the Jarrow Express Friday 25th July 1913.


In 1914 the entry fee was £1/1/0 and the subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 3/6 a week.

Result of the April 1914 monthly medal; W Hall, 89-12-77; J Earnshaw, 94-10-84; T W Spencer, 96-12-84; R McConway, 98-14-84; T Wallace, 10-16-84; T Wotherspoon, 102-18-84.

Result of a mixed foursome match played on Saturday 25th April 1914; T E Brown and Mrs Wallace, 100-18-82; T W Spencer and Miss Dalglish, 99-16-83; C W Newby and Miss Roy, 110-26-84; J R Gregory and Mrs Spencer, 110-25-85; G Jackson and Miss Macmillan, 108-22-86.

Result of a ladies qualifying competition for the Newlands Bowl played in May 1914, first four qualify to play in the final; Miss Monk, 106-35-71; Mrs Hedley, 111-25-86; Mrs A Jackson, 121-35-86; Mrs G Campbell, 105-18-87; Miss Robinson, 111-22-89.

Below is the result of a match played against Benton Park Golf Club (now defunct) in May 1914.

Jarrow and Hebburn Golf Club   Benton Park Golf Club  
F L Newby 0 T Hurley 1
T E Brown 0 W Price 1
W Hall 0 H M Duncan 1
J S Roy 0 J N Lowe 1
R Wallace 1 J S Bowman 0
R W C Newlands 0 C L Smith 1
A Aitchison 1 F Barnfather 0
R McConway (half) 0 F McKellan (half) 0
  2   5


Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club. The early clubhouse.

The club pavilion.



Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club. Members outside the clubhouse..

Club members Pre-WW2.


Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club. A members gathering.

It would be great to put some names to the faces.


Thanks to Norman Dunn of the Jarrow & Hebburn photo website for allowing us to use the above images.

Below is the result of a match played on the former Wallsend course (1905-WW2) in May 1921.

Wallsend Golf Club   Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club  
A Halliwell 1 E S Howells 0
E Bomphrey 0 G Keenlyside 1
J Appleby 1 Rev. V H F Ritson 0
A G Shearer 1 W Smith 0
E M Elliott 0 R Wallace 1
F Baker 1 S W Smith 0
T Mudie 0 R McConway 1
J Lock 1 J Earnshaw 0
J Cusworth 1 George Jackson 0
L M Douglas 1 J H Young 0
F Coleby 1 R Shepherd 0
W Tocher 1 J L Henderson 0
  9   3

At the annual meeting in March 1922 it was reported that a debit of £24/14s/7d had been turned into a credit balance of £52/13s/2d. The course had been extended to 15 holes and it was hoped that a full 18 holes would be available in the near future.

Result of the Captain’s Prize (36 hole) competition played in June 1927; H Forster (14), 147; G Keenlyside (6), 149; C Glaholm (11), 149.

Result of the Captain’s prize (36 hole) competition played in June 1931; G Hill, 173- 26-147; H Forster, 161-12-149; J G Harvey, 170-18-152. 

In 1940 and 1947 visitors paid 1/6 a day, 5/- a week. Sunday play was allowed.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1910-14 R Wallace Hugh Scott (p)
1920s G W Forster J Bridgewater (p)
1940-47 G W Forster, 3 Park Road, Hebburn. R Russell (p)


  Course records
1920s Thomas Brayshaw (am) and F L Newby (am) 74. J Bridgewater (pro) 69.
1940-47 G Kunyslide (am) 67. J Bridgewater (pro) 69


Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club. Location of the former course in the 1920s.

Location of the Jarrow & Hebburn course in the early 1920s.

Grid reference NZ31805,64235, co-ordinates 431805,564235.

Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club had disappeared by 1951. Heworth Golf Club purchased the Jarrow & Hebburn golf pavilion and this was erected at the Heworth course in 1949. When the Jarrow club closed a cup was donated to Heworth and this is still played for to this day.