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Ludworth Golf Club, Durham. (1908 - 1930s)

Founded in 1908.

A 9-hole course the secretary from 1914 to its closure in the mid 1930s was Robert M White. Ludworth, County Durham. The station at Haswell was 1 ¾ mile away.

A match play competition reached the semi-final stage on Saturday 3rd September 1910, the qualifiers were; J P Hedley (scratch) plays T H Holder (6); R M White (scratch) or F Westle plays A Chapman (9).

The annual general meeting was held on Tuesday December 16th 1913. The following officers were elected; President J L Menzies, Glasgow; vice-presidents, Dr A R Steel, M Barrass, M Maugham, R F Thubron, J T Scott, Rev. Canon Howarth, Rev W Hodgson; captain, J P Hedley; secretary and treasurer, R M White; auditors, H S Scott and T H Holder; committee – Messrs. Burn, Chapman, Hall, Liddell, Boll, Meatherell, oung, Rutherford and Wilson, and Misses White and Gunn.   

In 1914 there was a membership of 50. There was no entry fee, subs were 21/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day. Sunday play was not allowed. 

The fourth qualifying round for the President’s Silver Cup was played on Saturday 9th May 1914, result as follows; A E Dodds (spoon winner), 83; Thomas Gutteridge, 85; J T Scott, 87.

Below is the result of a club match played at Ludworth against Houghton on Saturday 6th June 1914. 

Ludworth Golf Club   Houghton Golf Club  
J P Hedley 0 F Hall 1
R G Burn 0 Mr Harland 1
R M White 1 R G Batey 0
P Walker 1 R B Marley 0
J Wetherell 0 S B Boustead 1
J S Wilson 1 W W Lamb 0
T Guteridge 1 V W Rawe 0
W A Hall 1 S Butterworth 0
  5   3

The annual meeting was held in December 1915, the following officers were elected; President, J L Menzies; vice-presidents - M Barrasa, M Maughan, Dr. Steel, Canon Howarth, R F Thubron, J T Scott; captain, J P Hedley; secretary and treasurer, Robert M White; auditors, H S Scott and T H Holder; committee - Burn, Chapman, Hall, Liddell, Bell, Wilson, Rutherford, Metherell, Young, Cutteridge and Misses Gunn and White. The treasurer reported a debit balance of 2s/1d, but the amount spent on improving the course had been considerably larger than last year. Subscriptions had been paid by 46 members. Five of the club's members had joined the army.

Throughout the 1920s and to its closure club membership was 40. Course records were, amateur Robert M White with a score of 40 and professional B Weastall 35. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day and 3/6 a week.

Robert M White the founder member and secretary of the Ludworth Golf Club died in March 1932. He had been head master at Ludworth School for about 30 years. 

Ludworth Golf Club, Durham. Location of the former course.

Location of the Ludworth course.

Grid reference NZ35960,41720, co-ordinates 435960,541720.

Ludworth Golf Club had disappeared by about 1935.